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Quake Watch 2012

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by slidingdoor

You mean to tell me that something is going on somewhere in the world that is more interesting that earthquakes? Is this possible? Now for £9 billion how many earth satellites could I get.......

Yes, you are probably right, and
to GB for a fine show even if most of the world had not got a clue what it was all about!

Second that on the Japan, but I see Mr Muzzy has already come up with the goods.

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 02:43 AM
Pic of the PR short-term swarm of what USGS lists at least.

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 07:43 AM

Magnitude 6.0 - Offshore Guatemala

Location in Google Maps
  • Date-Time: Sunday, July 29, 2012 @ 12:22:15 UTC
  • Earthquake location: 14.326°N, 92.352°W,
  • Earthquake depth: 35.3 km
  • Distances:
    26km (16mi) SW of Ocos, Guatemala
    28km (17mi) SSW of Suchiate, Mexico
    43km (26mi) SSW of Ciudad Tecun Uman, Guatemala
    63km (39mi) S of Tapachula, Mexico
    201km (124mi) W of Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Event ID: usb000bin6

Derived from Event Data Source: USGS
Powered by QVSData

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by TrueAmerican

Hi TA. Sorry to dredge up such an old post.
I ran across an article today describing the progress of the NSF's Ocean Observatory Initiative, and remembered your conversation with John Vidale a few weeks back regarding OBS (ocean bottom seismometers).

It looks as if they have the primary electrical and internet node in place approximately 75miles off the Oregon coast, at a spot named Hydrate Ridge. When this installation is completed in 2014, they expect it to provide data for 25 years.

I can't wait for this to come online. I just hope they will make the data publicly available. Even if they don't, the insight into the Cascadia zone should prove really interesting.

ETA: After further reading at the OOI website, it looks like nearly all of the data collected will be available to the public in near real-time.

Scientific themes supported:

•Ocean-Atmosphere Exchange
•Climate Variability, Ocean Circulation, and Ecosystems
•Turbulent Mixing and Biophysical Interactions
•Coastal Ocean Dynamics and Ecosystems
•Fluid-Rock Interactions and the Sub-seafloor Biosphere
Plate-scale Geodynamics
(bolding mine)

One more link to add: This is the University of Washington blog page if anyone is interested in following the day-to-day progress of the observatory installation.

Oh yeah, I thought I would mention that today was lunar perigee at 08:31 UTC, for those interested in any possible correlation with earthquakes. (not especially close at 367317 km)

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:16 PM
Pretty quiet in the northern Red Sea in July

did it just because I could

data is from National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG), Egypt

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:50 PM
Odd location

Type: Earthquake
15 minutes ago
Magnitude: 5.6
DateTime: Monday July 30 2012, 03:35:06 UTC
Region: North Atlantic Ocean
Depth: 12 km
Source: CSEM-EMSC Feed

Downgrated to

Type: Earthquake
16 minutes ago
Magnitude: 4.2
DateTime: Monday July 30 2012, 03:35:08 UTC
Region: North Atlantic Ocean
Depth: 40 km
Source: CSEM-EMSC Feed

Upgraded now

Type: Earthquake
28 minutes ago
Magnitude: 4.9
DateTime: Monday July 30 2012, 03:35:05 UTC
Region: North Atlantic Ocean
Depth: 30 km
Source: CSEM-EMSC Feed

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 01:31 AM
I've got Japan up and running now
2 maps to start with 24th and 25th July.
note the bowing and scraping at the end of the page, all part of the deal


I'm not sure how many maps I can put on the page before it slows to grinding halt loading, may have to create a stand alone Japan earthquakes blog for it, maybe run the latest 10 maps here with a link at the bottom ".....more " that links to the other page
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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 05:24 PM
20:58 29 July
Gov't may have overlooked quake risk at Shika nuclear plant site

TOKYO, July 29, Kyodo

Geological data from the 1980s that recently led the nuclear safety agency to order a reinvestigation of a possible active fault beneath a nuclear power plant in central Japan came from two surveys conducted before the government approved the plant's construction, power company and government officials said Sunday.

Hokuriku Electric Power Co. dug a few trenches in the surveys conducted by July 1988 to check the fault at the planned site of the No. 1 reactor at its Shika nuclear power plant in Ishikawa Prefecture, but the results were not reflected in the government's safety review process through August 1988, suggesting the possibility of the fault triggering an earthquake may have been overlooked.

Data from the surveys conducted by the power company led members of the government's nuclear safety panel earlier this month to point to the possibility that the fault named S-1, located under the Shika plant's No. 1 reactor, is active and may cause an earthquake.

A person who took part in the government's safety review told Kyodo News in an e-mail that opinions varied among experts. If any risk posed by the fault was overlooked, the government and the Nuclear Safety Commission are to blame, the person said.

Following the reinvestigation order, Hokuriku Electric plans to dig a tunnel beneath the No. 1 reactor building to survey the fault and report findings by January.

The Shika plant's reactors are currently suspended.

Copyright 2012 Kyodo News

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 07:14 PM

Good Afternoon,

The attached Catastrophic Geophysical Event Warning Notice (CWN) from the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) is forwarded for your review and/or action as appropriate.

This CWN represents the latest warning notice for the predicted earthquake and tsunami off the Kamchatka peninsula of Russia.

This CWN upgrades the level of alert to a Stage 7 and is also the final notice that will be issued for this threat. This warning is also posted at the IEVPC web site and can be directly accessed at:

Personnel in the affected region described in the CWN should take actions to prepare for the predicted CGE that is now expected at any time.

John L. Casey

Posted in full because there is no direct link to the text as it is an email alert.

You can get the pdf of the full alert from the web address.

I have to say that they are really sticking their necks out now. This started in June, was moved to July and now at the end we are getting the 'final warning' and I don't believe it is going to happen - but that does depend on how long this warning lasts.

If this does not happen for them, and currently the swarm appears to have died, they are going to look a little silly to say the least. Unfortunately I don't see the signs they are seeing, but then they probably have better access to TEC data that I do.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

maybe it was the 2nd swarm on the 20/21 July that got them all wound up, the one with the 2 mag 6's in it (RAS data)

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 08:30 PM
November 8th, seismic activity will increase in yellow stone and cause an eruption.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by muzzy

we had a power cut early this morning during heavy rain and it took 3 calls to Telecom and 40 minutes on the phone once I got a human to reconfigure our Router

back on now and I have changed the Japan maps to UTC so they match all the other stuff I've been doing, so they will look a bit different now.

Now that its in UTC its easier to cross check with other networks
On those 2 maps only 3 events were also shown by USGS and all their magnitudes were higher than NIED (USGS is mb and Japan is ML)
Yes I know they have a cutoff at 4.5mb for outside the US, but one wonders how that works, when the 4.5mb at 2012/07/24 17:04:55 was shown on NIED as a 4.0ML, so theoretically all the other quakes I've listed below should have made the USGS list too eh
Logic probably doesn't come into their thinking.
USGS are white text, NIED are Yellow

Mag, When, Lat, Long, Depth, Location
4.9, 2012/07/25 17:20:12, 30.988, 130.363, 142.0, KYUSHU, JAPAN
4.7, 25/07/2012 17:20:11, 30.996, 130.452, 130.9, NEAR TANEGASHIMA ISLAND

4.7, 2012/07/25 20:00:18, 36.383, 142.442, 43.7, OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
4.6, 25/07/2012 20:00:12, 36.472 142.643, 55, FAR E OFF KANTO

4.5, 2012/07/24 17:04:55, 37.721, 142.479, 43.9, OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
4.0, 24/07/2012 17:04:53, 37.8 142.161, 35.7, SE OFF MIYAGI PREF

not on USGS
4.5, 25/07/2012 23:41:21, 27.617 142.933, 14.5, NEAR CHICHIJIMA ISLAND*
4.0, 25/07/2012 19:42:07, 20.95 121.314, 0, PHILIPPINE ISL REGION
4.0, 25/07/2012 01:31:40, 36.787 140.491, 104.9, NORTHERN IBARAKI PREF
4.2, 24/07/2012 17:28:05, 36.701, 142.119, 22.2, E OFF FUKUSHIMA PREF*
4.2, 24/07/2012 12:52:17, 39.208, 142.408, 33.7, E OFF IWATE PREF
4.7, 24/07/2012 10:28:04, 45.815, 151.596, 30, KURILE ISLANDS REGION

edit on 30-7-2012 by muzzy because: ETA: will do a couple more days back then take a look at before and after the Mag9 last year.

ETA: OK found two of those hidden away on the NEIC/WDCS-D QUICK EPICENTER DETERMINATIONS text page (marked with asterik*
172807.0 36.644N 142.118E 24 4.7 A 1.4 78 32 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
234129.8 27.401N 142.171E 41 4.3 A 0.8 120 24 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

This CWN upgrades the level of alert to a Stage 7 and is also the final notice that will be issued for this threat

This make no sense... upgrade the warning and say.. your on your own folks?? Really? Is there another Agency that takes if from here

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by muzzy

Possibly, but they were flagging this from as early as April I believe so whilst that one may have got them all excited I can't see what caused the adrenalin rush in the first place.

I still have not got round to doing a sawtooth because (development side of) the program is in pieces at the moment as I upgrade to the FE/GL areas and complete the mapping tools.


reply to post by Anmarie96

This make no sense... upgrade the warning and say.. your on your own folks??

Unless of course they used to be hot on this but are now not so sure? (And don't want to lose face)


reply to post by Peace4Futures

November 8th, seismic activity will increase in yellow stone and cause an eruption.

Do you have a source for that statement? It seems very specific.

Does your source state the size of the eruption. Yellowstone can erupt without it being the big super-eruption. Does your source specify the nature of the seismic activity i.e. swarm? length of swarm? time from start to eruption? magnitude range of the swarm? or is this a small series of much larger events?

Your statement as it stands has no validity unless you can back it with at least a link to the source, or a statement that it is a premonition by yourself because you had a dream, felt it in your water, got a ringing in the ears, etc, etc.

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 06:51 AM
Why do you even bother Puterman?

That person is obviously a troll and not even a good one.

I predict a 50% chance of an increase in seismic activity at YS somewhere between mid October to Mid december in the form of a small swarm of around 20 to 50 quakes over a period of time of 3 to 5 days.
No major earthquake and certainly not followed by an eruption.
Nothing bigger than a 2.5-2.7 and mostly between 0.7 and 1.5.

No source, just, how should I say. Something to keep us interrested for a good week so we can add a couple of pages to our YS thread. I'm convinced our Old Lady down there isn't going to let us end the 2012 Doomsday Year without a little "Hello guys, it wasn't me" sign.


posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 09:09 AM
I've been watching too much Futurama. I love Morbo. I love they he says "DOOM!"

Now, I'm all for telling you where to find doom. I've already pointed the way. This summer is too hot and too short. Thankfully, there's been no doom in the Eastern United States. But wait. What's up in South Carolina?

Three quakes. Miles and miles apart. Three points like a triangle.

2.8 2012/07/31 04:53:09 32.947 -80.162 8.3 7 km ( 4 mi) S of Lincolnville, SC
2.5 2012/07/29 17:45:43 34.786 -79.858 14.2 11 km ( 7 mi) NNE of Cheraw, SC
2.0 2012/07/24 16:04:27 34.918 -81.781 2.6 3 km ( 2 mi) NW of Pacolet, SC

I don't think they named Lincolnville after Abe- do you?
I'll have to check on that...

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 11:40 AM
Now if you've placed some money on Oklahoma, you've won the trifecta.

2.9 2012/07/31 16:03:39 35.506 -96.734 2.9 5 km ( 3 mi) WNW of Prague, OK
3.1 2012/07/30 19:35:07 35.470 -96.839 15.1 6 km ( 4 mi) N of Johnson, OK
3.0 2012/07/30 08:43:01 35.427 -96.596 5.0 9 km ( 6 mi) SSW of Paden, OK

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 01:44 PM
I have gone 50% opacity with all my icons (except the numbered ones) I think its easier to see where the most activity is happening, especially on the monthly maps
heres an example
Turkey July

Have found the latest current Japan data on NIEC, has the current day up till when you are looking at it and the previous day. Its all preliminary though, so may change, seems they operate a system whereby you can search by date for anything older than 7 days, but I can't find the last 7 days as a list anywhere, you have to actually download it at least once a day to catch all the events.

I know its been done to death, and I've done it myself before (using usgs and emsc data) and posted it here on ATS, but I don't think anyone has done it using NIEC/JMA data. This is the timeline for 9 hours after the main quake to the end of 11th March 2011 JST.
9.0-tohoku-earthquake-on-march-11-2011 page
interactive Gmap from that
screenshot (standard blog post size version)

I've downloaded all of March and its quite interesting, the background activity seemed to drop off for a few days before the first mag 7 foreshock, from what seems to be the average of 250/day down to about 160-18/day, then with the aftershocks to a max of 1341/day on the 17th. They dropped of pretty quickly really, back to 750/day by the 21st and back to around 246-250/day by the 28th. These are Mag 1.0 up I'm counting.
Lots of processing to do!

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 03:37 PM
Was just about to post this earlier, when our power went out....again!
We were without power last Thursday & Friday too.

Good WSHTF practice!
Found out a lot of stuff from Y2k has been moved around & is not easy to find in the dark...with a flashlight!

Anyhoo... these three, in separate states, were within 10 minutes! Just thought it was a little odd!

map 2.8 2012/07/30 23:53:09 32.947N 80.162W 8.3 7 km ( 4 mi) S of Lincolnville, SC
map 2.1 2012/07/30 23:48:35 37.601N 89.534W 10.6 4 km ( 3 mi) SW of Grand Tower, IL
map 2.4 2012/07/30 23:43:02 37.942N 77.846W 5.0 9 km ( 6 mi) SE of Mineral, VA


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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 03:48 PM
correction to post by muzzy

timed out for editing

why say 4 hours when its really 2

about 160-18/day, should be about 160-180/day,

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