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Drama Club, By Luca (locololo)

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posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 01:23 PM
Summary of story, read to see if you want to read story or not,

new students Daniel and Sethaniah move to the Soul High School, where they are treated to different lives. Daniel must get used to the relaxed atmosphere of public school as opposed to his old academy. while Seth has to get used to the strict atmosphere of public school as opposed to his home schooling. They are enlisted into the schools Drama club, where they are subjagated to changing how they are so they'll survive highschool. Along the way though, secrets about both of the teens lives surface...
Along the way they make friends who have their own histories and secrets. When the big secret about the new student's lives come into the open, the six teenagers are thrown into a conflict to decide the fate of who inhabits this world.

Drama Club: Act 1 Scene 1: The guy with the mad cleavage
"Daniel!" Is all the blonde heard as Rose tackled him from behind. He felt himself lose his balance as the girl continued her onslaught of hugging. "Good morning!" She said as she looked at him lying there.
"Hey you two! Do the show elsewhere, I don't wanna see any of that!" Sela said as she walked by, eyes never leaving her book, and thumbnail hasn’t left her lip. She walked over to her locker and threw her backpack in it before grabbing one book and walking over to sit down and continue reading. Rose sighed before standing up and allowing her pinned victim to put his stuff away.
"Did you hear!?" Rose repeated for the third time as Daniel put his books away and closed his locker.
"What?" He finally replied
"We have a new student! Well, a new new student, since you were the new student. But anyways! We have a new student!"
"What's his name?" Charles asked, walking over to the group of people sitting in the hallway.
"Se-" Rose began, but stopped. "Oh Gog! I forgot who the new person was!" She said before falling back. Everyone just picked her up and put her on a bench so she could get some nice sleep as they went back to talking.
"You mean Seth" Nate said as he walked over, some guy following him. The guy looked strange though, wearing a red v neck that showed part of his chest, some thin looking jeans, and some black sandals. The strangest part of him however was the fact that he was wearing sunglasses inside the hallway.
"Yo" is all he said as he walked by and sat down on Rose.
"Uh, there's someone sleeping there" Henry began to say. Seth just looked down and saw Rose under him passed out so he stood up.
"Explains why the bench was lum-"
"The bacon is mine!" Rose screamed as she threw her arms up in a victory pose. She quickly got up and looked at her friends, and Seth, who looked back at her. "Did I fall asleep again?"
"Heh, I like this girl, she's funny." Seth said as continued to look at her. She didn't have to react as Seth grabbed her into a giant hug, before letting go and sitting down on the bench. Everyone looked at each other as the bell rang for class. Pulling out his class list Seth walked off to some random class. It turned out that the class was chemistry, which he shared with Daniel. The two of them of course were paired as partners.
"So what are you interested in?" Seth whispered to the blonde. Daniel didn't get the chance to answer before the teacher turned around and glared at Seth.
"Talking will not be allowed while I am teaching! Do you understand!" She told him
"No, I might be able to understand it better if you said it in Russian while juggling torches on one leg though." Seth said with a smirk.
"Oh, we have ourselves a comedian! Okay Mr.funny boy, let's see how you like the office!" She said pointing to the door. Seth just got up and walked out, but not before yelling the answers to the problems everyone had to do for their test. Daniel was told he needed to show the hooligan to the office.
"Why did you do that?" Daniel asked Seth, who was walking backwards, doing some weird finger thing with his left hand.
"Why did you leave to 'escort' me?"
"Because I was told you wouldn't know where it is"
"Yep, and I wanted to get out of the class because I hate classrooms" Seth said, the pattern of his finger thing changing. The two of them walked over to the office, where the principal was waiting. She looked at Daniel, who turned around to leave.
"Wait, Daniel. You're also a new student, and we never actually met either. I feel it best to take care of this for both of you." She said as they both followed her into her office. The office was clean, a simple desk with a computer in the corner, a leather couch, and a round table with chairs around it. The three of them sat at the table, and began to talk about how the school was ran.
"Sethaniah, may I call you Seth for shorter?"
"Go ahead, everyone else does."
"Thank you, I believe you have a huge amount of potential, and though you came from home schooling and have no experience in a public school, I believe you'll fit in fine, as long as you follow the rules." She then turned to Daniel, who had been fighting off the urge to take a nap the entire time. "You came from some private academy according to your paperwork. Your parents sent you here though so that you may have a few years to take care of yourself to be ready for college. Though I strongly disagree with this idea, I cannot tell your parents what to do. You should however use this as a chance to help a fellow classmate out. Show him how school was like for you, so that way he becomes a better student, because we cannot have him yelling and insulting the teachers the next two years." She said before looking at him, "That is if you don't leave to another school or something." The two guys then left her office to their next class to relax during their breakfast.
"I cannot believe that student just walked out of my class, and before that gave all the answers away to my test! Now I have to make a new one! This complete disregarding of the work I do is unbelievable!" Ms. Gates said as she walked in the classroom with some other teacher. The teachers looked and saw Seth sitting in a desk, talking with Henry.
"Ah Rose, and Sela was the one reading the book! Thanks for explaining this to me." Seth said as he saw the teachers. "Such rude language by the way."
Ms.Gates just turned around and left the classroom as the other teacher went to her desk. Seth just went back to looking at the textbook with a look of boredom on his face. The class finally started, and he spent it sitting there listening to Mrs. Bunante teach history. Daniel finally saw Seth again when they were in the library together. It turns out they were aides for Ms. Jessica. The day went by slowly as everyone had to put up with Seth. The school finally ended as Seth left his math class. He made it about five steps before someone grabbed his arms. He looked over and saw Sela and Daniel dragging him back to Ms.Gates class.
"What're you guys doing?" He asked as he saw Ms.Gates standing there. "Ahh I see. Terribly sorry that I insulted you. I've never had a true school experience so I wouldn't know how to act."
"Can it! I don't care about that. As far as I'm concerned you want to get to know how to be with people, welcome to socializing 101!" Ms.Gates gestured to the few people in the room.
"What's this?" Seth asked Daniel
"Drama club."
"Oh ok." Seth said as he sat down. "Let's gets this crap over with already."
"Lesson one!" Ms.Gates said as she smacked Seth upside the head, "No cursing!"

posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 01:24 PM
Continued from previous post...

This story incorporates a "normal" high school club with some later abnormal ideas and beliefs. It'll be multi chaptered, and I'll probably end up posting chapters to this thread for people to read. Please critique and say how you life it

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 02:01 PM
The next few days passed for Daniel and the others, and they soon found themselves on the last day of the week in Drama Club, waiting for Ms.Gates to get there. Seth had preoccupied himself with playing poker with Nathan and Henry, even though with his now charecteristic sunglasses, the others couldn't tell his bluffs. Sela had to keep herself from walking up and grabbing her new friend's glasses, that way they could see the enigma's that were his eyes.
"Nom nom nom." Everyone jumped as Rose made that sound, asleep in her desk and dreaming about food.
"Does the girl ever not think about food?" Seth asked, looking up from his cards.
"Yes, sometimes she thinks about charecters from the various stories she reads." Henry said as he showed his hand. Seth sighed and gave some of his money to Henry.
"Gaah! We need to play a game I can win at! Like pool or something." Nathan yelled as he threw his arms up in defeat. Seth merely chuckled as Ms.Gates walked into the classroom, her heels sounding like gun fire to Sela's ears.
"Hello club! Today we have a choice of what we're going to act out! We have two choices! Romeo and Juliet, a true classic, and then we have-"
"Romeo and Juliet!" Rose yelled as she woke up from her nap.
"Anyone else agree?" Ms.Gates asked the rest of the club. Everyone answered in a combination of sures, yas, and a meh. "Okay then! who wants to be Juliet?" Immediatley three hands rose up, and Ms.Gates wrote them down.
"Romeo?" Henry's hand rose up at that. Then for the other main charecters the roles were picked, and each person had multible roles to play. They decided to practice on Saturday, and as they got up to leave, Ms.Gates yelled for Rose and Henry.
"Since you two are playing to main couple, I want you to get to know each other better." Ms.Gates explained, and the two nodded. "Also use this opurtunity for a double date with Seth and someone please. This'll help the dumbass become better with socializing."
"Sure, We'll ask Sela to do it, she won't mind." Rose said as she ran off to get her best friend.
"She WILL mind!" Sela yelled.
"Ouch! I thought you liked Seth?"
"No, He's annoying and arrogant and a complete asshole!" She counted off her fingers, the last word being on her middle finger.
"Wasn't your last boyfriend the same way?" Rose said, then tried to make an air grab for those words before they made it to Sela's brain.
"You were just trying to grab those words to save your ass weren't you." Sela said, malice radiating off of her.
"Uh yes..." Rose said timidly.
"Fine, I'll let you off this time, now let's call Daniel and tell him to come along for date."
"Wait what!?" Rose replied shocked. "Why would we put those two together! Seth would hate us for life!"
"True, hence why we're not pairing those two."
"Then who?"
"Just wait." Sela said. Rose woke up the next morning, and sighed as she tried to think about what form of torture she would have to endure today.
"Ohh! I knew I shoudn't have said that! But the words just slipped out!" Rose said to her pet cat, who just curled up into a ball. "Ugh! You're no help at all! You know, for a cat you don't talk much." Rose said as she heard her doorbell ring. She went downstairs and opened it for Henry, Seth, and Daniel. It was obvious how different the three of them were, with Henry's blue shirt and jeans, the jeans sagging and complimenting his size and stature, Daniel's black jeans and black shirt, with his long hair giving him a rough look, and Seth, with a loose red shirt, and tan baggy pants making him look frail, combined with his sunglasses making him look like a stoner.
"Where we going?" Seth asked, before walking over and picking up Rose's kitten. He proceeded the pet the cat, who fell apart in his arms and began to purr. "What? Never seen a guy hold a kitty before?" He said, and everyone just laughed it off.
They all walked over to the fast food place in town, and sat down, and then Rose realised Sela's plan when she saw Seth fidgetting uncomfortably while sitting next to Henry. Rose sat with Daniel, and used every little opurtunity to check him out or flirt with him as the foursome talked.
"Someone explain why Sela put Henry and Seth together for a date please. Are they secretly gay for each other or something?" Daniel asked.
"Gog knows with Sela." Rose said, hoping her face didn't say otherwise.
"Oh well, I don't care who i'm on date with, as long as I get free food." Henry said with laugh.
"Meh, I don't care." Seth said absentmindedly, seeming more focused on doing his hand ritual than talking with anyone.
"Hey Seth, why do you do that with your hand?" Rose asked
"I don't know, just helps to calm me." He replied.
"Do you have any hobbies?"
"Card games, gambling, video games, and books I guess." He said.
"Do you draw or write stories?"
"I'm crappy artist, crappy writer." He said blunty.
"I'm betting Sela would be willing to help you with your stories, and I could help you with art." Rose said with a smile.
"Is this something I need to be a normal person in highschool?"
"It helps."
"Ok then, I'll do it." He said, finally taking a small drink out of his pop. After about an hour of getting to know Seth, everyone left back to their house, with Rose secretly following Seth. She followed him until she saw him walk into a club. She began to follow, but was stopped by Daniel, who grabbed her arm.
"Don't go in there." He said.
"Why not, and let go of me!"
"Keep your voice down." Daniel said as he let go of her arm. "That is a gambling club, I don't know how Seth got in there, or what he's doing, but it's a bad idea to try and follow him." He explained.
"Fine then. What do you think we should do then?"
"About what?"
"It's obvious you have some kind of liking for Seth Daniel. Don't you care if he gets hurt or anything."
"I do care, but I'm not going to play baby sitter, i'm not the Drama Club."
"You're in Drama Club though!" Rose argued back.
"Look, let's talk about this later, we need to get out of here." He said as he took her hand and walked away from the gambling club.
Rose finally got home, and went straight to sleep. She knew tommarrow they were doing Drama Club practice for the play, and she wanted to be well rested for it. Fortuanetly being a narcoleptic meant sleep came to her easily.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 02:02 PM
Rose woke up early the next day, and got dressed so she could be ready to practice for her part as Juliet. She remembered that it was her, Sela, and one of the guys that threw their arms up for it, and due to the magic of dice, Rose won. While she got dressed though, Rose wondered about that mysterious club that Seth went to last night, and how she should talk to him about.
"Let's go Rose!" Sela's irritated morning voice yelled from down the stairs. Rose screamed to herself and went down the stairs, full of intent to ask Seth about the club the second she saw him, that way he couldn't distract her with some random thing.
"Good morning Rose." Seth said from behind Sela, holding Rose's kitten in his arms.
"Are you just in love with my kitten?" Rose said, but before he could answer, she started the interrogation, "So, uh, where were you last night?"
"House." He said, walking out of the house, Rose's kitten perched on his shoulder.
"He's lying, I saw him somewhere else yesterday." Rose whispered to Sela as they walked to the school. The two girls talked a little, while Seth led the way, occassionally making cat sounds with the kitten that he was giving a ride to. They finally made it to the school, where Nathan walked over to them.
"Hey Nate." Seth said, and the two of them started talking about some game that Henry had at his house for them to play. It turned out that apart from Ms.Gates, they were the last ones to get there. Everyone quickly got their costumes on, and while everyone was remembering their roles, Daniel and Seth were having some private conversation to themselves.
Ms.Gates walked into the theater after half an hour, and gaves Seth a quick pat on the back to say good morning. Everyone was surprised by how fast Seth jumped away from Ms.Gates arm though, before it even got close to him. Seth easily moved a couple of yards, before turning around and seeing Ms.Gates looking at him.
"Sorry about that. Please don't touch me again. Ever." Seth said, before taking a deep breathe. Rose looked over to see Sela standing there, her analysing face on. Rose made a mental note to take to Sela about her psychoanalytic "notes" afterwards. Everyone got in position for the play, with each person having a main part in the play and alternating to another part when needed. It was going good until the scene that Rose had to change from a girl to a guy, which resulted in a person wearing guy's pants, a sword, a womans flowery corset, and a blonde wig.
"Oh Gog! Let me fix this!" Rose said to her laughing club.
"Hmm, man form waist down, woman from waist up, every bi guy's best dream!" Henry said laughing.
"What, you're telling us you want a guy to-" Nate begun, but was stopped by Ms.Gates
"Enough of that please!" She said blushing. Everyone moved on and went back to acting, and everyone had done amazingly and thye were sure that next Thursday everyone would love to see them.
"You guys were amazing." Seth said. "I'm starting to like Drama Club, no matter how cliche Romeo and Juliet is."
"Be nice, You're just jealous that you didn't get to be the one to kiss a romeo." Henry said
"That was you that rose your hand!?" Rose said, her head almost popping off from spinning to look at the guy blushing slightly.
"Eh, I figured it would be funny. But now I look at all the crap Juliet's charecter has to do, I say no."
"a few kisses, a couple of hugs, and being blessed by a priest, oh yes so terrible." Daniel said.
"To me it is, I'm not going to be married off to some guy."
"Good, I wouldn't want you anyways." Henry replied.
Everyone made it back to their houses, and Rose talking to Sela on computer.
What do you think about Seth Dr.Selphil?
Are you always going to call me that when I psychoanalyse a person?

*sigh* Fine. He's hiding something about himself obviously. I'd bet he was abused by people when he was younger, and as such, gets uncomfortable around others. Also how he acts whenever we're around him means he has esteem problems. The gambling is probably a way to cope with his problems.
Wow, you found that out just by him jumping :?
No, I've been analysing him all week, he's definetly the arrogant asshole I thought he was.
Then what is he?
well, thanks, see ya my
RoseycheekedKarkat left the room
It was a few days later for Rose until the big day of the play. She was dressed up, making sure to have her stuff organized together so they didn't repeat the crossdressing knight episode.
Everything had gone great, and it was the last scene, the big scene for Rose as this meant she would be able to kiss Henry. It was truly romantic, and she planned after the play to ask him to be her boyfriend. Her life seemed perfect, until the cruel irony of narcolepsy kicked in.
"Rose, you awake?" Ms.Gates asked as Rose woke up. She saw everyone standing over her, and then sherealised that she fell asleep.
"What happened with the play?"
"We had to find someone to play your role for the last scene, I'm sorry Rose." Ms.Gates explained, and Rose understood. She couldn't control her narcolepsy, but it still sucked when it would cause crap in her life.
"Who took my place?"
"The guy over here, wishing someone would kill him already." Rose paled as she heard Seth's voice. She imagined the scene with Seth bending over, kissing her Henry on his lips. At least she got satisfaction afterwards where he stabbed himself in the chest with a dagger.
"Oh come on! I'm not that bad a kisser!" Henry yelled.
"First person I ever kiss, and it has to be a mutant tall arian with his pants half on."
"Whatever Short." Seth fidgetted at that nickname, but left it there, as he walked over to the others.
"You guys all did a good job, come on let's have a group hug." Ms.Gates said, pulling everyone in. Unlike before, Seth let himself be pulled in, he still looked uncomforatble, but at least he was trying to get used to being touched. The moment went well, until Daniel jumped away in shock.
"Who just touched my butt!?" Daniel asked.
"Sorry!" everyone screamed, all laughing at the blushing teen.

posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 05:50 PM
Drama Club: Act 1 Scene 4: Shopping, Scheming, and Secrecy

Sela finished reading her book in perfect time, because at that instant Ms.Gates ran into the classroom, carrying a dvd container in her hand.
"Sorry I'm late! The guy at movie store was taking forever! He kept flirting with me, even though I was in a hurry."
"Go Ms.Gates!" Seth yelled, being his usual asshole-like self. She just blushed and began to explain her idea for the new play. It had been a week since the last play, and as usual when this time came along, the club members would socialize or do something to preoccupy themselves while waiting for Ms.Gates to barge in with an idea. She began to explain the idea by showing the club a dvd container with the words "Teenwolf" written on it. Sela and Rose immediatley recognized the move as they had seen it one time with Rose's grandmother.
"So who has seen this movie?" Ms.Gates asked, and two hands went up. Sela saw out of the corner of her eye Daniel moving his hand slightly, but stopping afterwards. She figured that he saw the movie, but was afraid to say anything because only the girls seemed to know about it. She grinned to herself as Ms.Gates gave the dvd to the other guys and told them to watch it tonight. Fortuanetly school was canceled for break, so everyone would be able to relax, and watch it without caring about homework or tests. Sela just gave Rose a look, and the flick of her head in Daniel's direction, the two girls had a plan on what they were going to do.
The next day Sela first went over to get Rose, and the two of them left in Sela's mom's car and went over to Henry's, where the guys were going to watch their movie. They arrived in perfect timing as Daniel just turned the corner to walk over to the house. Sela drove up and parked the car while Rose got out. She ran and tackled Daniel to the ground, afterwards she grabbed his arms while Sela grabbed the guy's legs. They proceeded to take Daniel, who had been shaking and yelling about being kidnapped, into Sela's car.
"Why are you doing this?"
"We know you watched this movie before, so we're taking you away so you can do something better with your time today." Rose explained
"So where are we going?" Daniel asked.
"We're going to the mall, where we will give you a taste of self confidence, help you to relax, and buy you some clothing that has some design on it, and is a color that isn't black."
"B-but I like my clothes."
"Sure you do." Sela said srcastically. "Well, we'll find you clothes to wear that you will like." At a lost, Daniel just sat back in his seat, and waited to see what kind of torture he would be forced to endure with the girls. They just grinned and drove off to the city. They arrived in the city after about an hour, and then parked the car in the mall's parking lot. Rose grabbed Daniel's hand and brought him with her into the clothing store. The two of them then spent the next hour pushing Daniel around the store, throwing random clothes for him to try on to buy. In the end, they ended up buying a few pairs of skinny jeans, a few black shirts with skull designs, better than his plain black shirts, and some nail polish because Rose felt like buying some.
"Why the nail polish?" Daniel asked as they sat down.
"Because after this we're doing your nails."
"Uh, ok I guess." Daniel said, before putting his hand into his pocket and pulling his phone out. He began to type into it, but Sela grabbed it and pulled it out of his hands. Daniel tried to reach for it, but the girl was too fast, reading the message, and hiding it in her pocket.
"I though so." Sela said. "You're so scared of what people will think about you that you write your little thoughts in this phone. Well not anymore today. If you have something on your mind for today, you say it, understand."
"Uh, sure." He said, not hesitating. The three of them then spent next painting and getting Daniel's nail polish to dry. "This makes me look gay." He said afterwards.
"So?" Rose said
"I don't want to look gay." He replied
"Good job! You're finally saying what's on your mind!" Rose said jumping up. "You're still keeping the black nails."
"Fine, just no piercings or tight clothes."
"Have fun keeping us from doing that." Rose said as she pushed him where the restrooms were. Sela opened the door as Rose pushed him in, pulling the door shut. "Change into the other clothes or spend the rest of your life in there!" She yelled, and the two girls sat there waiting for him to change.
He finally walked out, walking weirdly with his new pants, the tightness showing his actual leg sized. The shirt had a giant skull on it, and with his combined appearance looked like a goth.
"I look like a emo twink." He said, looking himself. Sela just chuckled at his comment and grabbed his arm.
"Where you wanna go now?" She asked
"How about we go to the little weapon store by the clothing store?" Daniel said. "That is, if you don't mind going there."
"We don't mind, just lead the way!" Rose said, pointing the way. They walked over to the store, and Daniel spent an hour looking at every weapon.
"You looked at that knife like Rose when she see's her favorite actors." Sela said as they walked out, Daniel carrying a giant knife in a bag.
"Nu uh! I act liek that to my unfavorite actors too. Especially when they're cute, like a certain 'emo twink' we have here." Rose said.
"uh, You're going to be calling me emo twink from now on huh?"
"Yep!" The girls said as they left the mall. They got into the car and drove back to town, Rose talking about some story she read.
"I've read that story." Daniel just blurted out, after minutes of hesitating about it.
"You did!?" Rose said in shock. She then started to talk about it with him, leaving Sela to concentrate on her driving. They finally got back to the town, where Sela dropped Daniel off at his house, before he got out though, she pulled his phone and gave it back to him.
"Thanks, for everything today. It was fun. How long does it take nail polish to come off?"
"Few weeks, but you should just wear it. It looks good on you." Sela said to him. "Look, I know your secret." She said. Daniel spun around and looked at her, surprise on his face. "Don't worry, it's safe with me, but my advice is, send that text message, I bet the person you want to send it to would say yes." She said as she left his house, thinking about the last two messages that appeared on his phone, both from Seth.
Seth: Where are you?
Seth: Whenever you get this message, text back, we have something we need to discuss.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:09 PM
Drama Club: Act 1 Scene 5: New years

Henry got up early in the morning to make sure everything was nice and clean. He spent a few minutes vacuuming and sweeping before grabbing his phone to call his friends over. While talking on his phone, he saw a note on the fridge from his "parents"
"Hey Henry. We'll be out tonight, we left some money for food and everything so have fun with your little party." It said. He just threw the note away as the other person answered.
"Whaaaaat?" Rose said in a sleepy daze.
"You awake?"
"Yes i'm #ing awake you # ass!" She yelled into the phone. "When's party?"
"Tonight, I was going to ask if you wanted to hang out a little before that though." Henry asked, stuttering a little.
"Gaah fine! Let me get dressed. Come over in 10 minutes." She said before Henry jerked back at the loud bang of Rose's phone hitting something. He sighed before getting a few games from his room. He got into his car and drove over to the girl's house, random music playing on his stereo. He wasn't paying attention until he looked up to see someone walking down the street.
"Oh #!" He said before hitting on the brakes. The car stopped after knocking the person down, who looked at him and gave Henry the finger. Henry looked at the person standing up, and realized that it was Seth.
"Sorry Seth!" Henry said, walking over and putting his hand on Seth's shoulder.
"Ow!" Seth said as he tried to jump away, only succeeding in hurting his leg. Henry noticed that Seth was wearing sweats, the pants ripped and redder than normal around his thigh.
"Holy #!" Henry said as he grabbed Seth. The six foot tall giant picked the skeleton of a guy up before taking him to the car.
"Let go of me!" Seth kept yelling as his friend took him into the car, driving off to Roses so she could help his leg. "I was going to be okay." He mumbled as they drove up Rose's driveway. Henry then took him into Rose's house, Seth screaming curses and threats the entire time as Rose walked out, wearing only a towel.
"Henry wait here for me while i get dre- Oh my #ing god!" She said as she saw Seth leaning there, blood dripping down his ruined pant leg.
"I slipped." He mumbled, before pushing Henry away from him.
"What happened!?" She said, grabbing a first aid kit and looking at the teen sitting down.
"I accidentally hit him with my car."
"Very painful, but I've had worse." He explained.
"Ok, let's see what we can do about you." She said as she grabbed his sweats.
"What're you doing!?" Seth said panicking. Henry just grabbed his arms to hold him down as Rose pulled Seth's pants down, giving her a good glimpse of his cut. It was deep and soaked in blood. The skin around his leg had been sticky to the touch as Rose touched it. She immediately grabbed some wipes and proceeded to clean the blood off, hoping to get the wound clean to see how bad it really was. After wiping the blood off she saw it wasn't too bad, and she proceeded to bandage the cut up. Seth just sat there, rage radiating off him as he was pinned down by Henry.
"Thanks." He said when Rose finished. Seth pulled his pants back up before limping to the door. "Let's hope I don't get hit this time." He muttered before falling down. Rose ran over and grabbed him.
"Get some clean clothes from your house please." She said, dragging Seth's unconscious body to the couch. Henry then drove off to his house, grabbing some of his sweats for his friend, grabbing a snack for him afterwards as he drove back. He arrived and saw that Seth had regained consciousness and was sitting there watching Rose as she played her game. He somehow had gotten his hands on the girl's prized laptop, looking through it.
"How did I know that you had a Pesterchum." Seth said sarcastically.
"You're a Homestuck fan too!" She said, before pausing her game and turning around to hug him. He tried to jump away from it, but still got caught in the flirt's grasp.
"Yes I am, now let go!" He yelled, pushing the girl off him as Henry walked over. "Henry! have some control over this attack girlfriend of yours. She's trying to kill me!"
"It's just a hug, get over it." Henry said, leaning on the wall and watching the two of them. "Most guys would love a hug from a girl, should we be suspecting something?" He said with a smirk.
"Ya, you should be suspecting me of an asskicking." He said, doing some sign language at Henry. Rose just laughed at the message.
"What he say?" Henry said, moving his glasses in his confusion
"He called you a # ass, # ass!" Rose had said before turning around and resuming her game. The three of them then spent the morning playing games and watching random videos that Seth pulled up from the internet. He finally looked at the clock and got up, limping somewhat to the door.
"Where you going?" Henry asked.
"I was going to go to Daniel's house." He ignored Rose's sound as he moved, stopping for a second to readjust his new pants. Henry didn't think of how he is six foot and muscular that

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:09 PM
that his pants might be a "little" big on the six foot eight guy who looked about one-hundred pounds. Seth just pulled them up again, mumbling something about the pants showing half his ass. Henry just followed Seth to Daniel's house, making sure no one got hurt again.
"I'll be okay." He said as he walked up the porch. Henry sighed and left back to Rose's house as Daniel let Seth into the house. Henry noticed the blonde hit Seth upside the head before taking him into the house. Henry just laughed at how no matter where Seth went, someone was ready to hit him for something he did wrong.
Walking back though, Henry realized how much Seth had changed in the few weeks they had been friends. "Keep this up Seth, and you just might become a decent boyfriend for someone out there." the blonde said to himself. He walked back inside the house and gave a hug before the two of them got back to their "date". Though Henry and Rose did occasionally do the mushy dinners and movies like the normal couples, their most fun dates where when they were playing together on videogames.
It got about time for the new year's party at Henry's house, and the guy called everyone. "Hey people, get your ass to my house ASAP! Party at my house! Bring something!" Henry and Rose yelled together as they did their group call.
"Sure" Sela said
"I'll be there." Nathan also said.
"Meh" "Uh, be there soon." Seth and Daniel both said from Daniel's phone. Everyone ended up arriving at the house in a few minutes, with Nathan serving as taxi for the other people.
"Let's get this show on the road!" Rose said as she went down. Everyone reached for her, but she did some fancy flip and landed with her arms outstretched. "Psych!" She yelled as she walked in. Everyone followed after, Daniel texting on his pacifier cellphone, Seth walking backwards, Sela facepalming herself as the other's followed, walking "normally". Everyone then started playing games and listening to random songs while Seth was playing poker with Nathan and Sela. She simply put her cards down, and the others looked at her.
"#!" Seth said as he threw his cards at the table.
"I take it that you didn't have # either" Nathan said as he put his cards down and sighed. They overheard another person yell as they saw Rose throw her arms up in victory.
"Caw caw mother#ers!" She said as everyone.
"What?" Henry said, looking at his insane girlfriend. She just smiled at him as an angry Daniel restarted the battle between the two of them. The group of friends continued playing game, randomly alternating between poker, pool, and videogames. After the thirty-fourth can of pepsi, Rose finally collapsed, with everyone making sure she wasn't dying of kidney failure. Everyone finally decided to call it a night after seeing that midnight had past and it was officially 2012. Seth just limped out, holding onto Daniel as Henry watched them walk off into the night. Henry quickly got his car and drove after them, hoping to find them, but he drove up to Daniel's house right as they walked up the porch, the two of them walking closely together.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:10 PM
Sorry for not updating as soon as normal. I been busy since classes started back up. anyways, here you go.

Act 1 Scene 6: A few weeks later

It had been a few weeks since the New Years party, and Henry was hating life because he had finals that week. He got up early so he could study with Daniel for the tests coming up. He shared most of his classes with the fellow blonde.
"Good morning." Daniel said, walking into the house. He walked into the dining room, when Henry heard another doorbell.
"Hey! I figured I'd come study too!" Seth said, looking as cheerful as a person could with sunglasses on. Henry sighed and let his strange friend into the house, who walked in and sat down next to Daniel at the table. Henry sat at the other side, and the three of them studied for about an hour.
"Time for us to go." Daniel said, standing up with Seth. The two of them said bye to Henry and left the house. Where are they going? The blonde wondered to himself as he checked the time. Oh right. School. He thought to himself sadly, as he stood up to get ready for school.
"Henry!" Rose screamed as he pulled up into her driveway.
"What?" He replied.
"Nothing, I just wanted to say morning." The girl said, before jumping into the car. "Waah, I don't want to do my math final! If you were a good boyfriend you'd take me to the library instead." She said with smile.
"Remember what we talked about" He replied as they drove out of the driveway.
"Don't make me smack you, I was the one that set our standards if we were going to date in first place." She said, pulling her PSP out of her backpack. Henry dropped her off before finding a spot to park as she walked into the school. She saw Seth and Daniel sitting together in the hallway, Sela and Nathan sitting across from them, Sela and Daniel reading books, Nathan playing on his PSP, and Seth listening to his music. She just smiled before sitting next to Nathan and glancing over his shoulder.
"What 'cha playing now?" She asked.
"This." Nathan said, showing some shooting game that Rose immediately got bored of looking at. She went back to her game when the bell rang. Everyone stood up and left to there classes. They didn't get back together till lunch, where they walked over and saw Seth sitting there, in the same position as before. He looked at them for a second before going back to this music. Daniel grabbed his book and sat down and the others followed.
"Do you eat?" Nathan asked Seth, who just looked up and turned his head to the shorter teen.
"When I'm hungry I eat, but I'm not hungry now." He said, going back to his music. Henry noticed that the shorter teen looked at Seth and Daniel before sighing and going back to his game. Henry looked at him as he saw Sela and Rose walk over finally. Sela sat down with her book open, and Rose looked over at Henry for a second before sitting next to her friend. Henry looked at everyone before leaving to his locker. He walked over to his "friends" and began to play basketball with them. He didn't like the people he was playing with, but he knew that he had to put on a convincing performance of not being different.
"Hey Boss." some guy said as he walked over to them. He said something to Dave, the "leader" of the school's "tough" guys. They nodded and walked away, leaving Henry standing there alone with the ball in his hand. He just put it down and followed them.
"You think your so cool you little prick." Dave said as one of his guys tried to punch Daniel. The smaller teen was putting up a good job of moving out of the way as Henry saw Rose and the others trying to stop them. Dave's other guys were holding them back, as the guy got a blow on Daniel. The larger kid began to kick Daniel as he was on the ground.
"Hurts doesn't it?" Dave said, kicking Daniel himself. Before Henry could move however, someone ran past him. Henry didn't get to see who it was until the person kicked Dave's goon in the crotch. Right after the guy went down, the guy turned around, and with the reflection of the sunglasses, Henry knew who it was. Seth turned around to see Dave walking over to him.
"Hey punk. That wasn't nice. What would you do if he couldn't have kids now? Would you give him yours?" Dave said, pulling something out of his pocket. Seth just ignored him and gave Daniel a hand. Henry used this moment to walk over and gesture for the guy keeping the others back to move. The guy looks at you for a second before leaving, allowing you to talk with the others.
"Why aren't you helping Henry?" Nathan asked, looking at the taller teen.
"Why aren't you?"
"Because that would cause complications with me." He replied.
"Ya, same here." Henry muttered.
"You son of a bitch!" Henry heard from behind him. He saw Dave lying on the ground, one hand helping him get up while the other was holding his nose, which Henry guessed was broken. Seth just moved his head down at the guy standing him, holding what looked like a knife in his hand.
"Really, you threaten me with a knife after you attack someone smaller than you, and I'm the son of a bitch? Here's an idea # hole, why don't you take this knife and stab it through your chest. Kill yourself and quit tainting this world with your pathetic existence."
"Excuse me?"
"You heard me. Filth like you only succeed in taking up space for something useful. It would be better if you died so that the world is a better place."
"Where did yo-"
"Isn't that what you told Danny last time you attacked him? Yes, I know because I was there remember? I was the guy you stabbed in the leg with this knife." Seth said. Henry looked at the blonde standing behind Seth, and realized that was why the two of them had been together so much. Dave had attacked them both. When Henry had hit Seth with the car, Seth must've been hurt beforehand. Everyone watched Seth as he glared down at Dave. Henry bet that if it wasn't for the sunglasses, pure rage would be radiating from the teen's eyes. Henry suddenly heard a falling sound from behind and turned around to see Rose lying there, unconscious. He turned around, only to see the guy that Seth kicked walking over to her. He began to stretch his hand towards the girl's chest, when he felt two feet hitting him.
"Get away from her you prick!" Rose and Henry said as they kicked the guy. Dave just looked over and saw Henry for the first time.
"Henry, you know these people?" Dave asked.
"Yes he knows us, we're his friends." Sela said.
"You hang out with these creepy ass mother #ers?" Dave said, but then stopped as he felt the point of Seth's knife in his chest.
"One more word, and I kill you, do you understand." Seth said, pure malice radiating off him. Henry looked with fear, in his mind he had no doubt that Seth would stab Dave because of his comment.
"Ok then freak show. If I must be a martyr for normality and not for the freaks of nature you all are, then so-" Dave was cut off by Henry punching him.
"What is going on here!" The principal yelled, looking at everyone in the hallway.

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