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Cheney's Ebay comment: What is with this guy?

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posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 08:03 PM
OK... ignoring the fact that he's still trying to convince us Iraq is related to 9/11, what was going on in Cheney's head here?

Cheney also defended the administration's handling of the economy, saying that some U.S. statistics such as the closely watched monthly payroll report may not be capturing the job growth that is taking place.

He argued that the economy was changing and that the way statistics were collected needed to reflect that. For example, he said, "400,000 people make some money trading on E-bay."

Cheney added, "that's a source that didn't exist even 10 years ago."


Now, 400,000 people have "jobs" because they make some money trading on Ebay?

The ones who are making the big money on Ebay would need to file their income as coming from a small business and these figures *would* show up on government stats... this comment by Cheney sounds surprisingly out of touch with reality. Questions, comments, concerns?

-koji K.

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posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 08:11 PM
I guess he's saying were moving from a free market society to a swap meet market society.

He and Bush also tend to ignore the fact that the new jobs that are being created are largely worthless or strictly part-time only, these part-time positions inflate the actual job numbers. They are heavy in the low paying service industry, etc.

But, when you live in the "heartland" you can afford to work at Wal-mart and support your family I suppose. Doesn't work in a major city though.

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posted on Sep, 11 2004 @ 12:40 PM
No, making .10 an hour in Middle America isn't enough to support yourself. Why I go dumpster diving, once it is thrown out as garbage it is legal to take. Or if the police want a warrent to get into your house and can't, but take the garbage out, they can go through your garbage legally for you threw it out, you no longer wanted it, not your property.

Anyways, PuppetMaster Cheney needs to shut up, almost as much as Bush does. Did anyone see all the "Wow, Bush didn't screw up the speech at the RNC" posts? He still did, but not as badly as every other one he has done.

posted on Sep, 11 2004 @ 04:36 PM
People our present government is treating us without respect in the view that they think really think we are dome and gullible and guess what, when you find lost of people believing these bs about the economy and lies they think we all really are stupid.

posted on Sep, 11 2004 @ 05:03 PM
I bet it's almost time to start taxing ebay transactions, is what I get out of it.

Lets see...

$100 item listing

5% listing and final value fee's to ebay
5% for using paypal or any other transaction device
5% federal and state online tax assesment via ebay the collector

shipping and handling to the buyer.

plus ebay's fee structure designed to eliminate fraud

ebay's intent on bringing in corporate seller's inventories.

ebay's massive tele-infomercial promotion designed to bring in new sellers that can..
"Start your own ebay business"
(since the regular people who have long given up on making any money thru ebay need to be replaced with more new people that are willing to give away income from their sales of household junk)

The've come along way from a simple venue for selling your extra pez dispensers.

Only makes sense to start representing the long, but not quite long enough, arm of the tax system. After all they already have an open door to their database of info available to any authority who asks for info on a seller/bidder.

posted on Sep, 11 2004 @ 05:11 PM
Hey Smirk!!!

This is covered here also...


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