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A Strange Light in the Sky

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posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 05:51 PM
A Strange Light in the Sky

Cassie was not enjoying her evening out on the moors. She'd already caught her foot in a rabbit hole in her efforts to keep up with her two friends who were racing ahead of her in the darkness, torches shining dimly in the murk.

Tonight, they were sure, they'd be in with a chance of catching up with the strange light in the sky. It was glowing tantalisingly ahead of them as it had for the last few nights. And each night, just when they thought they might get a closer look, it had shot off at an amazing speed almost as if it was taunting them.

Their adventure with the light had taken them away from their homes and two of their families had been disappointed to know that they might not be around for Christmas. Although, as Mel's mother had said, they ought to be used to it by now – all this haring off after strange lights in the sky.

Billy, the last of the trio wouldn't be too missed at home. He was the odd one in his family who were, by now, thoroughly fed up of his geeky little ways and his endless ramblings about UFOs. He'd been the founding member of the little group of amateur UFO hunters and no amount of teasing him about Chinese lanterns and swamp gas would put him off his cause.

He'd been the one to first notice the strange light and, since it was the Christmas holidays, hadn't had too much trouble in persuading the others to investigate it with him. They'd tracked it over the mountain and through the fields, past several villages and now, out onto the moor.

They'd felt so close a couple of hours ago, back at the last village when it seemed to hover a bit above the fountain in the town square, but it had shot off although not quite so fast as usual. A few villagers had seen it, revellers who had just left the village pub. Cassie had asked them what they made of it but just found herself on the receiving end of one too many drunken 'flirtatious' remarks.

And now here she was, in the middle of the moors, tired and wondering where they were going to spend the night. It hadn't been easy, stopping each evening when the light finally zoomed away and pitching their tent on any flat piece of ground they could find. They'd sleep as best they could and clean themselves up at the nearest village pub in the morning, after a large breakfast which had to 'do' them for the rest of the day. They hadn't much money between them and none of them could drive. Billy always said you couldn't chase UFOs in a car anyway. A car would stall and you'd just end up getting out and walking (or running). Far better to chase around on foot to start with and then go back and look for clues along the trail in the morning.

Up until now, no clues had been forthcoming.

Just up ahead the light stopped and started to hover again 'It's waiting for us' exclaimed Billy and ran on. Mel shifted his backpack and sped up a bit. He was the biggest and the strongest of the three and made light work of humping their gear around. Cassie, drawing up the rear was surprised to hear a loud, and very rude, swear word issuing from Billy, who had just ran into a fence.

He cursed a bit more, it appeared that they were on the boundary of a field and he knew that the others weren't too keen to trespass on private property. They'd debated it several times since the beginning of their UFO hunting days, but tonight there could be no debate. The light was there and they'd lose it if they didn't climb over the fence and run through the field.

A few disgruntled sheep bleated at them and Cassie felt as though she might cry. She was afraid of a farmer coming out with a gun and shooting at them. They might be mistaken for rustlers. Still, at Billy's insistence she ran on.

She could see lights ahead of them, ordinary lights that indicated a farm house or a stable might be close by. She worried even more about being caught in the field, but even she couldn't deny that the light was there, hovering, and looking as if it really was waiting for them.

They found themselves looking into a courtyard at the end of the field and climbed the fence, hoping to avoid any confrontation. They might have made it if a dog hadn't started barking and alerted someone to their presence.

A man came over from the stable 'Have you come to help?' he asked. Billy drew himself up to his full imposing height of five feet seven and asked in what way they might be of help.

'It's the Missus' said the man 'she's gone into labour and I only know how to deliver sheep. Farmer Joe's calling the doctor, but it's hard to find anyone to come out on Christmas Eve, especially after midnight'.

Cassie, Mel and Billy all looked at each other. Christmas Eve already? They'd been so intent on their tracking of the strange light that they'd lost all track of time.

Cassie piped up that she'd done a first aid course and had been good at biology at school. The shepherd looked at her and smiled. He appreciated her willingness to help, but perhaps she'd best stay out of the stable after all. 'The stable?' she asked 'Oh aye' said the shepherd 'the Missus couldn't make it back to the house'.

And at just that moment they heard an agonised cry. The shepherd ran back into the stable, and did what he could which, fortunately for the Missus and little baby Jesse, was enough to ensure the baby's safe arrival into the world.

The three intrepid UFO hunters waited in the courtyard, their strange light in the sky was trailing slowly away. Somehow, it didn't seem quite so important now and they edged quietly towards the stable as the baby let out its first cry.

Cassie put her nose round the door and hesitated. The Missus looking radiant, smiled at her 'Come in' she said. Mel and Billy took the invitation to include them too and the little group crept closer to admire the newborn. Two shepherds stood by grinning awkwardly, one of them nursing a rather sore hand that the Missus had grabbed as he was trying to comfort her while his mate had gone off to see who the intruders were.

Billy stepped forward, awestruck and wanting to do something good for this tiny baby. He'd never seen one so new before and all his protective instincts welled up inside him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some lip balm, it was the only thing he had that might be of any use to a baby. He supposed it might help with nappy rash.

He knelt and laid it besides the Missus. Mel found himself wanting to give something to the little one too. He fished around in his pocket and found a small bottle of patchouli oil, which he used to wear hoping to attract the attention of Cassie.

Cassie herself had nothing much to give but laid her golden coloured torch besides the lip balm and patchouli oil.

Then, satisfied that they had done the best they could for tiny baby Jesse they took one last, adoring look before heading off on the long trudge home.

* * *

Several miles away a small, saucer shaped craft landed in a field, scattering a few cows who lowed angrily at it.

Two beings got out, one tall and slender the other short and much younger. The taller being clipped the smaller one around his ear 'I've told you about this before' she muttered as she untied something from the back of the craft. 'And don't think I'm going to let you drive any more, you've been making me sick with all the stopping and starting'.

'But Mum, it's so much fun to watch the humans reacting to them' said little Zogg. 'I've had those last three chasing my Chinese lanterns nearly all week'.

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