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How Karma Works

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posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 10:54 AM

Originally posted by Fundie
I find this sadly and ironically amusing. If this was a Christian thread, then the haters would be all over the place.

However, if its some Eastern philosophy with, of course; zero evidence of reincarnation, zero evidence of this 'energy', zero evidence of Karma in a verifiable scientific manner, people giving only speculative opinion on some magic force or some experiential 'proof'...

well that's all fine & dandy, and your are enlightened.... unbelievable!

that's simple: christianity sux.

do some reasearch: christianity isn't original AT ALL. it's a composite of thousands of other "religions" that has been rehashed into IMO, no useful information; it's become a behavior control system for the piscean age earthlings.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 11:24 AM
I believe in negative karma absolutely. I always had faith that my GF is going to dump me soon enough. And viola it happened as I expected straight from the horse's mouth. Now am I responsible for this? I don't know. But its up to me to pick myself up and push some positive karma so that this can be fixed soon.
Thumbs up for negative karma.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 04:19 PM
I don't know, but I do know that loving just for the sake of loving is the way. Karma is way to easy to see in the light of punishment, fear and so on. Ans besides it's ok to feel negative emotions, they are part of you and life. As long as you don't get sucked in them.

I am weary of anything that hints at fear. Oh let me not do/feel/say this because then I'll get bad karma/my deity of choice wil punish me/hell awaits me.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by Oxygenation

Good thread... S&F

I wrote a thread on Karma a while back...

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posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 05:29 PM

Originally posted by QueenofWeird
I don't know, but I do know that loving just for the sake of loving is the way. Karma is way to easy to see in the light of punishment, fear and so on. Ans besides it's ok to feel negative emotions, they are part of you and life. As long as you don't get sucked in them.

I am weary of anything that hints at fear. Oh let me not do/feel/say this because then I'll get bad karma/my deity of choice wil punish me/hell awaits me.

Karma is about choice and Justice not a punishment. You chose your action/inaction and you pay for the consequeances. It is the lesson and what you become that is the important thing not that you feel bad and suffer. So if somebody have bad karma and is hurting I do not leave the person hurting because I think he/she deserves to hurt I help him give advice/support on how he/she can work thru his/hers karma so that he/she will be happy and bring happiness to other people. But I can not fix somebody elses karma. And by helping others I also help myself and god/source/all. I do not fear karma at all. I only want to get what I deserve nothing less and nothing more. Getting to much is not good for my ego and I might not be able to handle what I recieve and getting to little will make me suffer. Namaste

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 05:52 PM
There is a man in the uk who is a serial rapist.. He raped about 5 women. Anyways he was caught and sent to prison. Because of his good behavier in prison, the guards would take him out out the prison for a few hours. He bought a lucky dip on the lottery for the first time, and won i think about eight million. He was released a few months after.

His victims tried to take him to court, but the law was having none of it.

I dont believe in karma. Some people are just lucky and in the right place at the right time, no matter how good or bad they are.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 06:19 PM
Often than not, Karma isn't instantaneous. I think most people are too obsessed with the immediate. You have to conceptualize Karma in relation to your past life, the present, and your next life. Here, at this level, you will begin to feel the weight of history and moral responsibility, beyond yourself. Of course, if you become too concern too much about accumulating good karma, your actions or good intents aren't genuine but self serving.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 07:32 AM
reply to post by Fundie

This is absolutely true, I am not a Christian, when I was in primary school I veered away from religious education (which was exclusively Christian) due to the fear mongering factor. Christ's teachings themselves however, were not fear mongering in the slightest, the New Testament Bible was written many years after his passing and he never asked that a bible be produced. He only advocated that those who learnt from him were to go on and teach others in the same way he did (which was not via a book). I do however value every philosophy that I have come across... they all paint a different part of the whole picture.

Now my own take of Christianity's values lands me in resonance with Christian Gnosticism, however contemporary Christianity has a good grasp on the facets which other religions fail to articulate, and vice versa. The reason Christianity is inept with certain facets that the other eastern religions prowess in is because Christ was teaching from a later point of accessed spiritual potential than the the Buddha or Krishna etc. The older philosophies still have relevance in the areas where Christ had no need to extrapolate. This is because when he arrived he already imparted direct intuition on those matters into the hearts of people he came across. Therefore he could teach/demonstrate attitudes in alignment with greater principles which were related to ascension of the flesh, rather than the contemporary eastern teachings on karma related to life after life concepts.

After Christ's departure however the mass effect that his presence had upon the collective psyche; the teachings which he imparted at an intuitive psychic level, became dormant and the general concepts of eastern religions continued to be implemented, (even tho many of the followers of eastern religion had passively benefited from understanding the potential ascension of flesh that Christ's presence imparted in the mass psyche). His disciples however had reached a level of spiritual ascent which was on par with what Christ was capable of before he left (i.e. before he became the christened one via crucifixion). Christ however stepped infinite spirit down, whereas his disciples were stepping finite spirits up. Therefore they did not have the backing of the one infinite being behind them, and thus could not proliferate the insights of the ascension of flesh in mass effect.

Now, if you are a Christian, the next part I write will challenge what you believe to some degree, it is not an attempt to degrade your beliefs, for by the same token it will also challenge other individuals beliefs about Christianity and eastern religions as well. Consider it an offering of wisdom, which likely extends beyond your current threshold. The reason why it may extend beyond is because the Bible does not guarantee oneself to become enlightened with direct knowledge, its possible but one has to have an impeccable mind and an unending keenness to understand every facet and possible implication of the words that are written. This approach that I am going to share also transcends any potential mistranslations and intentional distortions of its message. How so, is because an impeccable mind always considers the opposite, the mirror of any statement so as to gain the full perspective yielded between contending with both sides. So if a statement is made which appears to be contradictory, then by looking at the mirror one can come to understand the reason for the “perceived distortion” innate of the wording. One thereby can see the fundamental truth which unites both perspectives of which is the intentional or unintentional underlying statement which exists in the silence between the gaps of the words, rather than the words themselves.

For instance; if it is said that the dog is running fast, the mirror opposite is not that the dog is not running at all. It is not that the dog is running slow either, because running is a fast movement. Therefore the opposite is that the dog is not running fast, and because running is generally considered to be a fast pace of movement, this must mean that the initial phrase is inferring that the dog is absolutely tearing it up, probably as fast as it can possibly go. The initial words them self however, do not give as much emphasis on what is actually being implied. So given this way of analysing phrases one can take any verse in the bible, or any other scripture for that matter and derive many different contextually emphasis i.e. what is being said directly and what is being said in the silence between the gaps. Whereby eventually the sensible meaning will be seen whether it has been intentionally obscured or and thereby meanings that can be contrived between any two given phrases and or entire verses or cheapters/books of any scripture will yield much more satisfying insight.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 07:34 AM
Christ himself is/was a mediator in this very manner, he stands in the middle position of absolute knowingness, whereby he threads the two opposite faces of any situation together, and all impurities (illusions) cancel out. This is because both sides of duality in physicality are the same base source energy, manifesting in different ratios of texture as it divides itself into two opposing elements, contained within the same space. The elements then, like same-pole magnets are repulsed by each other but the space in which they are held is shrinking so they are forced to face one another. Each of the two elements then proceed to divide themselves so as to resolve the tension. Their rate of division is random and variate like bubbles climatically boiling in a pot of heated water. Thus the variate rates create contrast, however over time a tranquil threshold is met whereby an unfathomable many of infinitesimal equal portioned quantities are achieved. The hierarchy of these portions is defined by the spectrum of harmonic combinations i.e. the different ratios of both prime elements which interact productively. Each ratio is therefore the same overall quantity of energy as any other, but the amount of each prime element differs, so as to not be equally repulsed by each other. Instead one force becomes attracted to the other more, thereby creating a tertiary element of more or less perpetuated motion, until another element of different value interacts with it. In which case both may become different from what they were before hand but they will still be equal to one another in over all energy. At the end of a cosmic cycle all the energies are then brought back to the original unified force. It is akin to the initial analogy of two same pole magnets then becoming the opposite of one another whereby they then attract rather than repel. However the signature of all beings and events that manifested remains as information in the Akashic field i.e. pre-manifested potential reduced back to non-manifest potential of which caries a signature of having been experienced “Christened”.

By the same token of this analogy, are emotions and intent i.e. “thought deeds” resolved in the same manner. When a soul incarnates it is not necessary for them to learn harsh karmic lessons in order to experience and appreciate the whole spectrum of emotions and sensations required in order to discover their true self. All sensations and karmic lessons must be understood however, in order to ascend. The true beauty of this fact is that a child can learn all the lessons necessary under the guidance of a parent without lasting scars both psychological and physical, so that they may avoid the potential of having to face them in a harsher form as an adult. For instance most karma comes form envy of others. The child can learn this lesson by being given a toy in which they are allowed to play with, (now the parent must never be an intentional antagonist) the child must then be subject to another child who will thereby want to play with the toy as well. Therefore the children can then be given the opportunity to share or to be envious whilst they watch the other play. If the instance of envy occurs it will then escalate into an attempt to reclaim the toy. In this case the children are thereby learning the lesson of patience, if this cannot be understood then one is likely to attempt to hurt the other either emotionally or physically. In which case if an attempt to do serious harm occurs the parents should intervene (if they have an accomplice who is not a casual visitor that can intervene and remove the toy, that's even better). Now the children are likely to forget about the issue between themselves, and instead feel sad that the toy has been removed altogether. As such once they have recovered and are no longer sulking, a good strategy is to lead each into different places of close proximity whereby they are both accompanied by a parent which entertains them. After a while the one who had the least amount of time playing with the toy can be allowed to have it back, and the waiting game occurs. Should the same occurrence happen once the two children meet again then the
process can be repeated until the lesson that the attempt to do serious physical harm is unacceptable. Sooner or later the lesson will be learned, and who ever of the two (if not both) has displayed such actions, will then probably only try to take the toy or wrestle over it, whatever is allowed of themselves without the consequence of having the toy removed. The next lesson will be for the one who is capable of maintaining possession over the toy, to learn to share with the other, after they have had the toy for as long as deemed “tormenting enough” in accordance to the protests of the other child, the toy should be removed (this is because the other child will have been preventing the one with the toy from really enjoying it anyway). Given time the lesson of patience and respect

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 07:35 AM
reply to post by Spiratio

The concept that karma goes round in cycles endlessly is a fallacy, because it had to start somewhere. It hasn't always been that instances whereby someone has an unpleasant experience via the volition of another, that it is because they are receiving punishment/lessons for something they did in the past. The original sin was defined by those who had envy of what others had already acquired e.g. lovers, comrades, items of value, and/or skills and talents achieved etc. Thus in their failure to accept embracing respect and patience for what others have, so that they may too acquire that which is of equal value to themselves they instead chose to pillage and or deceive. Thereby resulting in the suffering of countless innocent individuals defined by the volition of a select few. The story of the serpent in the garden of Eden is symbolic of this factor, and depending on the level to which oneself chooses to believe it as literally happening, then it did....somewhere (be it on the astral plain or in an alternate cosmos, in a virtual reality even... who knows for sure? the possibilities are endless, because anything that can be conceived is possible in one way or another). Therefore because all stories can exist as realities in some form another, all the stories of the bible and every other known religion in our cosmos, are in some way true. If not as a stream of events that occurred in ones objective cosm, then they exist as events that have somehow happened somewhere or other in the infinite infinity of possible realities. Whether one can contend with the possibility that they all happened in the same universe as the one that oneself is reading these words, is determined by whether or not one can embrace the possibilities of the Omniverse cosmology. In th Omniverse fractal realities can intersect and synergise, thus resulting in alternate cosmoses and histories intertwining as oneself is navigated through into the cosms of higher potential during physical ascension, or during the closure of a cosmic cycle as spiritual ascension. During both instances the soul accesses the nexus of the Akashic records governed by the Christ-entity. One can only trust that this is possible if they believe that infinity is truly infinite. Infinity can't really be infinite if it is not truly infinite in every possible conceivable way, Oneself thus cannot say they believe in infinity and then in the next instant, deny that Christ ever existed/exists. They also cannot choose to believe that miracles are impossible if they know that infinite possibilities means that dreams are related to other realities, and that the laws of physics governed by those cosms which are dreamt of, are alternate codes of creation. Thus lucid dreaming is a form of miraculous potential accessed in another cosm/s.

Many asserting that their known cosmos is the only universe that exists, thereby inferring that infinity is the nothing beyond. This in essence is true, however, there cannot be literally nothing unless nothing exists... Therefore because the known cosmos exists it nullifies the existence of nothing and is thus existing by proxy of that which it is not. All other possible realities of an infinite many are therefore the other things of which the known cosmos is not and which therefore define what it is.

From this perspective one can then contend that nothing is like the gaps between words. It is at once an impermanent state in linear 3D time, whereby stuff (cosmoses) fill it up, and a permanent state in 4+D time, which is eternal and static (unchanging) and thus is eternity. In eternity it occurs everywhere all at once without any impedance by form, for it is aware of all forms simultaneously which cause the definition of separate things and events (from its own perspective) to be permanently dissolved. Therefore it is the source of which holds all possibilities simultaneously as a collapsed endless field of infinite extent. It is the blank canvas which exists before and after cosmic cycles of which do not acquire infinite sustainability. The cosmos as a defined thing/position in hyperspace still exists, but the cosmic cycles potential fizzles out back to the blank canvas of source of which it is permeated by. A new cycle then begins.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 07:41 AM
One can think of source at the beginning of a cosmoses linear creation, as being akin to a blank sheet of paper. Then when creation occurs it becomes akin to the paper being scrunched into a ball. The creases in the paper symbolise the various definitions of manifest form. Thus in the same manner as the scrunched ball of paper can never be unfolded back to a sheet without the story of its folds remaining as indented creases. Then so too is the closing cycle of a cosmos akin, whereby the events of its story remain imprinted with the signature of pre-experienced potential in the field of unity (i.e. the Akashic Records). Thereby the signature of events that occur are then the reference by which the next cycle's karmic gifts and lessons are seeded.

Thus the Christ-entity being the mediator therefore exists as the apex of the Akashic field, of which was produced via the omniscient transcendence of yeshua's (jesus) original incarnation. It is therefore by proxy of the Christ-entity that truly just judgement is delivered. So there is no such thing as being judged unjustly by Christ.

On the other hand If an unenlightened individual judges another, whether the one judging is a Christian or not, they still have no right to judge another unless they are truly in absolute receptivity to the Christ-entity in that moment. Meaning their ego is removed from the picture and it is essentially Christ's will working through them. This is because an individual who is not enlightened cannot possibly weigh up the unique karmic signature of an individuals total actions, and thereby judge whether what they do is just or unjust. As such there are spiritually innocent murderers and thieves. This is so, because souls can incarnate linearly and or non-linearly. So the actions of those who are born into the world at latter times, can be potentially defined by those who came before them, or even those who come after them whom have a greater scope of influence to which determines the level of potential of others choices.

When those of greater influential scope, exploit others via their privileged position they create situations where innocent souls may be forced to commit negative actions which are deemed sinful by the Church. However what is meant by being born in sin, is not that one is an unworthy sinner, but merely that sometimes the innocent cannot avoid being harsh to others. Even Christ himself is subject to this during his second coming, because the blessing he bestowed which is eternal is an entity (i.e. the holy spirit) of which is at once a part of him in his highest consciousness, but initially separate from him in his next physical incarnation. This is because the same process of stepping down a portion of his eternal unchanging infinite self into a finite-material body, renders his incarnate self as a lesser quantity of his total consciousness. Thus he too is/was subject to the physical limitations of finite mind until he reached an age in which enlightenment began. At the point in which he became totally enlightened, he then became aware of who he was in his totality again (note: his infinite body is material as well, its only that infinite material is not dense in the same way as the known cosmos, and is more of an apparition to it. But those at the same infinite level are just as tangible to each other (sometimes even more so) as those of the “material” cosmos).

For these reasons I feel that all past religions and spiritual traditions are obsolete in some sense or another, so it is only wise to contend with all of them at an equal measure so as to see the whole picture. Many Christians feel the blessing of Christ but they do not realise that he does not bless them in the now, and any connection they feel to him is of his eternal self. He has already administered an eternal blessing which is transcendent of linear time. The Old Testament bible was written long before he arrived and so the potential that it refers to has long since reached the climactic point of obsolete stasis. This means that the New Testament being fundamentally based/integrated with the Old, is inadequate in proliferating the absolute truth at a cognitive level.

This isn't something to get upset about if you are a Christian however, because although the biased interpretations of those who wrote it, before Christ came, are indeed confusing and inconclusive in entirety, the blessing however, is infused into the bible as a residualisation imbued through the hearts of those who received it and project that energy as being relative to the Bible. So it is more the intent that is felt which is relevant rather than the specific words that are written. There is however a grate deal of illusions to see past if one is to not accumulate testing situations by believing the words literally. This is also a double edged statement, because the fact is that the words of each of the books which comprise the entire bible are contradictory in relation to the l

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 07:47 AM
This is also a double edged statement, because the fact is that the words of each of the books which comprise the entire bible are contradictory in relation to the linear potential of the times in which they each refer to. This is due to the potential having continually evolved in between the writing of each book. Hence the many perceivable contradictions, which is inevitable when a scripture is attempting to document the unchanging nature of God (the infinite eternal one) through examples that are referenced linearly, since god is the totality of all that is, no given instance of a subjective portion of linearised existence can do justice in explaining the nature of God as it is for itself, rather it can only be represented by the objective nature of idealised human qualities that God manifest would be expected to display. Thus when any portion of the bible is believed literally as being symbolic of what is ideal for the present, then that which was true in that past will manifest the same old potential in ones present moment, of which Christ himself has surpassed. Whereby under such conditions it can be believed that what one feels is true, and that it is the only truth because they access the conviction of truth infused into the energy from the past, whilst there is yet still more far greater emanations of Christ to be yielded. This is why He said that “these things I do, you shall be able to do as well, and greater things too”. Because he did not intend for people to place him on a pedestal, he asked that they follow his lead as the way shower.

Thus if one believes that Christ is the saviour that is greater than them and that they cannot possibly be more worthy of what he was capable of in the past, whilst in their relative future of now. Then they cannot possibly perform miracles as he promised they would be able. This also leads to the fact that if one can perform what Christ was capable of doing in the past, whilst themselves have been born in the “sin” of the present, then Christ must by proxy have become something greater than he was then. So as to allow for others in present times to have the same potential of supernatural ability that he wielded then, whilst they also have the potential to do unjust harm. This is because they did not have to refine themselves first so as to reach into the divine to receive those gifts, it had already been done so by proxy of Christ's efforts which then filtered down into the collectives as accessible potential. As such the divine's threshhold was then able to present greater levels of formerly unaccessible potential.

This is the factor which begs attention in these times, for many who have the aura of the divine (accumulated good karma) abuse their power, they are the fallen angles. They squander the faith projected at them by others, and use that potential as their own power, which rightfully belongs to those who believe yet do not believe fully enough to claim that power as their own, instead they have perceived themselves as unworthy sinners, thereby resulting in creating reasons to feel like sinners, even tho deep down they are not it is rather because of the influentially instilled beliefs of unworthiness which leads to their actions becoming negative. One the other hand once one casts off the feelings of unworthiness the truly guilty individuals can no longer indulge in the illusion of being secure in their passively wicked deeds. This is also the reason why Christ cannot do unjust harm on accord of his own volition, because hi score intention is always in absolute alignment with the divine. That however doesn't necessarily mean that he expresses outward divinity under the circumstances that his second coming is render, via the volition of those who came before him. As was said his second coming is initially subject to the finite limits of the material realm. Thus his ability to reflect sunshine and lolly pops for all is diminished when there are those who are in the wrong, in which he comes to shake into their core, the ramifications of their actions.
It is by this token that if there are those with a divine aura who surreptitiously abuse their power and trust, there must be an opposite being with an aura that does not reflect the positive polarity of the divine and which is unable to abuse the power of its position either i.e. the inverse Christ that comes to administer justice.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 07:49 AM
Christ earned the right of this position as the bringer of justice when he died on the cross, because he went on a visionary excursion to purgatory in which he did not justly deserve. (i.e. he actually became purgatory) because he carried the mark of the worlds signature of sin, engraved upon him during his moment of weakness. Whereby he was levelled to a threshold of unjustified and overwhelming suffering which brought his divine omniscience into resonance with knowledge of all possible negative polarity possibilities. This was the conundrum of the ultimate sin administered by his persecutors (i.e. the act of slaying the Christ) whereby the Christ momentarily had a greater mark of “sin-fullness” than they did as individuals. However like all unnecessary unjustified experiences burdened upon the innocent, this turned into favour for him so that he could know of the negative polarity possibilities of which he would administer to others who had and would abuse power. Had he not experienced this he could not possibly be allowed to judge others. Thus the taking of their sin was not to liberate them from the Karma of their deeds, as it seemed to appeared to them, due to their own signature of sin feeling higher in frequency whilst in the presence of Christ undergoing greater intensity of lower frequency omniscient-sin burdened upon Christ. This was the false hood which was proliferated the false hood that Christ died as a surrogate for others sin so that they could repent and go to heaven. It was rather so as to keep tabs on their deeds, via the nexus of the Akashic records existing within the Christ-entity.

If one belives in the bible totally they must essenmtially belive that they can perforem miracles to the same extant as christ did as wella s greater, but they must be discerning as to understand that they can only perform those positive polarity miracles once they break free from the identity of being a sinner. Thus they will only be able to use the negative polarity of miraculous energy when it is justified, but for the most part it should only occur passivley without regognition anway and never be sort out as something to aspire to in glorification and thrill seeking.

That being said about Christianity, the relevance of eastern religion in context of those who have not yet graciously recieved and opened themselves to the blessing of Christ can be explored. Some individuals have excluded themselves from the potential of ascension via the christ-entity. This is because they either have had limited knowledge or have wilfully chosen to reamin in lower levels of consciousness out of the belief that what they are familiar with is more desirable than ascension. The conundrum is that no one can do them selves any measure of justice by beliveing that what they are familiar with is more dessirable if they hav no knowledge of what ascention is like. As such they are deniying themselves the knowledge out of the fact that they might actually feel incredibly disapointed with the path they are currently create for themselves and others which they are also partly reponsible for influncialy others.

because Christ is above all others in the expanse of the whole picture he is the perfect instrument to carry out the distribution of karma to others. This being because the highest possible perspective that can be yielded by the masses (including those higher souls that are above all others yet still below Christ in the understandings of the whole picture) can be potentially misused. Thus those who misuse that perception and power of that tertiary level of sub-omniscience, will think they have the whole picture and are thereby drunk with the illusion of being free from karma. Now there is no right or wrong that will land one in eternal punishment by another, not even Christ's wrath will be a punishment upon another for eternity. The individual who misuses spiritual gifts will punish themselves whether they believe they will reap what they sow or not, by proxy that the continual knowledge of what they have dealt imprints a signature of resonance upon them with the opposite value of what was dealt out. Not being the opposite deed but the equational factor of oneself being in the opposite experiential position. Thereby receiving what they have dealt i.e. the absolute inverse factor of karma manifest through the law of attraction (every action has an equal and opposite reaction so as to balance the energies of transaction). If it were not like this the universe would become imbalanced and all would become unstable and cease to be. Thus negative actions of which are not warranted by the recipient as a genuine lesson of theirs in need of being learned, thereby instil a sense of doubt in the one who deals those deeds.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 07:52 AM
This is an unavoidable inbuilt mechanism of consciousness, one cannot act out of line and feel as though they are justified in what they do. It is this very feeling of injustice that enables the law of attraction to get a hold on ones Karmic signature. However some accumulate vast amounts of bad karma through ignoring that feeling, whereby facing the inevitable truth that awaits them becomes too overwhelming, and after a long time of ignoring that feeling they stop receiving it as a guidance mechanism all together, rendering them totally under the illusion of no karma. In this state they stop feeling authenticity with the heart all together and are more prone to create more bad karma out of the fact they can no longer feel content in their self unless causing others misery. This is because when the heart shuts down completely due to ignorance of the innate spiritual energies of ones own essence, the law of resonance causes them to feel inadequate around those who have authenticity flowing. The sense of envy then sets into those who have relinquished their own authenticity. Whereby they can only feel secure by causing others to feel suffering that is not deserved by them. Thereby overwhelming the innocent with feelings that are for that very reason a temporary state of which is more intense to face than what the heartless have created for themselves as a constant, thus creating a sense of contentment in them whilst they see others in a lower state of content than themselves. Usually those who have become heartless will go into denial, using some sort of petty reasoning or cumulative petty reasoning to kid themselves of justification for their actions etc.

The self deception can be even greater if the heartless have already become aware of how to manipulate spiritual energies, and understand how to rob another's feelings so that they can steal the others vibrancy and innocent whilst holding to such callous intentions. In this circumstance the individual who has succumbed to the lowest intent, has two options of resolution. First is that somehow their inner self manages to attract a situation of purely external means to wake them up and become aware of the illusions of ignorance that they have been indulging in. This will in turn lead them to understand that they can resolve the karma in this lifetime via the Akashic dispensation of Christ. Which in short is the option to experience what they deal out through visionary states. This alternative way to the old method of karmic resolution had been made possible with the advent of Christ. It is the non-linear akashic method whereby individuals can directly experience that which they cause others in a visionary sense (whereby they actually become the receptacle for the emotions and sensations that they dealt to the other individual) without having to reincarnate into another lifetime in order to purge their karmic dross. In some circumstances it is actually still necessary for them to reincarnate, however it is still via the Akashic records so they do not become another person they simply are sent to an alternate reality as the same individual that they are. This is because in the age of Pisces all individuals that incarnate/reincarnate are the beings that their souls came to evolve into, so that they could ascend as the divine beings they set out to become. Thus the old reincarnational cycles spoken of in eastern religions have been transcended, thus this means Buddhism Krishnaism and any other religion before Christianity (as well as including Christianity now that the closure of the Pisciean age is occurring), are all obsolete. As they all related to times of spiritual potential surpassed.

Now the second option for individuals who have accumulate great amounts of karma, is that if they do not wake up to the truth of the karma they have accumulated, then they will set up another lifetime for themselves. Whereby first they go into the spiritual void where all memories are removed from their awareness and remain held in the Akasha separate from themselves, they are then able to be imbued with the feeling of innocence again under the condition that they have little to no freewill in the next life time. This thereby means that because it is ensured that they will learn the lessons that they formerly dealt, they can thereby be allowed to be free from the inner ignored guilt and fear of consequence form the past life. Therefore they can experience the exact feelings of what they created for others in their past life.

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