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I posted a reply earlier that got me thinking about the Presidents past and now

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posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 02:27 AM
To start out, I'm all for Ron Paul. Have been since he was running last time. I became a precinct leader, was going to be a delegate, etc etc. The thing is, before he came into my personal spotlight, I never voted once, never cared, didn't pay attention to politics cuz it was the same old song and dance of lies and bs. Whoever got in would make promises maybe they wanted to keep, but somehow couldn't do so or ... we don't know what happens behind closed White House doors, yeah?

So, we look at the candidates we have now, running for the next term. And there are good points and there are bad points to all. I look at past Presidents - even the current one - and I know how everyone strongly backs their fave while they're running, they believe in them, stand behind them, donate funds to help them out, talk about them, endorse them, rally for them. Even Obama had tons of us chanting 'Yes we can!' and believing that things would get better.

Maybe he meant it. Maybe just like every President before him, those goals they set, the plans they make, the promises they set (read my lips, no new taxes) ARE meant in full - but then they get the nomination and slowly that White House door closes, leaving us on the other side of that door thinking all is going to be grand, while the President is informed that perhaps Things Just Don't Happen That Way. And because of that, all those promises and goals and plans can't be kept. He looks the fool, becomes the Countries scapegoat; that household name that people (even myself) point fingers at and cuss out for the damages done - damages which have been accumulating for terms upon terms prior to him taking that seat in the Oval Office.

Still with me? Hope so. I'd not want a longer Presidential term because if you end up with a psychotic beast for a Pres, you're stuck with him for ages. Not good. But also not good is this 4 year term (8 if he's liked) where he's got 4 years to fix what the guy behind him mucked up. And I guarantee that HE sure didn't fix what the guy behind HIM mucked up. So the list goes on. Stuff piles up, and soon the current candidates will face the same situation.

I think if Gingrich wins, he may try to hold to some of the promises, plans and such he put out. And 9/10 will not get done.
I think if Paul wins, he may try to hold to some of the promises, plans and such he put out. Again, 9/10 won't get done.
And the list goes on down the line of runners. A shame. A true shame. Sometimes I think the Pres really has nothing to say or do that really truly affects what those above him want. And of course what 'they' want is usually in their best interest. Nice, eh?

Their best interest. Not ours. But again, back to the poor POTUS. I bet it has to really annoy you to make all these talks, hopes, dreams, plans and promises to the people you want to vote for you and, because of decades and decades of the same old dance, no one really believes you. And even if they do, once you get into office, you can't bring many of those plans et al to fruition. Oh, a teaser is fine, but the whole enchillada?

Nope. Long as 'they' have control, they get away with crap and the POTUS gets the blame and the hate and so on.

A job I'd never want, that of being a President.
No wonder the poor things gray so fast.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 02:35 AM
Wow that was a pleasant read found it really interesting

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by ElOmen

My father told me politicians promise one thing and do thee other.I remember Obama coming out of the security meeting after just taking office. He looked as if he had changed, like the life had been drained out of him when he spoke after that meeting. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear what was said in that meeting.It looked like the legs had been pulled out on him. I hope Ron Paul would be so clean that they could not control him I think that's why there so afraid of him.

Thanks good thread,

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 07:13 AM
I love Ron and sometimes I get scared he's going to win and the stress will be too much for him, or someone will try to kill him. I just want to give him the longest hug and whisper 'Thank you' in his ear. Even if he does not win, I want to thank him for caring and remaining honest and holding to his integrity and who he is and not changing to be who they want him to be.

This man is gold and I hope he's remembered for ages to come just because he's been one of the only politicians ever to hold to his ideals and not bend them from peer pressure etc.


I hope if he wins the POTUS, 'they' won't break him. Who knows what kinds of things are said and implied behind closed White House doors as I've stated before. May be nothing; may be something that tethers the POTUS by his um... toes so he really has to do what 'they' say.

Or Politicians just lie to get the votes.
But that doesn't explain Ron. He's using truth to gain votes and it's working. And his track record proves he does not back down from his promises and wishes and desires. What he says, goes, or at least he will not back from it if it does not go through.

That being said, if Ron wins and suddenly 'turns his back on all that he's vowed to do', I dunno about you all, but I'm immediately going to suspect something is not right in the old White House et al. Immediately I will suspect the POTUS of current and past are on strings. Controlled by who? How many 'who's' , etc.

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