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Threadbare Flags Wish on Zephyrs

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posted on Dec, 26 2011 @ 01:15 AM
I. Squall

No one would listen
As she uttered her vision
Take heed she spoke
Please take this premonition

With haste you must act
Before the ultimate rendition
Puts into place
A foretold reaction of physics

Mystified the mystics
Warm hearted their visions
Disbelief in their word
False reliance of a system

Unheard of the science
Unheard from the mind
Unheard of the words
A herd of the blind

Scattered the wind current
Scattered the science
Scattered such words
A word from the defiant:

Awoken we are
But the time is too late
Epidemics and plagues
Quadrupling their rates

Buried are the words
No corners shed in light
Questioning how we got here
Looking into the night

Quiet is the marble
Fallen satellites rain debris
Capsized each vessel
Swallowed into the sea

The sea fell against
One battered brick wall
As zephyrs wish on flags
Threadbare in their squall

II. Melting Pot

Above a glass cauldron
Crackling embers at his feet
Stupidity woven to madness
With a full-gut of sadness

Sitting in the melting pot
Skin turns to glue
Bones charred in ebullition
Such splendor in such a view

Static are his bounds
As his skeletal tunnel vision
To witness the horseman
Treading after the militia

Pale acid in free-fall
It eats up the floor
The windows all shattered
Broken-in is each door

The ferryman emerges
With grand fluidity
A galilean chalice at last
To pour above the city

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