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BBC Out Of This World Program (1977) Re:Staffordshire 1954 Sighting

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

So then for Ahnold to go back in time from the future instantaneously an Ahnold subprocess must be spawned in the Matrix.

And Ahnold data injected into a time-stream that is channeled to the monitor (3D space parking lot xyzt).

So then we make the assumption that two times exist simultaneously, their time and ours. Or we from a purely philosophical point of view could consider the real possibility that all things exist in only our time frame but could be instantaneously created by things in this time frame and appear as if from the future.

We invent a future, create a process and then deploy the process. Built in, the object contains our projected vision of the future even though it has not happened calculated by probability and statistics.

We did simulations, ran them on fast forward and created a future, then we _applied that already developed evolved object, in this time frame, and turned it on.

But lets assume that two times exist, or more in the same path, and the entire time-line is shimmering, the Matrix is a quantum computer so through a type of remote instantaneous signaling, it is able to spawn innumerable mirror processes at the same time the only difference being in the p atom packets, the t value is different and offset.

Yet, since the galaxy is moving as is the solar system and planet, xyz must also be calculated. And you must plot a rendezvous. Or create a wormhole.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

So then in order for us to get a craft through a wormhole, we better know the properties of a wormhole.

If space is manufactured, which it is, it is data in a storage mechanism and nothing more. But if the law says, that nothing shall go from a to b without actually moving from a to b then it doesn't matter if the data is merely file data that is streaming to create this reality. This stage. The law says that nothing with mass shall exceed the speed of light in a vacuum. A vacuum such as exists in a wormhole.

Or is it a pure vacuum? Where even the quantum foam has been sucked out if, and as such there is no physical space between a or b, there is nothing, and since there is nothing to hinder mass in its passage, (quantum foam bubbles) then it seems as if it crosses that span instantaneously because it does not break the law, it goes around the law.

And it does so by understanding why the law exists. The law exists as fact. And so if we knew why physically any mass was prevented from exceeding c, then if we removed that factor, we could not only exceed c but there would be nothing at all to impede it and it would travel the length of the absolute vacuum instantaneously.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

So how could we create a tunnel with absolutely nothing in it from a to b? We would need a quantum foam beam generator. A green shifted t particle quaziflandifier, because we mustn't forget about our mission which is to time travel, so we stuff all that in a bag, and with our quantum foam beam generator we fire it from a to b and it cancels out the quantum foam, disappearing everything in its path.

So then how fast should we jump into that hole? Will we gain momentum? No. As fast as you enter you will exit at the same speed as if you did a wait for it, quantum leap. Time, tunnel adventures with Dr. Evil? Quantum foam beam. But that's not a time tunnel. Time tunnels are fairy magic. They would have to be merely an example of an interface with the Matrix, whereupon, you may send mass from one time-line time-frame to some other by way of creating a mirror process with different xyzt offset, you run another version of the sim program.

So now you have two simulations running side by side, so we get another aquarium, "clunk" Jello, (sploosh) laser array and begin to feed it a data time-stream, only we use a different zero starting point and start wherever we want as long as it is in the future along that time-line so we know at which point in the file we begin to retrieve data. We seek into the file, and from there retrieve the data.

Or conversely, we merely inject future data, into our current time-stream data. Data, from the future.

Not atoms, but the condition of atoms, the p atom packets. And since we are evil geniuses, we compress the data for transfer, and once unpacked, the data is much larger than while it was sent, and so then more data has been transmitted, than could have been if it was expanded and sent at c, except, it is only mass that cannot exceed c, information can exceed c. So we are not bound by atoms to send data, and we are not bound by the speed limit of c, quantum signaling can send data instantaneously except that when it arrives the data still needs to be applied. Usually people talk in terms if we had enough energy we could send it a long ways and then use it to create matter and thus have a transporter.

If you have access to the Matrix as we do in our aquariums, then you can just inject data anywhere along any time-line and t shift the data, have it traveling at different speed following a different clock, opposing the flow of time by privileged atom signature guaranteeing a space-time slot in preference over the stage atoms through a child process which occurs immediately after the main process and overwrites data in those xyzt locations.

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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Want a little more physics of time travel?

Lots of great examples in this thread, and I particularly like the idea of the Samurai going forward in time, while the rest of the world went in reverse and how that would affect the physical laws.

But one interesting point is how absolute zero and time travel is related.

So the arrow of time is outward, in all directions, due to the expansion of the universe, and that is how we get an age for the universe.

So then to go backwards in time, you would need to reverse the arrow of time.

So Bose Einstein condensate experiments have created a Bosenova, and that in a way is like sending something back in time, because atoms and molecules are moving in a positive direction, and they are hot, or at least warm, and so to get them to go the other way, well you have to slow them down, then you will get to zero, then cross over that the speed up the other way.

So the line between the present and the past, is absolute zero. When you are talking about individual atoms which constitute the universe. There is no way anyone could turn the universe backwards unless of course there was a Matrix and this world was independent in it, you could maybe turn the clock back on local areas.

Or of course look for shortcuts to an existing past of some sort.
Like through a wormhole or using relativity.

Is it discouraging to think that if you want to time travel you have to cross the absolute zero boundary?

Well it is done in those experiments as I mentioned but you have to take a run at it or you will flat-line as some of the mass does disappear in those experiments.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Ok so lets suppose you do the Bose Enstein Bosenova experiments and some of the mass is missing.

Either it went into the quantum foam, or, it went into the past.

So if we want to see if it went into the past how can we do that when we can't access the past?

Be the past. Like Zen, be the past. Check for mass then do the experiment.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

We can go back in time, absolutely we can. That is a scientific fact. AT present we can only really go back with sight and sound.
If you set up a camera in downtown New York and record the activities all day, then you can play that back in reverse and see exactly, and factually, the past at any point on that tape.

So, does a universal tape of any kind exist? Surely some people should be launching expeditions in their labs to find some sort of way that the universe might store data.

I will tell you for instance this galaxy is a hard drive. Its a very big hard drive but contained in it is of course a record of everything that happened in it because that is what shaped it.

We don't have a way of reading that hard drive today but that doesn't mean there might not be background radiation? You see we can look back a long ways.

Information seems to travel easy enough through time on various levels.

Pick up an old book, there is a message from the past, and it has gone through time. So there are a lot of aspects of time travel many of which we just take for granted. As I say with smellavision and vibratiovision, if you don't do it as a circus act, it would be a more real experience into the past, just to be in a room with a screen all around you. You could pretend you are time traveling aliens, whose ship (the room) has gone back in the past, and oh look, there is Doris and the two boys, lets give them a fright. Oh yeah, I forgot, that wouldn't work would it.
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