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LL against SDGM!!! (D&R)

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 02:14 AM
For the first time in decades, citizens if Citypolisville felt free from the grasp of fear imposed by the now deceased Luther Lexington, who met his end at the sad hands of Superdudeguy-Man.

The battle, if presented in comics, would take 3 issues before reaching its climatological end, as Luther was fried to crisps by his own machine he used to manipulate weather around the world in hope of gaining control he already had through his enterprises as the story reached its climax.
Because Superdude, as the world affectionately called him, used his Dudespeed power to invert the circuits of the G-24-578 control panel before Luther activated his machine, causing the Gth energy cells to overload with infinite power.
Luther and the machine were so pulverized that Superdude needed his Dudescent power to isolate the dust from the atoms of the two subjects named at the beginning of this sentence...

But for the Lexington Family, it was an obligatory sad day before the delivery of Luther's testament. ( Lexington was so rich his will WAS of biblical proportions, being nearly six inches thick! )

Surprisingly for the readers, Superdude also felt this day as sadder than festive, but for different reasons, the obvious one being that in 50 years, Superdude never killed, nor got arrested, any of his foes. Ever!
He was entering into an uncharted territory. But that was not new since Superdude was an Alien, coming from the planetoid Kreton but that got destroyed with everyone living on it, except for Superdude, of course.

He was now facing a little withe house, shrinking not so much before trees of a nice size, in a suburb neighborhood. Autumn, or Fall, was knocking on the trees and their leaves were falling on the ground to rot until dust, just before winter. And the house was coquette, but not in a gay way, rather an old person one. But with fresh paint.
Lisbeth Lisbonne, a friend from Superdude childhood, was the first to say something; -"Are you sure it is safe to go in there? You DID just kill one of their family member...", said Lisbeth. To Superdude.
-"I have to go pay my respect to my former Nemesis." Even Lisbeth could feel the sadness in Superdude's hearts, and she was pretty sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Superdude's new Nemesis was now Trampniac... it seemed to be something else, like guilt, or remorse, or responsibility.

Heroically, Superdude took in a deep breath, and proceeded to convince his legs to walk him to the door of the house. Lisbeth tried to push him a little, than harder until she was exhausted. THEN she thought of using some Kretonite to make Superdude weaker, physically, so she could push him.

Meanwhile, time passed, and later Superdude was there, ringing at the door who got answered by a woman with her skin so wrinkled that Superdude could not even calculate how long he would have to live to end up looking like that.

To his surprise, he was greeted by a clean smile, the most heart warming wrinkled one he had ever seen. -"Come in! Come in!", croaked the rusty voice. -"Everybody! It's Superdudeguy-Man at the door! He came! Ha! Ha! Haa!"
Knowing he was undefeatable, despite never killing nor arresting anyone in 50 years of vigilantism, aside from now dusty Luther, he stepped in. There were a few kids, and a few 30 something people in the house, but mostly, it was filled with old people. It allowed Superdude to understand why Luther always fought alone, assisted by his Dudebrain power.

-"Mama! Mama! you're gonna scare our guest away with your laugh!", heard Superdude with his... It was the mama's husband that now came to greet Superdude, trying to shake his immovable hand. -"Would you like something to drink, son?", said the husband, called Lawrence Lexington.
Releasing a puff of CO2 as he let go of a nervous laughter, Superdude said: -"I was expecting to see you people being angry at me for causing Luther's death..."
-"So I had no idea I would be offered a drink and frankly, I don't know what to chose.", scratching his head as he said that, assisted by his Dudemultitasking power.
-"Us? Angry at you? Naaah!", replied the old Lawrence. -"You know full well like us that despite Luther's superior intelligence, he was a real dork when it came to you."
And Lawrence kept at it, telling Superdude how Luther's family repeatedly told him that the easiest way to defeat Superdude was to incorporate Kretonite into every fabricated object his companies made, in the water, in the air, etc. -"But it was nothing personal, you know?", said Lawrence. -"We only felt he needed to overcome his obsession of you to keep on growing in his life. It was hard for us to see him lose constantly all those years."
Superdude took 0,0000567 of a second to look deeply into the face of everyone present, because he was that fast, and could not see any emotions of hate or resentment towards him. He could really feel their sincerity. ( He had a gland in the brain, that humans didn't have and that allowed him to read emotions in people. )
-"But... I could have pushed him out of the reach of the button of the machine instead of permuting some wires...", said Superdude, looking at the fat kid eating chocolate cake. Well, eating what did get into his mouth.

-"Nonsense", said Lawrence' wife, Bettany Butterfordshire. -"And to show you how much we are happy that your feud with Luther is over, we have a little gift for you..."

From behind everybody, a little girl managed, with lots of efforts, to pass between the grown-ups, holding a bag half as tall as she. Inside, Superdude found a replica of his costume.
-"But this one is very special. We had Luther's ashes pressurized into a special sort of diamond like mineral that will make you impervious to Kretonite, from now on." "It will be as if the two of you were always fighting together, side by side."

Speechless, Superdude said; -"."

-"That's OK, son..." "Don't be ashamed. Luther is dead, his opinion doesn't matter anymore."

Relieved, happy to have gone to Luther Lexington's service, Superdude changed into his new costume at Dudespeed, without anyone seeing his Dudedoodle.

Leaving the house, he was greeted by a waiting Lisbeth who had been left outside, on the porch. -"My!... You seem to feel better. What happened in there?"

-"I was given another shot at something...", Superdude said, looking some 22 light years into the cosmos, absentmindedly.

Glistening a bit like Edward, Superdude grabbed Lisbeth and went at full Dudespeed in the air, feeling well with himself.

Lisbeth is currently recuperating from her injuries in Arkpork Asylum, with slim chances of ever getting out.

And Superdueguy-Man, having learned not to feel guilty anymore, was a new Alien, and Kretonite never bothered him again, because from Lexington's Death, he now felt Reborn.


posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by NowanKenubi

hahahah mwah c'mon Citypolisville?

and Superdudeguy? thx for the

edit on 27/12/2011 by Thurisaz because: superdudeguy (how bloody original!)

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by NowanKenubi
I'm flagging everyone who's having a go, but this one was fun to read and made me laugh.

Lisbeth is currently recuperating from her injuries in Arkpork Asylum, with slim chances of ever getting out.


posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by Thurisaz

It was my pleasure to bring you a tale of Citypolisville. Maybe I should do a story about Bateen-Man, the immature detective protecting Outtaham City?...

Here's what an excerpt would look like;
"Bateen-Man was now thinking of leaving his mask and his cape to concentrate on fighting evil-doers wearing cravats, ties and bows... Well, maybe he would keep his mask, he wasn't sure.
But what he was sure of, is that his rich friends were becoming richer, and the poor poorer. He had only one option left now. Quit his role as Bateen-Man, or fire a few thousand people so he could pay for his Bateen equipment. Yes, federal regulations didn't give him the right to have his equipment built in one of his own manufacture, so that was costly...
-"Whoever said it was easy being a stupor-hero?"...", thought Bateen-Man, while browsing the net for pics of hot ladies, with only one hand on the keyboard. Because Bateen-Man was that agile, yes..."

A story about a super-hero without super-powers, but super-costly...

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Thanks! If it brought a tear to your eyes, I think I can say; "Mission Accomplished!"

And, if I know my laws as well as I imagine I do, that means that you, as the first to plant your flag here, now own the thread. Or part of it. What are the laws concerning indigenous people's rights, if there are any?...

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