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The Time Draws Nigh - Where will you stand?

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:12 PM
The clock nears midnight. Soon we will enter 2012, a year with quite a name to live up to. By this time next year we will be at one of three places:

1. Recovering from the effects of December 21st, should anything prove to happen on that date.

2. Sitting with a little bit of found hope now that Ron Paul has won the presidency.

3. Miserable and complacent as the world continues to get worse, and we continue to accept it.

In all my honesty, I believe that the most likely of these outcomes to occur would be the third. While we can hope for some kind of global change, be it a catastrophe that opens the minds of all, or some kind of mass spiritual awakening, or some kind of grand event that will unite the world... we must be ready for that which comes if these things do not come to pass. That which has torn across the Middle East this year, that which begins to fester among the people in the United States... will arrive in full force by 2013.

Revolution comes.

And as the protesters of the Occupy Movement become frustrated at their fruitless attempts to bring about change - anger will swell up in theirs and other American's hearts. As the realities of breaching our civil liberties, our rights, and our freedoms become more apparent, and as the economy continues to fall in and upon itself, leaving more and more without ways to feed and defend their families... the anger of Americans will be infused with the anger that brought about the spirit of 1776. For it is in our blood, and it is in our history. While some men and some nations huddled under the iron fist of tyranny, it is the American people who set the example- who led the way towards modern freedom.

But it was also the American people who led the way in giving freedom back to the tyrants.They must find the strength to wrestle it back from their captors, and they must do it before it is too late.

The year of 2012, for me, will be one of final preparations. I prepare for a time where, should worst case come - I will be fighting for my freedoms and my liberties under the Constitution, but more than that - under the natural order of life. And I will be fighting for the future of my nieces and nephews, for the generation of children that are born into this world today, and for the generations of children that will come - so that we and they can experience true freedom, the likes of which we have never truly experienced in our lifetimes.

The question is - where will you stand?

I've asked this question in the past, but the past is then. Since then, more liberties have been taken, new outrages have been witnessed, and the world continues to slip darker into the abyss. ATS has grown and opinions have changed - views on the world have changed.

So I ask again, with clarity...

If the revolution began tomorrow - a revolution that would guarantee your freedom and the freedom of all around you, and the freedom of those who would come after - knowing that it might cost you your life - where would you stand?

Would you side with the government to quell the insurrection and put to rest any ideas of liberty that may have once existed in this country?


Would you side with the revolution and fight, knowing that you may not win and you may sacrifice your life in the process?


Would you sit by and do nothing, observing while the hands of fate weave the world in front of you, having no say in your future?

The choice is yours. The future is in our hands.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:25 PM
My vision of freedom is the opposite of the "occupy' movement, which, as far as I can see, consists of losers who want the rest of us to pay for them to live, pay for them to go to school, pay for their food, etc. while they demand that the government "redistribute" my hard-earned funds from me to them. They're whiners who don't have jobs anyway.

When people such as RP supporters talk about "revolution" I think they are flat-out crazy. RP's foreign policy is creepy. He would have let the Jews burn. He's an isolationsist in a world that is increasingly less isolated, a policy that has never, ever worked. So the prospect of an RP presidency is, for me, worse than an Obama presidency, which is already as bad as you can get.

So here you are proclaiming a revolution, but the fact is, the group that deifies RP is not the one that is armed. I'm not exactly "for" the government; I'm just against any kind of revolution. So I'm not going to be passive. I'm well-armed, well stocked, and well trained. On the whole, the people who advocate revolution are all talk and no action. Their idea of a revolution is to riot in the inner cities and attack the 7-11's owned by immigrants not afraid to work. All the occupy movement did is create a toxic mess and cause a lot of low wage people to lose their jobs because the occupy guys blocked entrances to restaurants and crapped in the alleys. It's completely disgusting.

I will be very active

against the very idea you espouse.

In other words, I'm not on your side, and I would maintain most of the country is not as well.
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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:36 PM
My answer is your second choice.

Would you side with the revolution and fight, knowing that you may not win and you may sacrifice your life in the process? yup thats me..

Why would I fight? because every Goverment has lied to get into power and not changed a thing, a third of people on the planet go hungry every day, the PTB don't care about the average human being, they are making wars to keep themselves rich.
Nah somethings gotta change this isnt working and if we keep going down the same road we just will not be here in 100 years.

But hey people are not going to do it in the US nor the UK, they have dumbed us down to much, they have all the big nice toys (Guns etc) and any revolution would be quelled within days.
Nice Idea though..
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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by schuyler

You seem to believe I represent what the occupy movement does. That couldn't be farther from the truth. While some of your blanket statements might work on some of the occupy protestors, there are plenty who don't believe in a welfare or nanny state.

The idea is not that which the OWS protestors present. The ideas that Ron Paul presents, of an isolationist country, are the ideas of the founding documents and fathers of this country. You seek to give creed to that which you have no say to do. You did not fight and die to present forth a new form of government based on the principles of a Constitution, and until you do, you and the government that controls you are subject to the laws laid down within.

You speak of American isolationism as a new idea, when in reality, it was the creed of America up until the 1900's, and American did fine in that regard.

I do not care about what you think someone else's idea of revolution is - what matters is the idea of revolution that I have presented. How about instead of spouting the same rhetoric of "all talk, no action" you recognize that plenty of men have been all action. Plenty of men have proven entirely capable of action, even though their actions did not start a revolution. These are the men you speak of. You speak of soldiers, doctors, laborers, and countless other people as being "all talk, no action", when you are the very same. Most on ATS are the very same. They will continue to complain about the problems and about the end of the world, and they will continue to do nothing about it.

Let me clarify one thing for you right now - there will be action. Revolution IS coming and it WILL be fought for freedom from the tyranny that has been mass produced by our corporate dictators. You, by choosing to fight against such will be fighting against the very idea of freedom at its core. Is that what you choose to fight for? You fight so that you can guarantee your continuation as a slave to other human beings?

What a sad existence you lead.

reply to post by boymonkey74

So long as people do not give up hope, no revolution will be quelled. A revolution does not take hold through guns and death, but by the longevity of an idea within the people. All that must be done is plant the seed and that seed will grow as time goes on.

Remember, when it comes to revolutions in history - they were always fought by a small minority of the people. It is through tactics, perseverance, and information - that such revolutions were able to be successful - even those that went up against the most powerful military in the world using a small groups of farmers, priests, lawyers, and grizzled veterans. When the revolution comes - there will be no guns or firepower that will stop it.

Thank you for your reply.

I understand why people might be weary of posting their stance. But this is all hypothetical. Do not be controlled by fear of the unseen.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:59 PM
the problem is you can't force something that people don't want. And if people don't want change there will NEVER be change, no matter how bad some might want it. I think people despite being miserable can't/won't imagine life another way and anything other then facing that reality of miseray is fantasy. Until people care to understand the reason their angry is cause they have to go to this job all day and do something they don't want to com home and want to relax instead of spend time with his family to do it all over to do it all over, that's why I know there is no hope until people actually wanna do something and that's the way it is...

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

Great thread dude
to quote a certain fave movie of mine "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people"
Time for them to be afraid....very afraid

Ok Iam with you fella where do I sign up?

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:00 PM
Nice, great post. I think that it may be much later when we look back and can say that yes, 2012 was the end of an age and the beginning of a new one, but I don't think that people will ever notice a specific time when it comes to an enlightened way of thinking.

I would like to think that at this time next year we will all be in a state of eagerness to keep the ball moving, knowing that our efforts are helping to get our species moving in the right direction. I believe next year will be a year of action in a lot of ways. There are a lot of us out there racking our brains and coming up with great ideas, and are opening the eyes of others who have been slower to see. There is a lot of great stuff going on out there right now.

Maybe this time next year we will all be a part of a great movement in the right direction. However small our individual movements are.


posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by agentofchaos

There is always hope. One you lose hope - you rarely ever get it back. I refuse to lose hope no matter how dark things may seem.

Sad to say, some people don't want change because they don't understand the change. Also, some people don't want change because the current system benefits them so greatly, that they couldn't imagine not being pampered, which a new system will create. These people are leaches off those of us who want change- the people who are being punished while some people are cared for, and while others reap the benefits of a consume and destroy society.

There comes a point where it doesn't matter if you want change or not. The lifestyle you choose to live is at the expense of others and it will not be tolerated. To those who reap off the system and are satisfied with their lives of "give a little, take a whole lot more", your ideas are wrong. Morally, ethically, and righteously - wrong. I believe you will find that the same people who don't want a revolution can be realistically compared to the loyalists who were sitting pretty and didn't care about anyone else during the revolution. Or the nobles in Scotland who used the lives of their people to get a better stake of land and riches at the hands of England, all the while forcing their people to live as slaves.

These people who don't want revolution are the ones who are happy, only at the expense of those who suffer and who need change to survive this world. Much like the loyalists and the nobles, they will realize that in the end, there will be no more leisure for few at the expense of the many.

reply to post by boymonkey74

You already did, my friend. Just keep your head up, ears open.

reply to post by phoenix0714

Perhaps you are right. We can only hope that progress will be made in the grand scheme of things, and with any luck, such progress will bring us all together.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

I will stand with the utmost vigor and resolve on the sandy beaches of La Isla Margarita gleefully sipping a Mai Tai watching whatever DNC / GOP / NWO disaster has befelled my former zip code.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 06:35 PM
Nice thread .... Only electing Ron Paul will prevent revolution ..nothing else ...nothing more

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 09:35 PM
Ron Paul isn't an isolationist, he's a non-interventionist... two totally different things.

I don't see why that's so hard for some people to grasp.


posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 09:46 PM
Option #4 as I have minor children in harm's way. I'll be in the back, protecting them from the shrapnel until they're old enough to stand on their own. Never tick off a Mama Bear ya' know. As Rudyard Kipling once wrote:

"She is wedded to convictions – in default of grosser ties;
Her contentions are her children, Heaven help him who denies! –
He will meet no suave discussion, but the instant, white-hot, wild,
Wakened female of the species warring as for spouse and child."

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by GovtFlu

Not everything is the result of party politics. The revolution will hold no part affiliations, and it will certainly be against the agendas of the NWO. I honestly can not understand how some people can simply stand back and watch their fellow man burn while then enjoy themselves, so clearly as you have made it that you can. That is the main reason the revolution has not begun already: complacency with the status quo, so long as you aren't on the bottom, right?

reply to post by xavi1000

More or less, yes. The man follows Constitutional principles to the "T", however, he needs to understand that their needs to be room for advancement in the country. Should he be elected he might have that chance, or Congress will be bought and sold against him, or he will be assassinated.

Sad to say, even if he is elected, ultimately revolution will still come in most scenarios.

reply to post by Mountainmeg

And a noble option it is. But should the revolution come to you in the form of wounded or someone who needed aid, how would you treat them? If they were revolutionaries would you give them boards? If they were government soldiers would you care for them? Would you turn all comers away for the sake of family?

Or maybe you would take in all comers, showing no side or quarrel with either. If so you can only hope that one side does not have a General Tarleton, who became aptly known as "The Butcher" of the Revolutionary War. He gave no quarter to those who showed any support for the revolutions forces, and showed it by killing civilians and destroying their livelihoods. I think it is safe to say that there are many in government today that would have no problem using someone to set an example, though today - it can all be construed in a pretty string of lies

I wish you the best for you and for family, and hope that things never do get that bad.

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