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Free Xmas Gift 4 U All! How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World Ebook

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posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 10:26 PM
Hi all,
I have a Christmas gift for you all. It's an ebook called "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World". It will enlighten your mind to many social programming and identity traps that we all fall to but don't realize. It will identify them for you, show you why they don't work for you, and show you how to break free - after all, true freedom and liberty begin in the mind. Every page contains many compelling and logically sound arguments. It's an amazing must read book, and priceless gift you won't want to miss out on. Check it out. To download, right click the link below and select "Save Link As".

Here is the intro chapter for your preview:

Freedom in an Unfree World

Freedom is the opportunity to live your life as you want to live it.
The urge for freedom is so much a part of human nature that it can never be
suppressed by laws, slogans, or commandments. There is a difference, however,
between the urge and the reality.
For most people, freedom remains a pleasant fantasy — something to dream of
while carrying out daily obligations in the real world. They spend their lives talking
vaguely of what they want in life, what they think they’re missing, why they don’t
have it, and who it is that prevents them from being free.
For most people, freedom is an “if only.” “If only it hadn’t been for my wife, I would
have been a success.” Or “If only it hadn’t been for Roosevelt (or Nixon or
whomever), the country would be free.”
The unfree person can never fully repress his urge for freedom — whether he
considers his jailer to be his family, his job, society, or the government. And so, from
time to time, halfhearted attempts are made to break free from the restrictions.
But unfortunately, those attempts usually depend upon the individual’s ability to
change the minds of other people — and so optimism eventually turns into frustration
and despair.
Hoping to be free, many people engage in continual social combat — joining
movements, urging political action, writing letters to editors and Congressmen, trying
to educate people. They hope that someday it will all prove to have been worthwhile.
But as the years go by they see little overall change. Small victories are won; defeats
set them back. The world seems to continue on its path to wherever it’s going. Until
they die, the hopeful remain just as enslaved as they’ve always been.
The plans, the movements, the crusades — none of these things has worked. And
so the unfree person continues to dream, to condemn, and to remain where he is.
There must be a better way.
There must be a way to be free without having to wish for a miracle. It must be a
way by which an individual can change things without having to rally the rest of the
world to his side.
It has to be a way through which he can get rid of exorbitant taxes, have the time
to do what he wants to do, enjoy love without tiresome complications, remove
irritating social restrictions, and free himself from the hundred and one burdens that
others daily hand him.
And it must be a way that doesn’t require that he re-educate all the other people
Fortunately, there is such a way.
It isn’t necessary to join a massive campaign to reconstruct the society in which
you live, nor do you have to patiently re-educate everyone you deal with.
There’s a way that depends entirely upon what you choose to do. You can be free
without changing the world. You can live your life as you want to live it — no matter
what others decide to do with their lives.

Is It Possible?

If that doesn’t seem possible, I’m not surprised.
After all, how can you live as you want to live when there are so many people
who won’t let you?
How can you spend your money as you please when the government takes so much
of it in taxes? How can you do what you want to do when the government and society
have prohibited many of the things you’d like to do?
How could you live your own life when you have responsibilities to your family,
your friends, your job? How could you possibly ignore the demands that others make
upon you?
I realize that the odds against a free life must seem pretty formidable right now.
And yet there are already individuals who live their lives as they choose. Some of
them may have begun with greater problems than you face now. But in spite of their
problems, they’ve found freedom without waiting for the world to be free.
To be free in an unfree world isn’t nearly as unrealistic as it might seem at
first glance. After all, it’s commonly assumed that there can be free nations in
a world that contains enslaved nations. Why, then, can’t there be free states
within a nation that isn’t free? Or free towns within an unfree state?
Most important, why can’t there be free individuals within unfree towns,
states, or nations?
Freedom is possible, and you can have it — if that’s what you really want.
Freedom in an Unfree World 3
I can’t know which specific freedom you crave most — freedom from social
restrictions, family problems, high taxes, bad relationships, the treadmill,
governmental repression. Whichever one is most important to you, we’ll cover it and
more. And I think you’ll find that the principles to be stated will apply to any type of
situation that may be restraining you.
It’s not likely that you’ll ever gain your freedom by joining, marching, picketing,
or complaining — because all those methods rely upon changing the attitudes of
others. What I have in mind concerns the use of methods over which you have complete

(End of intro. Download at link above.)

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