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Happy Holidays to all of ATS!

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posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 01:52 PM
I know I posted this on the rant forum but I really had no where to put this thread so here it goes! First of all, I would love to thank everyone here on ATS for opening up my mind this past year, I made an account back in February and then I remade another one because I forgot my password. This has been a really tough year for me especially being in school and trying not to fail out of med school.

I check ATS everyday and am always pleased to read everyone's comments on everything, since ATS is pretty much my source of news for a lot of things. I am humbled to have made many friends on here and am also grateful for those who disagreed with me at various times, which has helped me to grow and mature day by day. I really hope everyone has a great, safe, healthy happy holidays and share it with their loved ones. I really feel like ATS has become a part of who I am and now my mind is much more open to everything that is going on in the world.

ATS has taught me how to look at how the MSM works and pretty much all of the political events and situations that is going in the world from many different angles. I have noticed while conversing with many members is that the main goal in life is to be happy and content with one's self. So many horrible things can happen to an individual and in the end, the most satisfying feeling is just being content and at peace with yourself. I am deeply grateful for many kind, caring, and friendly people here on ATS who take their time to respond to my posts and I would love to tell all of you thank you so much.

I am not going to lie, 2011 was a crappy year for me, I endured a lot of family problems, suffered a horrible, horrible breakup, struggled through medical school problems, and I look to myself right now and I am just humbled to see that I am still standing here amidst everything that has happened. In the end, I finally realized looking back at this year that in order for one to love another, we have to love ourselves first in a kind, but not greedy way. I have befriended many people this year and lost many people and now I look back at it, there is no point in being angry anymore. I have finally found the courage to let the past go and just learn from it. I need to move forward with my life and I am proud and humbled to say that I just finished my second year of medical school and made it through the fire.

I care for every individual here on ATS, just for their well being and making sure they can get through life, because we all are in the struggle together in this day and age. It is funny, I joined ATS about 10 months ago after getting hurt by an ex and I swear it has opened up a new world for me. I think I learn something new every day here on ATS and I thank everyone who has contributed to the website for all of their thought provoking ideas and discussions. I appreciate every second of being on this website and I am glad that I have a place where I can voice my thoughts and opinions on virtually almost anything.

So to conclude, I would love to wish everyone a happy holidays, be safe, be happy, and most importantly, for me and yourselves, be happy and content with yourselves. I read somewhere, as cheesy as it sounds, to start a day with a smile is more than enough to keep one happy. The purpose of life to me is a life full of purpose. I have learned that there are people in life that will hurt you, there will be people who will try to bring you down, and there will be people who will try and make you unhappy, but in the end, as the famous quotes go, "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional."

I wish the members, staff, moderators, and the owners, and everyone else who I might have missed a very happy holidays to you all. Special shout outs to EvolEric, Kali, DaveSpanners, and DrunkNinja, thanks for opening up a new world for me guys, may you guys have a kicka$$ holiday.

P.S. It is time to make 2012 a year full of happiness, especially before the world ends, just kidding, we all will wake up Dec 22nd and then facepalm lmao. Cheers! Thank you all for all of your support.

posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Unvarnished

You could have put this in General Chit Chat, but no matter to me. This is a nice, timely, and heartfelt post.

This year was one of ups and downs for me as well. Fortunately, it's up right now and looking to continue that way.

I'd like to thank the members of ATS, the Staff and the Owners as well. Pretty soon I will have been here for a year and I've learned a lot, laughed a lot, got angry a lot and face palmed a lot over the past year here. They put in their mini profiles, "Part of the Best Staff on the Internet". No conspiracy theory there. I believe it. Thanks to you all.

As for the friends and acquaintances I've met here over the past year, thank you too for being apart of this forum, which I think like many here, becomes, in a small way, a part of you too.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by Unvarnished

I'm first on the shout out list!
SCORE! lol


You always bring a warm delight to any topic,
I find myself now looking for your input on every topic i read

if you are willing to grow,
you shall do so.
And you my friend have sprouted like a sunflower with miracle grow added daily.

Keep your head held high and your eye to the horizon,
you will go far with that positive attitude your carrying around

congratulations on the second year of med school!

just a few more years to go and you will have a profession that will bring you financial stability as well as the reward of helping your fellow human.

It takes a big heart to be a doctor... its nice seeing yours grow.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays and a VERY Happy New Years to you and yours!!!!


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