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Most Things Have An Initial Origin...This Is The Purpose Of Research!

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 10:25 PM
O.k. I have got to rant about this and please bare with me. I know that there are some that are just finding truths, and there are others that are fully aware. But the nonsensical writings of some are getting to hard to bare.

Here are some things that we should already know...... There are a few that control things, they all tie together, and there is NO way around it!

Some facts, Money makes the world go round, politicians are not for the people (no matter who they are), discussing the same things is frustrating, and there is no real way that we as individuals can make a difference... only together we can.

If you do not agree, ok, I am frankly not trying to get every one on board, but what is the reason for the #1 internet site having constant discussions about these things? Why is it that we are all trying to agree, about the same thing, yet not learning anything new?

Here are some figures. Relearning is for school, debating is for those that think things will change, and ATS is for those that want something more then truth.... but answers. Our distraction levels are on high, and that if anything should worry most members.

I am personally paying attention to those that just got here and are on the star, flag, and debate threads that have an ending, but seem to attract those that know better.

I personally dont care if Ron Paul is the resurrection of christ, and will get a UFO invasion to force us to believe that he is actually the anti-christ, that will at some point lead to GMO's that big pharma is getting us to consume through chemtrails, that will lead to the martial law and draft of non-sovereign citizens due to the misunderstanding of the constitution drawn up by the Rockefellers, that Obama has made secret through the Bush administration that has forced the bird flu vaccine, that has caused the earthquakes in Japan, that will cause a nuclear holocaust with Iran, that will eventually get us to talk about what is really going on......

Wow, now thats a rant!!

Peace, NRE.
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