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How to take back your country

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posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 11:32 PM
Take this for what it is. It is not an attack on anyone. It is a couple questions and comments from a concerned citizen.

I've only been on ATS less than a month now and while I very much appreciate and enjoy my time here, I worry about the lack of constructive solutions offered on these boards.

I hear a lot of talking and complaining about our governments and officials, and perhaps rightfully so, but I don't see any threads on how to fix the problems that we are currently facing.

If there are threads actively open on these subject please direct me toward them and I will most definitely participate.

To paraphrase a clip from the Charlie Chaplin movie that was posted today, I don't want to be an emperor or a dictator. I want to be left alone, I want you to be left alone as well.

In light of that, we as citizens in the free world are seemingly and slowly losing some of our most basic of rights. It starts with privacy and goes from there.

I don't believe change happens without revolutions and revolutions takes organization. I believe a revolution takes more more than a few thousand people camping in public parks to initiate change.

OWS was a good idea but it had no true leadership and seemed destined to piss off more people than it would encourage to join. It did not feel like a movement, it felt like a political diversion.

As long as we elect representatives to speak for us, we are always going to be at the mercy of the of those representatives.

Direct Democracy is used in Switzerland, where the people vote on legislation's instead of voting for legislators and that sounds like a great idea but that goes against the founding fathers ideals when they created the constitution.

So whats left?

I would like to hear some solutions because soon....our voices might not be heard any longer.

If you believe that change cannot be instituted, please explain your reasons why you feel this way.

A newly formed 'political' party that runs on the platform of direct democracy, bringing power back to the people would basically go against the Constitution. However if the American public were to elect representatives with the knowledge that those representatives will do everything they can to bring real democracy to America's people and away from 'Corporate America', after which time those same representatives actual elected positions would be almost insignificant in the day to day operations of America.

I understand the perils of a leaderless society but it is an alternative, and I would like to hear other alternatives to the problems we are facing..

Peace, Good Will and Happy Holidays to everyone , regardless of your opinions on this subject. Dis-information agents, your 'thoughts' are welcome here as well.
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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 12:28 AM
Honestly.....I dont think any solutions will be posted, that will actually be followed through with, IMHO. Mainly because, we arent there yet. American citizens are waking up....obviously....but they need to reach a level of "Slave-Awarenes". And they wont reach that until they lose everything, or basically until it "physically affects them", on a personal level. Gerald Celente is a guy I like to listen to.....he has coined the phrase, "when people lose everything.......THEY LOSE IT!". I see it like this.....those who are "awake" now.....are the early birds......there's still a whole nation out there who are "sleeping-in" if you will
But the day will come....mark my words, the day will come when EVERYONE is awake. But there will still be people who exist, that say, "I'd rather be a slave and have my gadgets and cush life, than to be free and without them". History tells us of societies who felt this way. And if you think that just becuase you are "for" the government, they will allow you to "live", you could be gravely mistaken
I'm sure that race, social status and ones intelligence level will decide whether you make it out of a FEMA Camp or I wouldnt be so sure to just rush into one. And thinking of the type of individuals it would take to run them?? Yeah, they wont be moral, ethical people anyone going in there, youre REALLY gutsy! Basically, if you got nothing to offer the govt, you got nothing to live for!! But you are exactly right, an effective revolution takes good organization and effective leadership, I believe we'll see the beginnings of it, and the leader that rises will be assassinated, throwing the whole thing into chaos and anarchy, and brothers/sisters, once that ball starts aint stopping!! Your only hope will be surviving in a good sized and organized militia with a hunters/gatherers community based system. My personal advice, stock up on survial books and manuals. Everyone seems to be focused on stocking up on "stuff", and while this is important too, books and manuals will be ones knowledge base for true survival!! Just sharing with the crew

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 12:36 AM
I think we could get a really long way if we could first learn to care just a little bit about each other. Would sure help a lot.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 01:47 AM
It is a restraint in many countries. I know it is here also. People should have the right to vote for decisions that effect our countries our world and our lives. I am not opposed to a one world governance but it has to be the control of the public everyone in the world. Honestly, every decent human being on this planet all want the same things in life. We all share a common interests and goals. I think it is also time to rid ourselves of our ancient constitutions . Create a new one by the collective of the people and only by public consensus would it be finalize. The U.N. is a great platform but is grossly corrupt as the majority of the governments around the world.
We need to start holding leaders and politician accountable for their actions .

However this requires a massive shift in public consciousness to create a tipping point. People of the world mostly in the western world are comfortable with the world they perceive.
Also the TPTB as we have clearly seen over and over again these people don`t care to lose their rule and way of life and will try to fight tooth and nail for their way of life.

As to what I would like to see in government for a start

People should never be appointed a position in government they should be voted for the title they wish to occupy. The minister of environment should be scientist not an economics major. Minister of labor should be someone who is a skilled labor and not someone who is a business major. This will help eliminate incompetence. Giving the vote to the people on the bills and societal issues will eliminate senate. Accountability is key bribery , deceiving the public , favoritism , should be jail time.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by PROT3CTOR

I agree with what you are saying almost 100%.
I do agree that most of the population have not 'woken' up yet but what needs to happen for them to wake up?

I'm just looking to get some information on what strategies are needed to protect our freedoms. We shouldn't have to lose our rights in order to fight for them.

The troubling thing of course about a revolution is that it will most probably have it's martyr's. In fact there may be many martyrs because a real revolution would need many voices and leaders to succeed, all speaking the same message, who are willing to die for what they believe in.

As unfortunate as it is martyrs do one thing almost better than anything and that is to inspire the masses.

In a perfect world, nobody would want that and while I do agree that the time might not be yet, when is to early to prepare and when is it too late? Not just to survive but to thwart.

Can you fight secret society backroom politics with new age secret organizations? I don't know.

I'm not a rhode scholar or rich or good at economics but I do enjoy learning. The knowledge I'm seeking now is how to protect the honest people of our country from those who seek to control us.

Any input is welcome here

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posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by freedomSlave

I wish I could have summed up my feelings that well. I think your bang on the money with your thoughts.

Like you say, the majority of the western world will fight tooth and nail to protect the way of life they think that they have and a shift in consciousness is indeed needed. Do we need to wait until something catastrophic happens to induce the shift or can the public be given a gentle nudge to help them wake up and see the damage being done before it's too late?

This I don't know but I do hope that others have ideas on the matter.

You mentioned that 'we need to start holding leaders and politician accountable for their actions'. The problem is, how do we do that in the current political system's that we have.

I hear that the first day of congress, OWS plans a huge rally on Congress. There was mention of hopes for 1,000,000 americans to be there. I hope everyone who can be there will be there but will it work?

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