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Solar Activity Watch 2012

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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 04:35 PM
Just an interesting article i read not sure if its been posted.

Solar Flares

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 11:47 AM
It looks like sunspot 1520 is acting up. There is an X-flare in progress. Currently at X1.0 and slowly climbing, according to

Here is a link to the x-ray graph (1 minute).

We'll have to wait to see if there is an associated CME...

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 11:51 AM
Is it just me or is this one impressively big..? (That's what she said)

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posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 01:43 PM
This is a pic of the Coronal Mass Ejection from Stereo Behind.

Sunspot 1520 is earth-facing, but the CME could go south of Earth--waiting on projections...

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Olivine

Yes, you always have to think 3 dimensionally.

It looks like another glancing blow. We should see them all year long.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 03:26 PM
The CME is expected to arrive Friday/Saturday and to produce minor geomagnetic storming.

The protons from the event have arrived and are producing an S1 level radiation storm

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 03:28 PM
Have been viewing the IRIS Seismic Monitor. Have been alot of activity

posted on Jul, 18 2012 @ 11:19 AM
Earthquakes are starting to appear with frightning

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 11:34 AM
It's so beautiful,

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 06:32 AM
Large sun spots are moving to earthside of sun

And they are well visible in Magnetogram

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 09:41 PM
Two sudden impulses detected from under space weather warnings.
K-index at 6 as of now and climbing.

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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by JaqueFresco

And this from

click thumbnail for larger image

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by this_is_who_we_are

Thanks for the graph

Edit: K index at 7 and still climbing
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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 01:23 AM
Space weather just reported a sudden impulse, K index at 4 and climbing. Should be a hell of a aurora borealis in 1-3 days.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 07:10 PM

New flare today, no northern lights tho....

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 01:13 PM
Filament Eruption Near 1608
A filament eruption was just observed over the last several hours around sunspot 1608. This region is in a good Earth facing position and a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is now visible. A portion of the cloud looks to be Earth directed. More updates to follow.

Filament Eruption (Friday) - SDO

November 9th 2012.

Any idea how bad this could be?

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by JrDavis

Just wondering if you have a link for that. I've been looking on solar ham and spaceweather and I'm not seeing anything earth directed. There was one today on the farside. Thanks.

Ok, found it on Solar Ham, good post...

E UPDATE: The brand new CME Prediction Model released by the Goddard Space Flight Center shows a potential for an Earth impact by late on November 12. A majority of the slow moving plasma cloud appears to be headed south, however a glancing blow impact will be possible. This could lead to an increase in geomagnetic activity and aurora at high latitudes. Click on the image below to watch the latest animation.
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posted on Jan, 5 2013 @ 03:23 AM
Looks like the sun is getting a bit more active today.


Flare probabilities have increased to 85% for C-class and 25% for M-class (R1-R2 level radio blackouts). We also issued our first alert since 17 December. It was for a type of radio emission.

NOAA / NWS Space Weather

Space Weather

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