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No longer just theories: The top 10 conspiracy facts of 2011

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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 02:27 PM

Originally posted by princeguy
reply to post by kn0wh0w

Whats up with the chicks runnin around in shorty shorts in middle of winter! lol

Its warm here in Montana as well, no snow and green grass. strange....

The deepwater horizon is still outgassing methane!

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by Blackmarketeer

I'm surprised there was nothing mentioned about the Bankers and Federal Reserve for 2011...
To: Europe, From: The Federal Reserve. A $1 trillion Merry Christmas, more or less ...

Lindsey Williams was on Infowars today and he stated that one day in the very near future the Federal Reserve would devalue the Dollar 40%. Now before some uninformed individual starts running his mouth off about Lindsey Williams, he has NEVER been wrong, the only thing wrong with listening to him is dealing with all his babble in getting to the point. You can probably listen to the interview later today on Alex Jones Youtube Channel once it's posted.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 03:50 PM
lol@ global warming/weather changes not being a conspiracy...

Earth goes through cycles you say? That's the same thing people say every year since I was a kid, and they say the earth will be back on track the next year. and, the next year, it's always worse.

Where I'm from, we used to have 80-100 degree summer days. that's the norm. a day above 100 was rare, and everyone was like "woaaaa we're actually at 100 degrees". it was awesome and rare when it happened, and people were like.. "wowwww.. that doesn't really happen here but coooool"

Anyway, my point is, nowadays it's normal for our summers to be above 110 degrees on a daily basis. that's just normal now. Oh, plus.. we have earthquakes here now I guess. But, I guess we always did according to people who live here, even though I've lived here almost 30 years and hadn't felt one until recently. Oh, but I'm sure that's just the fault line which.... I hadn't felt.... until recently..... in all my 30 years.... of living here.......

Yes.... just the fault line acting up i'm sure. lol.

Hahahaha.. ok, let me just say... we do NOT have earthquakes here. no type whatsoever. It's common knowledge of science that a lot of places have mild tremors which can't be felt to humans. But this one shook my whole house and the entire city violently.

Come on guys, I've lived here almost 30 years and have native in my blood. Don't you think I'd be a bit more attuned to what could happen to the land I've been living on and after becoming "one" with the land on marijuana so many times (lol)

Don't you think people would be more in tune with their environments all these years than what you're giving them credit for? After all, some animals have better senses than us in some areas. but, all around, I'm pretty sure humans have the best senses. and animals have DANG good senses. so, we must have excellent senses. and we do.

and... this isn't how the weather is from where I've lived for the last almost 30 years. I'm telling you. it isn't. that's not how the weather is here, nor is it how it has been for the last few hundred years. But it is now? because we're all of a sudden going through a cycle of the earth? Go # yourself.

People here and everywhere know something is up. I visited Colorado when I was a kid, and it was nice, and.. later.. as an adult upon visiting.. I noticed it's much different. The weather is different. There's a sourness, and a heat, and an acidic value to the air now.

I'd like to ask a serious question, what ever happened to those threads regarding the Turkey earthquakes?

Where all the "fault-lines" were in a perfect grid suggesting it was man made?

What does anyone have to say about that? I'd like to hear more about that

Dude, and enough of this "there's no way the government has stuff that can make earthquakes/change weather/etc..."

*I CAN* even conceive of a machine that would create a small earthquake. Give me 3 thousand dollars and I will make an earthquake in your back yard. lol.

So you're saying this just isn't feasible for the government? YEA RIGHT!!

Whether any government or not has actually done it, it's still TOTALLY feasible

So, if me, a non-physicist, non-intelligent person whatsoever was able to create a small earthquake machine for you for 3 thousand dollars... What do you think the mega-funded super scientific b1-bomber designing military can do? Come on................

I trust God is in my government as much as any, but that's where it should stop. At trusting them.

Trusting God enough to take care of you through your government is all fine, but... when you start giving the reason for your disbelief as being that the government can't do this or it's too "out there", that's where you're crossing the line from intelligent and observant to denial.

I believe wholeheartedly if you believe in God then you will be protected FROM much harm, including the government, and it will WORK for you. But, that doesn't mean it doesn't have sinister capabilities regarding something else besides you. Bottom line, it doesn't mean it doesn't have those capabilities.

"I love God and believe in the bible and we should trust the government in God's plan for us" I agree with this statement. That's fine. I agree. But, it doesn't mean they DON'T have the technology.

News for you: The United States Military/Government can blow up your house with a laser right now if they wanted. a #ing LASER. i heard about this technology in the early 2000's as it was just developed. who the # knows what the military is capable of now.

can someone please tell me about the whole Turkey earthquake incident/grids and what became of that? That's our best bet on proving an earthquake machine. If that story is TRUE, and those pictures are REAL, then... that's about all there is to it. We need to focus on that story.If proven real, then weather changing is real.

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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 04:07 PM
And that's what's wrong with a lot of people on these conspiracy websites. they WANT a conspiracy, they want to know about something real and # 'd up that's going but then don't ever want to conclude, and figure it out.

Well, I have one. The TURKEY incident. IF THAT IS REAL... then this earthquake/weather machine is REAL.

if those photos of the fault lines in a grid are real, then THIS EARTHQUAKE/WEATHER STUFF IS REAL!! hands down!!

They were in a perfect grid, upon observation of maps and other fault lines you notice that fault lines occur randomly like EVERY OTHER dang thing in God's creation. Not once anywhere do they occur in a PERFECT GRID ACROSS ENTIRE CITIES.

THAT in itself is enough evidence that someone created those earthquakes. But, why did we drop and ignore this story? how was that NOT enough evidence for you guys?

There is no other explanation for a perfect grid of fault lines. None. Can't happen. Sure, but one in a Gazzzilllliiooonnnnn. Which means, according to the chart of probability: it CAN'T FREAKIN HAPPEN.

You are more likely to be born with a copy of shrek 3 growing out of your ankle

You're more likely to suddenly start growing diamond hair

You're more likely to well.. you get my point.

So, that should be our focus, and also... the REAL number #1 for this thread.

However, upon looking at the same map that they did. Those who posted the "grids". There was nothing, just random fault lines. HOWEVER... keep in mind. I read this thread about the grids that had the pictures of these gridlines very recently, but it was created and last updated about a year ago. And, I was looking at a live map. So, they could have been and definitely probably were removed by that time of the year (the time I saw the thread)

Anyhow, does ANYONE have anything on this????

My best bet is that this is the real number ONE for OP.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by papagobolan

Most likely the reason the Turkey quake "grid pattern" is not on Naturalnews list is most likely that this is still a conspiracy theory, where as the ones they covered are have been proven as facts (as far as they were concerned).

Before any assumptions about the Turkey earthquake grids can be made you have to question the status of the monitoring equipment - if anomalies outside the norm were recorded then diagnostics should be conducted to be certain that the equipment was not faulty - before jumping to conclusions of HAARP or aliens.

Personally I would love to see more info on that topic, but keep in mind, this list is of theories that were proven true, so in that respect the Turkey quake swarm is still very much a theory of some sort (actually it's more of an "anomalous observation" than anything else).

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by Blackmarketeer

It's threads like this that make citizen investigations worth the effort. If no one had looked into these, they would not have been exposed.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Bigjohns82

I would agree, and the Web and social networks are helping to get the word out. Call it the "Conspiracy Spring".

ATS recap does a great job summarizing all the topics as well, FYI.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by papagobolan

I just have to correct you for one thing: in most cases, animals have BETTER senses than us. We can't hear dog whistles, cats see in the dark very well, we still rely on dogs in some cases to pick up a scent. Even if you take an animal that has practically no vision, like the bat. it's acute hearing and echo voice permit it to fly during night at high speed. As far as I know, bats don't crash in windows and such. What give us our edge are our thumbs and our many different types of intelligence. Being social beings helps as well.... anyway

The reason for this post really is to ask a question... to the people who believe global warming is a scam. I DO NOT want to debate whether it's a scam. The question is Do you think that all environmental changes caused by man's actions are scams as well??

Because it seems to me that smogs over cities tend to warm them, and make the air less breathable. It seems that when the people of the amazon region cut down the forest to to grow food on land that quickly becomes dry, it's called environmental change. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they should starve, but this newly dry land is unusable thus the need to move on to the next patch of trees. Since almost every living thing on this earth are connected in one way or another, changes will impact more than just where it occurs......


I'm not preaching animal rights over human rights, but we are totally and utterly dependent on nature. Our cities would not have food without her... this is our home... and we're still pretty much at the stage of arguing.... sad.
So many solutions are possible yet we don't see them happen...... (why?)

For example, solar is not perfect, but can be more than enough for one household. It costs a pretty penny at first but then you almost never pay electric bills again! saving you a bundle and cutting down on oil. More independence,,,, hmmmm,

Lastly, I'd like to point out that here too, weather has been weird since.... I'd say ... 3 - 4 years. I've always lived in Canada.. relatively close to the american border (Ontario, Quebec), and I only know the celcius degrees. Every winter I can remember we always had loads of snow! sometimes more than you can shovel lol
The first snow was almost always between Halloween and Christmas... sometimes a little earlier. Temperatures dropped to steady give or take -20 throughout the almost 5 month winter. There were also these two weeks in January and February (in a row) where the strong wind would bring that down to -40.....
Now here's the thing, we don't get those 2 weeks anymore...... winters are a lot shorter, they start later and temperatures aren't as low. We also don't get much snow anymore and the first few snows always melt right away. Right now, it's night time and the thermometer indicates -12..... notice anything weird??

We've been getting freezing rain practically throughout winter..... in 27 years (that I can remember), I had never seen this until about 3 or 4 years ago... and it's been every years since. 2 years ago there was a couple of days in the dead of winter that brought lots and lots of snow (there was already some as it was in Feb.) . Well the next day it rained all day.... froze over night and when we woke up we said HELLO POPSICLE LAND!!!
Everything was so hard, even the snow hills.

There is also a lot more rain in the summer time than usual..... and the heatwaves are just intolerable!

I don't know about you but this FEELS very real

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by Bigjohns82

Precisely, but at the same time I'm saying to myself... is that it? There's WAY more conspiracies than were listed here that I'm QUITE sure are true.

To name a few conspiracies I think are true or have truth to them:

Aliens are really Demons. Not the other way around. Vast majority of UFOs are imagined, or government crafts used to deter people into thinking aliens are real so that people have something to blame demonic activity on, if some should ever occur and be known to the public... (for example "reptilian shapeshifts")

Another way to put this awareness would be to say Reptilians are really Demons.

I can't tell you how many people attribute stuff to "Reptilians". Hold on a second... the who? the what? the where? I'll see completely sensible discussions on youtube videos (not as rare as you think), other boards, etc... then the SAME person who just said something very observant and smart will mention something about Reptilians, and it just blows the credit on everything they just said.

Hold on, hold on. When did an Alien ever get a name, like "Reptilian", besides just.. "an alien"?

Calling them gray, sure.. you seen an alien.. it's gray... call it a gray. Sure. but HOW did the Reptilian name come about? Did someone see an alien that looked like a reptile? how come I haven't heard any reports like these? whatsoever?

Aside from that, I've had PLENTY of experience-research (research through experience) on "Reptilians"... almost all accounts have something to do with a dream or a nightmare. No, I haven't ever done good research on them. But, that's because I didn't have to. The moment I began hearing people's accounts of what "Reptilians" were... I KNEW exactly what they were.

How is it something I could disprove without even researching is being mentioned by average/normal/everyday people all over the place like it's real?

I see "Reptilians" as well, they're also called Demons. And, anyone who says they haven't seen them is lying. Because, we've all had nightmares. They might say it's only in their head, but... who is so arrogant to think their head can come up with everything they see in a dream? Ah, ok.. then.. how is it words have been used/applied in my dreams that I didn't know? Later looking them up and learning what they were, and also learning they were applied correctly in my dream... a dream that took place at a time I HADNT ever heard the word, let alone knew the definition.

And trust me, I didn't subconsciously know the definition. There's no way I would have retained such a specific example. Don't give me the "you don't know how amazing the brain" is speech. I know my #$#$#in brain and memory enough to know THAT at least.

Anyhow, it's been proven we receive external stimuli (non-imagined).. so.. anyone saying dreams are all from a person's brain isn't up to par on basic modern science.

Every time a person describes a "reptilian" I have ALWAYS seen the exact same thing, and it always rings precisely true to my own experiences. Reptilians are Demons, long, slender, ancient demons (see, annunaki, bamboo ghosts, even slender man and why he's so popular) which are becoming more and more prevalent and closer to us and closer to earth because we're nearing the end times.

I know how specific and contrived and even lunatic it sounds to call them "slim". Now, I don't know why they're skinny. That's just how they appear sometimes. It has something to do with fear. Seeing a distorted fat person is not really very scary, but.. a thin distortion of a person is frightening to the brain. and, just a regularly proportioned person isn't frightening at all. I don't know why they appear thin sometimes. But they do. Donno why they give that appearance, but they do. that's just an idea why.

The whole "Reptilian" thing and everyone attributing everything to "Reptilians" is... denial of this. They have to attribute all of the demonic activity to something, so it might as well be aliens. People really frustrate me. Really, that's very frustrating. To see a bunch of liars everywhere who KNOW damn well what is going on or have a good hunch, and choose to further their denial by continuing to attribute evil happenings to "aliens". Every damn person that talks about reptilians

Huh? I hear voices that seem to be the people around me and people I can't see? Must be Reptilians trying to communicate with me. I just saw a guys face morph on TV? Must be a reptilian. Woa, wait.. I HAD an unusual nightmare?? Must have been reptilians.

There might be some aliens somewhere, but... regarding this particular conspiracy that is my conclusion so far.

I am probably among the newest of ATS'ers. I HAVE IT IN MY BLOOD! It wasn't long before I realized I belong here..

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by miniatus

It was HAARP's diagrams and tech that they used!

To all,

This is just the tip of the iceberg. More to come in 2012!
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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by papagobolan

Welcome to ATS! I hope you enjoy your time here and have fun!

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:31 PM
Continuing on with what Conspiracies I think are true or have truth to them:

Oprah/HAARP/HAARPO productions/NWO i mean OWN network/Dr Phil/Dr Oz/Obama/current politics
and corporate stuff

- Something very peculiar is going on here with mind games/mind control.

The biggest one that gets me is the whole game Oprah wants you to play with her...

to figure out if she's evil or not. We've all played it I'm sure.

and no one stopped to think, maybe THAT in itself is the very PROOF that Oprah is evil

and possibly very directly connected to the end happenings themselves which are probably going

to occur within the next 10 years.

Why should so many be wondering if one person is evil or about their intentions?

"Oh boy I just heard Oprah is evil. That's such a joke. It's just Oprah! Good ol Oprah!!
But, what that fellow said about Oprah being evil got me thinkin... so, I'm gonna go check
out Oprah on T.V. tonight... just gonna look at her... see if she seems evil."

That in itself IS WRONG. A person with that much fame and power should be very upfront
about their intentions or else that is evil itself.

People all over shouldn't be being told Oprah and Obama and Dr Phil and # are evil
repeatedly only to be "comforted" and disproven upon watching the shows.

The fact that SO many are being told this is proof enough they're evil. Ok, WHY is this proof?
HOW is this proof?

Because, the case of people being told Oprah is evil is VERY widespread. Almost everybody has
been told by someone that Oprah is evil at one point or another.

Not following yet? IF, such an event, of rumors and even jokes about a person being evil
are widespread enough, it would be known by the person being rumored that these rumors were spreading
and on what scale they were spreading.

Therefore, they should be addressed. Oprah knows about these people saying she's evil.
Oprah knows YOU know about these people saying she's evil.

So why doesn't she address it on her show?

What's the worst that could happen? Heh.

"Well, Oprah addressed being evil tonight on her show. She said she wasn't."

and... then...? Nothing! that's all! that's all it takes. No massive outbreak of Oprah
fans is going to occur if she talks about something like that. So, what exactly is preventing
her from being honest on her show about her intentions of these last few years?

Not addressing concerns of her being called evil, wicked...
Denying Jesus...
Playing with Religious people's heads by naming her station OWN (NWO backwards) If you don't
believe she did this on purpose. It's already made clear she places emphasis on naming her
production companies and such with backwards names. HAARPO is her production company, and backwards
OPRAH. so... OWN was at least OBSERVED by her in a backwards sense.
Did she not think others would notice?
Did she think no deal would be made about the "coincidence" of it?



KNOWINGLY. you can't do that NOT knowingly.

what i'm trying to clarify here is that there was NO .. NO... NO... NO QUESTION about whether
she knew what OWN was backwards and what that meant. and how it would be taken.

I assure you, there is NO good reason to trick people and mock the end times. if that's what
she is doing. thats the most innocent thing she could possibly be doing, btw.

Unfortunately, it was probably a very serious and deliberate and official dedication symbol TO

some NWO. or, to throw us off. There probably is no NWO. probably just a bunch of rich people
controlling #. that's hardly an NWO.

With that said about corporations/media..

Regarding Politics... GABRIELLE GIFFORDS. Sooo many people got this wrong. Gabrielle Giffords
is NOT the anti-christ, silly people... she is ONE OF ITS HEADS.

Dainty woman has her head blown clean off with a machine gun but is on Diane Sawyer 10 months
later making complete sense, oh... not acting or anything. Not to mention making votes in her old
seat? Lol.. what an obvious low key set up.

Let's see, Forrest Gump came out in 199...3..4? or something... and uh... even though we've
hopefully evolved in acting in that 15 years, Tom Hanks STILL does a better job at acting
like a retarded person than that woman.

If you notice very carefully, her acting slips up at several points. At one point it seems
as though Diane Sawyer is even raising an eyebrow, like.. "uh.. totally fake." But, working
for major media I don't blame her for not going more into it.

However, I'd like to note, ever since this interview I've deemed Diane Sawyer as totally legit.

You can tell her story was trying to uncover Gabbrielle Giffords, and even has the tone that
she suspects it's fake, but.. doesn't pursue it due to... obvious ramifications.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 06:32 PM
You might say the whole "Gabrielle Giffords actress" thing is a sham. But, of course you would

the government clearly hired an individual to look like he was taking the case seriously
and trying to inform people. You know, that one dude, ugh.. forget his name. I'm sure you
know who I mean. basically the ONLY guy covering the freakin issue on any main site.

but anyway, it's simple psychology, hire someone that looks like they're really trying
to uncover Gabrielle Giffords as an actress... throw some very convincing things in there...

THEN make that person look totally crazy. You'll discredit them and the whole theory
forever more in a heartbeat. Very simple, but tricky psychological maneuver you fell prey to.

Very specifically? It's no secret to anyone that many have suspected Oprah to be evil.

Anyway, from staying close to my bible since my mid-teens.. I've noticed this..

Prophecies of End times from the bible

"Earthquakes in various places" (Jesus knew earthquakes happened every day when he said this,
he knew the only way to take it was "Earthquakes happening in various places where they shouldn't"

"The mortal head wound of the head of the anti christ and the miraculous healing and the
astonishment of the world" - happened. and i was more disgusted by peoples "positive" reactions
than i thought i would have been if i were to see this event as prophecized in the bible.

"rumors of war" - Iran? Need I say more? Eh, I will. There's tons of unusual Rumors about wars.

Yes, always been RUMORS of wars. but, this is getting bad.

People are already BELIEVING we're going to Iran
on a widescale, and that's not even what was said by the U.S. Gov't. Nor does this whole ordeal even have
to lead to that, and it probably won't. Hence, a very widespread "rumor" of war, right there.

Yes, yes.. we've always had rumors of war. But this is a bit different. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Plus, I think this prophecy will get worse... as in, there will be more rumors of war, unlike rumors you've seen.

The Iran deal is unusual enough to me... RARELY have I ever seen so many jump on the bandwagon of "time for war with another
country" based off of SO little information released by the Gov't.

If this has ever happened, name one #$#$#ing time. I can only think of once, and that was Korea

about 7 years ago or more with Kim Jong Ill. and still that was different, there was more to be concerned
about with the possibilities of a war.

"birds and # dying" Yea, bible said that would happen.

now, now, before you say "oh but nature or the gov't caused the earthquakes so it had nothing to do with the
bible" or before you say "but birds and # die all the time in mass amounts, it could be science or anything causing it"

THE BIBLE DOESNT EVER SAY WHO OR WHAT CAUSES ANYTHING#$#@$%@$@#$ relating to these things anyhow.

maybe Jesus was referring to Earthquakes being created by some machine? maybe he was referring to birds and
other animals dying because science is KILLING them?

He didn't say "I shall make earthquakes in the end times and also kill birds and animals"

NO. he just says it will happen. doesn't say how.

We're clearly getting a build up to the end times and a "fair warning" so to speak.

I know you might say I lost the original point, but I didn't. I think the whole

Oprah/Dr Phil/Dr Oz/Obama # is satanic. Bottom line.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 07:25 PM
reply to post by LightSpeedDriver

About the time I think I have seen everything and heard everything. I get broadsided. The part that gets me is the fact that all this information is out there available to anyone and people are still so gullible and want to place ostrichs with their head in the sand. I know a lot of people who know this stuff goes on but hide from it. With the idea I can't handle it. They can't handle it what about the people doing it and enduring it.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by redrose123

Completely. This is personally the most shocking example I have seen of human experimentation on an unwitting citizen. So long ago already...

Imagine ATS 70 years from now. Our children or children's children reading of the stuff they did to us in our lifetimes. I hope none of us get to suffer like that man. The mind just boggles.

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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 10:06 PM

Originally posted by Blackmarketeer
reply to post by miniatus

To be honest I only included the ATS post on HAARP ("Is This The Smoking Gun That Proves HAARPS Weather Capabilities?") under #5 ("Weather control technology confirmed and functional near Abu Dhabi") because we don't understand it fully, and it shows our ability to create macro changes in our atmosphere. As I understand it, HAARP super-heats the atmosphere - would you not agree that would have some effect on weather?

Well you certainly don't understand it, I'm sure thousands of people that work in specifics areas of expertise understand just fine. What else did you "honestly only include" in this patchwork top ten list of, ehem, "facts" because you don't know what you're talking about? At least you brought out that old chestnut fluoride in time for the holidays...You do what so many people around here do that really irks me and that is making a huge leap of logic because you lack the capacity to realize that you're not omniscient and then you find/invent/perpetuate a conspiracy that will be very popular with a certain group of people you're trying to persuade, then cling to conspiracy like it is life itself and call anyone who disputes you a nasty name that is neither original or clever!

Some things on your list have more veracity than others, but I don't think a reasonable person that knows the definition of the word "fact" would find any in your top ten list. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and dive a little deeper.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by Threadfall

Why don't you go take a remedial reading lesson before you come in here accusing me of making up a "patchwork list of conspiracies", then maybe you'll comprehend the list was created by Naturalnews, and that most members here have made multiple posts/threads on those very topics over the past year or so. Meanwhile troll a little harder.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by EspyderMan

Originally posted by miniatus
The weather control thing doesn't really count in my book, the UAE isn't using HAARP and it doesn't prove HAARP or chemtrails in any way.. it's not the same technology .. The UAE method is basically just squeezing water out of the humidity that's already in the air .. AND it requires local emitters to do so.. still cool new tech, not going to say it isn't ..

Besides, weather control ( in the form of cloud seeding ) has been around for a very long time .. longer than me, it's a very well known and non-secret tech.

Some of these are stretching in my opinion
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Stretching? The links and the article prove these theories. Not sure how it is stretching. They offer so many resources as proof as well. It's very thorough and well documented how they reached their conclusions. Just because you didn't read and decide it's stretching, does not make it true.
Also, the part about HAARP. The point was the weather manipulation is possible and finally made public, whereas most people discounted it because the MSM hadn't announced it.
This may not prove HAARP conspiracy theories, but it certainly lends credence to them.

Why people come in with total negativity without reading is totally beyond me.

My sentiments as well - some of the conspiracy theories would have remained locked away forever from public view, like the human experiments on prisoners, military volunteers, or on native/indigenous people, with the government never admitting to any of it, except for the persistent conspiracy 'kooks' who exposed it. Or how kooky theories like ionized 'weather control' goes public and now it's not so kooky, then HAARP is not looking so kooky either as a means of weather control or earthquake induction.

Thanks for the post, I wasn't aware of half of these, the vaccine industry and the entanglements with the Military are something to keep us awake at night...

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by SpaceJockey1

The US and no doubt many other governments have and still are running many secret experiments, that we are are yet to learn about. I remember posting here some months ago, a large list going back to post-WWII, describing a huge range of secret tests on unsuspecting individuals and populations.

Lyme disease has to be among the worst cases of those, an outbreak from a secret govt lab, but as I understand this list is about those theories that have been proven and are no longer theories.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 05:47 AM

Originally posted by FreeDominator
reply to post by papagobolan


So you perfectly accept that humans can affect the environment but are incapable of accepting that they can affect the climate......which are linked but hey ho whatever!

All you anti warming conspiracists need to wake up : Governments do Not want to do anything about GW since it will cost money. Instead they give it lip service and increase taxes on fossil fuels without any alternate investment or action since they know we are addicted to oil. This increases the revenue for government....DUH. You anti GM folks have been conned stupid!!!! Given the amount of increased fossil fuel revenue governments have raked in we should be on a downward trend for consumption with alternate energy sources isn't we are still at the token gesture phase:

* Token gestures (carbon tax if you like) to look like they are doing something.
* Tax revenues (which feed back to the wealthy/banks via bailouts and subsidies) increased.
* No major investment in green technology.
* No binding, worthwhile worldwide agreements on fossil fuel burning....merely pathetic token gestures.

You anti GW conspiracists are part of the governments plan to do nothing you are the foot soldiers mindlessly following a false doctrine whose consequence is the propping up of the rich and powerful at the top dumb do you have to be not to see this ???????

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