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Is religion worth the effort or just afterlife insurance?

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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:55 AM

Originally posted by ccsct203
Religion does not guarantee anything! Period!
The Muslim "faith", the Buddhist "faith" are all a dead end and will only get you a one-way ticket to hell.

Jesus is the ONLY one who can give eternal life and it is a gift.
You can't "earn" it.
Being "good" is not the way, saying Hail Mary is not the way.
It is ONLY through the blood of Christ and what HE did on the cross by dying for mankind's sins.
And if you don't want to worship Jesus here on earth then why would you want to worship Him for eternity in Heaven?
So is it "worth the effort"?

Let us see...

Eternity in hell.... or eternity with God?

The choice is yours!!!

You have a big ego and I think that will be a problem when trying to get your soul to knock on the door to heaven. If you don't want to be wise then that is your choice. But I don't think god will level up your existance here on earth until you get the law of one and let go of your ego. Those that find the beginning of the teaching come from all directions to god. The people who "get god" becomes mystics and have more in common with other mystics than the unenlightened/sleeping. Being enlightened is a physical thing and the Chakra system works fine on me. Gegorian chants are from my point throat chakra exercises. If you want mana from heaven, the invisable light/chi from the source/all then evolve past your ignorance and see the devine in all. We are all part of the all that is one, but you have to be ready for the connection to recieve it. When the student is ready then the master appears.

From one who have been in the spiritual hell do not threaten people with it just because they do not agree with your worldview. From my point of view your mind is not ready to spend time with my mind on the other side yeet. Please evolve so you can become more harmonious and in touch with your soul/spirit.

Above are my thoughts and should be ignored if they don't make sense. I do not know your path and can not know exactly what you need. I only know some things about my path, since I am allowed to see the synchronicity. Love a soulbrother. Namaste

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 07:42 AM

Originally posted by krs678
Is religion just afterlife insurance?
Im not a religious minded person and believe if someone finds comfort in a belief of a higher all seeing "god" then good for them,but over many years the churches of the world have got very rich from people who believe that living in accordance to gods "rules" means that they will "go" to heaven .So what makes people think this way?I think a very clever book which has been rewritten numerous times in many languages is behind it ,You guessed it the bible,Has anyone else noticed the similarities between the christian faith and the muslim faith?If as the bible says jesus was born in bethleham wouldnt he have been dark skinned possibly?I wonder what the popes view on jesuses colour is?
I have found an interest film on religion which im sure has been posted before but im posting again anyway to try and get other view points ,thanks for your time in reading this .

I'm not a fan at all of organized religion. And people that don't believe in anything often say its just to comfort people so they aren't afraid to die. I think that is partly true. That is one reason people "find religion" and there are others ..because they truly believe, or because its good for their business, or because of family who don't allow them any other choice, or any number of reasons. I think though most people feel as humans we just don't know everything there is to know. And that the Divine is one of those things that no one can rule out 100%. It can't be proven God/Goddess/Jesus/Creator exists or doesn't exist. Its one of those gray areas. Plus there is so much that is miraculous in everyday life that gotta wonder at some point how this all came into being.

I do believe science and religion go hand in hand though. I don't see them as opponents the way a lot of people do. I think that the Divine uses science so that the Universe runs. I think the Divine created those programs (scientific means) and that is the way everything works.

There are many similarities between the Christian faith and the Muslim faith. Thats due to them both using many of the same Biblical stories. Jesus is in both faiths so is Mary and other people that are in the Christian Bible are in the Koran as well. The difference I see is this...Jewish faith had a number of restrictions that Jesus did away with (sacrifice and Jewish rules). Along comes Muhammad who brought rules back to faith. They have so many more than Christians do. Its like it went full circle.

About Jesus being dark skinned.. I wonder about that too. Theres been a number of people who have said he would have had to of been.
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