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My spritual awakening... (true story)

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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:24 PM
I just had someone ask for my experience regarding my 'kundalini awakening' and thought i'd post it here for my fellow people at ATS.

I'm sure there will be some criticism towards some of the things i say as it may sound unbelievable, and i myself would not have believed it before i went through it. However i'm not interested in proving my point, just enlightening others who are interested in this life changing experience.

Ill try keep this simple as i could go on for weeks.

Basically it started when i was young. Being curious about all things mysterious and un-answered.
I started pondering on how the pyramids where built knowing their was no way that they were built with hand tools.
I then stumbled across the book of the dead and the Egyptian reference to the spirit world.
Being interested in the whole spirit/god thing i began looking at ancient shamanism. The process of taking a mind altering substance to talk to spirits and gods.
After experimenting with a few natural psychedelics over a few years i managed to come into contact with various spirits/gods/aliens.
It became apparent to me that their was more to the human mind than western society knows.
Now having witnesses the other side, realms. I started to search deeper and looked into various religions.

I came across ancient scriptures that spoke of the extreme importance of awakening the human energy centers and how it was the most important thing one could accomplish.
Being skeptical i then began meditating on these energy centers (chakras).
I did this alot as i was extremely stressed at the time and meditation provided me with more energy to get through the day.
For the first few weeks/months i could not feel anything, but still continued for the peace of mind.
After a while the center of my eyebrows began tingling and throbbing, I was curious so did a Google search.
I then discovered that my 3rd eye chakra had been awoken.
For one week i had a crazy visual experience and a sensation of pure ecstasy, mostly being disconnected from this world.

Excited i began to take this whole phenomena more seriously. Meditating as much as possible, trying to fill my body with as much of this energy as possible.
After about 6 months. I began to get real sick. This included almost every symptom i could possibly think of.
I struggled greatly for 3-4 years just to be able to get through the day. In and out of doctors and hospitals to only be told I'm perfectly healthy.
I then became quite depressed and was wondering what i did to suffer this much, i was a good person, treated others fairly and compassionately, so why me.

I then came to the conclusion that i had hypoglycemia (a form of low blood sugar) that was causing these symptoms (which was incorrect).
So i began to adjust my diet accordingly to eliminate the problem. It got slightly better, but did not disappear.
So then i tried a body detox, and removed all processed foods from my diet, hence eating only natural raw foods.
After doing this for a few months my symptoms finally started to reduce.

It became apparent that through meditation i was summoning to much 'Prana'.
Prana is life force energy. This energy is so powerful and pure words cannot even depict. Until you experience this i doubt the human mind could even imagine the beauty of this energy.
Because my body was to toxic, and impure. The Prana began to literally destroy my body.
People don't believe me but i believe i was so close to death its not funny.

Anyway its now been a few years and im the healthiest and most spiritual ive ever been.
My kundalini is still awakening, as this process takes about 3-7 years, but now i only have slight symptoms as i am more weary of how i treat my body.
I can feel most of my Chakras fully opened, It feels as if their is a hole at this point and you feel air rushing through.
I have also become more psychic, can feel peoples energy and sometimes thoughts, i sence things, lucid dream, speak to spirits (in small doses) and much much more.

I'm not even the same person anymore. I have to completely re adjust my life to suit. I feel conected to the earth and the plants and feel like i am a representation of god.

I still have one question im yet to find the answer to tho, and that is.
Is this energy awakening my own doing?, or is it my body preparing for the new age??

Hope my story enlightened you

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:30 PM
Love it!
I myself am "awakened" and i love to see and listen to others stories that are too.
I great time is upon us my friend and you seem prepared.

Peace and Love

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:44 PM
A paragraph into the post I knew it was going to captivate me. I really think its important we all share our stories of this process with others so that we can make it easier for the future Shambra's. Perhaps a specific forum?

Excellent story, I myself seem to recall eerily similar accounts as I went through and continue to experience my path to enlightenment.

just out of curiosity, have you read The Ancient Secret Of The Flower of Life books?
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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:55 PM
Thanks for you telling us your story. Sorry you had to have the bad health experience. I became very interested in the Pyramids, also. I have not done any meditating in many years. I built a scale model of the Great Pyramid many years ago. I used to meditate inside of it. I had many other-worldly things happen to me during that period.I never had the sickness though. Maybe I did not stay in the Pyramid, or meditate long enough to have absorbed the amount of Prana, as you did.

There is some type of force that is concentrated at the Kings Chamber level, of a Pyramid built to the scale of the Great Pyramid.Maybe that energy is Prana, I don't know for sure. I did some tests with food hung inside, at the Kings Chamber level, along with a control hung outside in the shade. The temperature actually built up inside the Pyramid, more so than the outside, due to the fact the cover was plastic. The food on the outside should have lasted longer than the food in the pyramid, due to the fact it was in the shade, but it did'nt. After two weeks, a banana hung in the pyramid was still edible, while the outside control banana rotted to blackened mush.

I Did not mean to get side-tracked, but with you having the Pyramids awaken your curiosity about things we normally don't think about, I thought I would tell that story. Good Luck on your journey. I myself need to get back on track, after many years of living just to survive, instead of living to thrive. Peace be with you!

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by knightsofcydonia

just out of curiosity, have you read The Ancient Secret Of The Flower of Life books?
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Nah i haven't heard of it yet, but just did a search and it mentioned Drunvalo, so ill defiantly take a look. There's something about that guy!

The main reason i posted this was to give some insight on the topic. I believe many people are soon going to be exposed to this process and theirs is absolutely know help on this topic in Australia. I have come to realize that many of the problems people face around me are mental blockages caused by themselves which manifest as a health problem.

Their are many prophecies that state that their will be a time when people will go crazy from being exposed to this energy (which i believe is just around the corner) so everyone should look into this process and cleanse their bodys.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by zeta55

Its interesting what you said about the bannana. It seems as if pyramids harness Prana and provide the inner contents with life force energy.
This has been scientifically proven as well.
I cant remember who but some one did tests by putting various seeds in the pyramids. And once planted they had a 400% increase in development.

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