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Let´s experiment with another dimention

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 03:28 PM
By coincidence I found a story about Walter Rawls, a man who where working on the effects of the pineal gland when being stimulated with a magnet,,, the results seemed really interesting, so I who been trying to awaken my 3rd eye for a long time using meditation wanted to give this a chance.
I only been doing the experiment for 3 days so far but i starting to feel a weird tingling sensation in my forehead.

Lets try this out,,, do a social experiment to see if anyone get any results!
who´s down to take part in the experiment...

here´s the story about Walter Rawls experiment.

Walter Rawls, who worked with the effects of monopolar magnetic fields on matter with the late Albert Roy Davis, told me in a telephone conversation of his experiments with a North pole magnet situated over the pineal gland.

A mask was made which held the North pole end of a long cylindrical magnet over the pineal gland. The purpose was to stimulate the gland and see if there was anything to this ‘third eye’ business. Exposure was in the range of 10-30 minutes per day over a period of about 4 weeks.

Within the first week, he was sitting at his desk reading documents when he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. As he looked up, the ghostly figure of a man had walked through one wall, moved across the room and disappeared through another wall. The figure was totally unaware of Walter. Further exposures to this North pole field took place over a second and third week.

The second week, the same ghostly figure moved through the room and glanced toward Walter as he passed through. This time, the figure appeared to have slightly more detail, not quite so ghostly.

The third week, while busy working on documents, Walter noticed a change in the room. When he looked up, the wall had dissolved away and he was looking at a small hill where a man and woman sat beneath a tree. It was the same ghostly male figure who he had seen on the other occasions. He sat quit still, watching this pastoral scene for several minutes.

The man looked over toward Walter and appeared startled. It was as if he clearly SAW Walter this time and possibly recognized Walter as the ghost that he had seen the previous week! The image faded away and the wall restored to its normal condition. From that moment on, Walter never used the pineal stimulator again."

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 03:53 PM
I for one would not want to try this. It would drive me nuts to have these types of situations occur.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by ultraplayer

pretty neat story the pineal gland deserves more experimental study. But its so hard to get conclusive data because its responsible for emmiting dmt a natural hallucinogen found in many common plants in nature. Its what makes us dream at night during r.e.m. In reptiles the pineal glans actually resembles an eye, and was pawned off as some evolutionary freak of development.
Lots of study has been done on the gland but It would be great if more people like this were doing physical experiments.
The best test subjects would be young children or people who have lived off well water their whole lives due to the fact that flouride calcifies (hardens) the gland making it less active.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by Foxy1

Then I´m the perfect test subject, I´m from Sweden our water is not fluoridated

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 04:16 PM
Any ideas on types of magnet to use?, where and how to place on the head?

Im game.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 04:26 PM
A strong north pole magnet,, I put mine under a bandana (but you could use anything to keep it in place like a band aid or a hat

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 04:31 PM

Where on the head for best results? Any idea?

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:04 PM
between your eyebrows (the pineal gland is in the center of the brain in the height of your eyebrows) good luck, this will be interesting

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:11 PM
If that would be true, every MRI would transform you to Superman!

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:16 PM
I understand the South American indigenous tribe drug, Ayahauscahas a similar affect and brings on the visions of altered states of other dimensions. But this magnet thing has piqued my interest...

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 05:26 PM
What strength were his magnets?
Were they ceramic magnets or higher powered but smaller neodymium magnets?

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 07:13 PM
I'm a little late to this thread, but for those interested, here is a link to some books of his.

There is more info out there, just "Google" it.


posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 10:09 AM
Took 3 small cylindrical 5mm diameter neodymium magnets, to increase surface area, glued them together so they won't fly apart and put them under a head band right above the location of the so called "third eye". The magnets are facing north against my head. This is day one.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 10:49 AM
very interesting to see if anyone of us get results, keep on posting if you notice anything unusual

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 01:19 PM
Kool story bro, thanks for posting.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I used to work in a factory demagnetizing small metal parts using an electro demagnetizer and I remember my watch used to spin anticlockwise whenever I put my arm near it.

For years afterwards I was having strange visions of the past from various dates going back to around the mid 1500's. I always thought that maybe it was just some sort of psychological trigger that caused the visions due to seeing my watch spinning backwards, but after reading about Walters story, I'm not so sure.

I would go into detail about some of the things that I saw in my visions, but frankly, I would probably disturb ATS more than it already is

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 02:47 PM

Originally posted by Hellas
If that would be true, every MRI would transform you to Superman!

That is not too far off the mark, actually. I once had a full body MRI done, I was in the machine for over a hour. When I can out of it, I was walking on air, and could see into other spatial dimensions. It was like seeing everything, all at once. I would give a lot to have that experience again.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 05:39 PM
why is there not more research done about the pineal gland, maybe its ment to be in the shadows, after all the all seeing eye on the dollar bill come from roman coins with pine cones depicted on them but later the symbol got changed to a pyramid with a capstone and maybe that's not a coincidence,,, seem like the Illuminati like to put their secrets under our noses,,, in movies, tv, why not on the dollar bill..... maybe that's their biggest secret, a portal out of the matrix

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 03:01 AM
Some noteworthy things worth mentioning. Didn't sleep very well last night actually had a bad migraine that woke me up around 6amish. Since the magnet was nearby decided to put it on in bed. Some moments later I fell asleep had some vivid dreams and then something happened that hasn't happened in a long time, sleep paralysis. But this time I had much more control over it even the "sound" was different, sounded like a torch was on fire, and I could also move my "spirit" arms around while normally I can't even lift a finger in that state. After swaying around my arms a bit I forced myself to wake up. I removed the head band and went to sleep again for a few hours. The migraine was pretty much gone when I woke up.
Besides that nothing much or special happened. This will be day 2.
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posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by broli

I've had sleep paralysis a number of times in my life and it has always been nightmarish and coupled with the inability to breathe or a dangerouly fast heart beat.

While I won't experiement with anything of the sort, if the pineal gland is a way out of the matrix, then I suppose it would make sense for whatever is holding us hostage here to make an exit a very unpleasant experience.

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 11:51 AM
This is day 5.

I can't say I noticed anything special certainly no sighting of ghostly figures. What I did notice is the brain fog I'm having. It's not really new but it wasn't as persistent and daily as the ones I'm experiencing lately. I also have difficulty concentrating, feeling annoyed/bored most of the time and sleep has become a huge pain in the ass. Basically when in bed it can take 1 to 2 hours before I actually start sleeping. It has become very difficult to fall a sleep and the sleep is also very light, just the slightest thing or noise can wake me up.

I don't know how much of this is related to the experiment and just plain personal stuff.

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