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2012: Stocks up 10% — or Doomsday scenario? 10 triggers threaten capitalism

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 01:58 AM
Having become a little more acquainted with the writings of Paul B. Farrell, I have refrained from posting some of his stuff even here on an alternative new site, because I find his commentary to be excessively dramatic. However things are a little quiet at the moment given the Christmas holiday period, and I actually do find some of the points raised in the commentary quite plausible. Thus I cite in part, please refer to the link for the full article.

2012: Stocks up 10% — or Doomsday scenario?
10 triggers threaten capitalism as ‘Super-Rich Gap’ rivals 1929’s

“Strategists predict a glowing 2012: Stocks forecast to finish the year up more than 10%.” Yes, USA Today reports that the strategists are high on holiday cheer. But is “America’s Financial Doomsday” a more likely headline for 2012, as international bank analyst Martin Weiss predicts?

Here’s what he sees in the near future: “An historic world-changing event is about to crush the U.S. economy and stock market.”

“Crush”? Is that word too strong? No. Even the International Monetary Fund’s chief, Christine Lagarde, echoes the warning: “The world economy is in a dangerous situation.”

Weiss Ratings was the first to downgrade U.S. debt — before the ratings agencies. Weiss has 500,000 readers because he’s been making solid market predictions for 40 years: The 1980s S&L crisis, the dot-com crash in the ’90s, the 2008 credit meltdown and now the new European bank crisis.

So listen closely (and protect your portfolio): The next crisis, according to Weiss, “will destroy the incomes, savings, investments and retirements of millions of Americans.”

Yes, destroy.

“It will plunge vast numbers of families into the nightmare of poverty … hunger … and homelessness. Only a minority of investors will survive intact.”

Get it? A new and “crushing” global meltdown. Destroying trillions. Most will lose. Only a few will “survive intact.” Are you a gambler? Bad odds. On an inflation-adjusted basis, Wall Street has lost trillions of your retirement money since 2000. Are you going to keep betting your future on winning 10%, hoping USA Today’s short-term thinking “strategists” are guessing right?

Or will a “historic world-changing event” crush the American economy, markets … and your retirement? Ask yourself, is gambling on making 10% too risky in 2012? Before you place any bets at the Wall Street casino tables, mull over these 10 “macrotriggers,” any one of which could ignite the global “doomsday scenario” that Weiss is predicting.

Trigger 1: Doomsday’s mutant democracy.

Trigger 2: Doomsday’s class warfare.

Trigger 3: Doomsday’s legal conspiracy.

Trigger 4: Doomsday’s political anarchy.

Trigger 5: Doomsday’s growth economics.

Trigger 6: Doomsday’s neurosciences.

Trigger 7: Doomsday’s casino technologies.

Trigger 8: Doomsday’s global warfare.

Trigger 9: Doomsday’s cycles of history.

Trigger 10: Doomsday’s retirement investing.

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