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Iran ready to expand military links with Iraq

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posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 06:29 PM

General Hassan Firouzabadi hailed the "forced departure" of the US and allied forces that he said "was due to the resistance and determination of the Iraqi people and government," the state Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

The statements were made in messages Gen Firouzabadi sent to his Iraqi counterpart, Lieutenant General Babaker Zebari, and to Iraq's acting defence minister, Saadun al-Dulaimi, IRNA said.

Lt Gen Firouzabadi added that Iran was now "ready to expand its military and security ties with Iraq."

The US said that it was not interested in building nations after it destroyed Iraq. The US crushed the Sunni Iraqis largely because they were Ba'athists. The US embarked in a process of de-ba'athification and we say in the news US soldiers kicking in doors of family homes and arresting ex-Ba'athists who happen to be Sunni. While this was going on, the Shia Iraqis were murdering intellectuals and academics in the Sunni community.

Then the Iranians got seriously involved and started arming the Shia to take the place of Sunni resistance to the US having broken them. Thermite grenades and sophisticated IEDs started turning up and the numbers of died American escalated.

Now that the US is bugging out, Iran is moving in and taking over Iraq. The US has handed over an oil rich Iraq to Iran. Half the Iraqi population is Shia and they will happily unit with Iran.

We now have an Erats iran instead of an Erats Israel. Do'uh!!!!


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