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Why you should not support the SOPA bill - Why this should matter to you!

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posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 02:03 PM
The SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) see
is another bill which has been made by a very few Elites - it is hardly in the benefit for the majority of internet users in the USA.

The SOPA bill comes in the guise of "fighting online piracy" - but what it entitles is far more than what it sounds.

It would entitle the US government to make the US equivalent of the "Chinese internet firewall" - which means the US Gvt can basically block "foreign" sites for access to and from the the USA.

A site like for example Wikileaks and similar would then simply be blocked under the guise of "copyright violation" - needless to say that TPTB can bend and use this bill however they would like to block access to internet sites, using all kinds of "shady" reasons.

With the SOPA bill would also come a significant impact on privacy which will affect each and any internet user!

This will go so far as to allow internet providers to "tap in" and inspect internet traffic of their users plus other, significant violations of privacy.

The SOPA bill could amongst other things mean the end of many video sites and similar sites which don't really have anything to do with "online piracy" per se - because it is simply in the eye of the beholder how the enforcers of this bill would legitimate the use of the drastic measures the bill would allow.

In the past it has shown that such measures are ALWAYS abused either by various governments or by the few elites...what we are talking about here is nothing but obvious CENSORSHIP and i think every American should be aware of this!

A bill..made by a few Elites, a *huge* majority of internet users already have a clear stance against this and you should also!

posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 04:03 PM
Here's a Gizmodo article on it:

It has links to another site if you want to do something about it other than just complain.

Not that our politicians will listen to us anymore.

I have written and written on a myriad of subjects and all I get is form letters in reply... and of course letters asking for money later on...

Some nerve, ignore us on everything, do as they please, then ask for money?

posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 04:55 PM
What is most...puzzling...

Even with people *literally* revolting on the come such a bill can even be still debated?

Read the list of "who supports the bill".....and is simply a list of all the big corporates, basically MOST big names in America. Name a corporate, it might be on the list who SUPPORTS this crazy bill!

Here is the thing: The corporates ARE NOT AMERICA. on Earth can those greedy ###&&%%* impose a bill on each and any American - which only benefits THEIR OWN greed and profit?!

This is the prime example how America is screwed over left and right from the corporates...and proof WHO really "rules" the country. Obviously...your corporates now can make laws for their own benefit! Isn't that great?


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