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BBC Out Of This World Program (1977) Re:Staffordshire 1954 Sighting

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

SO then if we at some time in the future can by inference assume that in that file, there would be tastes and we calculate those values to apply them, and smell and calculate those values, and then touch according to laws of physics cause and effect f=ma for that one. If only they are all that simple.

But we manage to do that and add that info to the file, and then place our brain in vats (AI terminology) and hook up our brain to interface with Nova Heart time frame as per the file and hey baby, there are Jimmy Hendrix posters over there, up side down. Unbefrickin leavable, and look at your hair. "wht?" The 80's hair formula has been applied.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7


Well that trip to 1981 was interesting Zorg because the Vic 20 came out in 1980 and they were singing about architecture and pondering what looks like symbolism from early architectural programs and speculating with this new knowledge about time and space. Well lets go back to our own time frame. "Yes that was gnarly to th..tastic"

(as they shift in time their cultural ideas of language and use of language return to their own time)

Which brings us to several points, since its publish or perish, one is that when we travel back in time we are reversing the flow of entropy, so cups that fell off tables are not returning to their whole unbroken form as time goes backward we are not actually turning the entire universe backward like a clock.

A second point is that if we were to use that file and merely add more data for the rest of the senses and put our brains in vats, we are in essence then just as capable to change the input from the 5 senses in our own real time the same way. So then all that is missing in our ability to actually create time and space and a false history that would appear real is we just need a story to use.
Since everything we have today we can use to fabricate a past, then we can fabricate any time.

And that includes a future. Maybe not THE future on a universal scale, to do that remember we have to be paused.
If the ship and its occupants are paused they instantaneously travel forward in time if the clock is still ticking.

If we want to create a future though as long as we had the data created for the 5 senses and an interface we could time travel to that place and time.

In fact it is more advantageous if we merely reproduce or simulate history or future history since then it would be safer and we can visit and then go back home.
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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7


What? I gave him the correct formula to write himself back in once he is in the Matrix proper and out of this simulation.

So then in a previous post there up a bit I said their ideas of culture and use of language were time dependent.
"gnarly to th...tastic" was the example given.

So lets not put our brains in vats and just hook up a Persinger Helmet, unless we are mad scientists who just like that gooey B rated movie stuff, let's place our consciousness itself, into a program, and lets put our memories in a file folder neatly labeled with a mixture of cuneiform, Greek letters and Chinese symbols, with French accents because that is somehow what everything ends up looking like once physicists have touched it.

And so then the Matrix OS will run that software for consciousness and beam the signal, figuratively speaking since we need only attach the code for consciousness to the code for the pineal gland to accomplish the beaming part since it exists in a computer system.

And we will beam the signal to any body of our choice. Perhaps Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.
and then merely transport that body object into a stage program in a galaxy on a world or in a moonship.

We will then give him some limited access to the Matrix computer. When he says 'Open, sesaME' the giant rock that covers the cave will slowly (for dramatic effect) lift and reveal the cave full of jewels. And if he waves his magic wand, some certain things could happen providing they were within the laws of physics.

They needn't be according to all laws of motion or all laws that apply because he may violate some laws when we inject that code, but since that is an isolated body object, it will only effect the immediate area and only through touching atoms such as the ones it displaced. We will try really hard for his sake to not inject him into Philadelphia into a ship surrounded by a Tesla coil field effect.

So we do that and then we re-run the program and as a start time we pick the moment we paused the program so that time for those inside the program would appear to be continuous and not 'cut to' as in a dream.

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7


Well lets make one. Let's make a simulated reality so we will take this aquarium tank here and put it on our desk "clunk" and we will get our helpers here to mix us up a batch of Jello with a concoction of high tech chemicals, some of which are sensitive to light and when hit with a laser on certain frequency will cause that molecule to emit red photons and when hit with a different frequency it will omit a blue photon, and so then from physics we can depict the red shift and the blue shift and since we are not astronomers, we are nut-cases, so we want a green shift too!
We insist on fairness between the color groups (publish or perishhhh...) since by using red green and blue we can mix them to create any color, providing we use zero as the first possible color value so that 3 portions of zero amount of red or blue or green will make pure black. A full and complete portion of red green and blue will give pure white.

So the Jello is mixing, and (wiping crap off side of aquarium while continuing to speak) and we will set up our superfast laser array around the aquarium now. Hmmmm..... superfast laser array....superfast laser array...did you guys no they haven't seen it. Well lets suppose then we take a flexible sheet of LCD monitor type material, wrap the aquarium like so... and the LCD crystals will emit a signal, one pixel on the left side a beam of light and we will be sure to somehow focus that beam into a laser, or at least a small enough beam that when another pixel fies on the other two sides they will meet where we want to light up a pixel in 3 D space.
Except now we see that in order for anyone to actually be in there we need to not use pixels but the atoms in the Jello.

We can put man on the moon, we can build a laser array of this variety. And we excite an atom it glows and all together we make a holographic display in a physical 3D space time.

But thats not anything at all like being there.

But that's ok at least we have sight. So we can model what things will look like in this new Matrix of ours.

So then we model various things using this hologram tech we then put our trusted assistants to work writing sense data. And we make that easy by dissecting their brains and obtaining snips of actual sense data and then just cut and past and reverse engineer the functions and then just write a computer program that will create sense data scripts.

We will attach our scripts now to the recorded simulated data inside the aquarium and play back both after we put on our Persinger Helmets.

However tests have shown that if, your own body is not linked physically with the forces, you may get car sick, sea sick, that sort of thing because your inner ear and your eyesight work together to give you a sense of equilibrium and balance. Lawnmower Man didn't make it.

So the helmet needs an upgrade.

You see if you use the matrix and interface with it with your mind, and if then you are merely sending thoughts to the OS, and it is using the ram and has simulation capabilities built in, then as you imagine, the Matrix OS can feed that data through the consciousness link.
And you get a funny taste in your mouth or you can remember a smell, and then you can get good at it so that you can imagine what touch feels like and then put all those thoughts together into a real-time false memory day dream, and you are off like Peter Pan. The extent of which depends on the OS and how much of the blanks it can or will fill in using its simulation programming. If you have things categorized into groups, or again objects and include a group of processes that are interlinked in to a group object then on the fly just through practice and feedback reference objects, the Matrix executes the functions in those objects for you, allows you, to use it's ram. Enter Neo.

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7


_The Green Shift, of Time_ by (insert name here)

If it was a physicist he couldn't just use a title like that it would have to be more grandiose, The Green Shift of Time and its Effect on the Polarity of Palaeomagnetic Data.

If, it was the renowned physicist Brian Greene, he would go with the first title. He would then lapse rhapsodic about green shifted time particles wafting out of our clocks, just waiting to be analyzed. Or even a time particle field around each clock, and under certain conditions, you should be able to see the green shift.

Now all this sounds like complete hogwash, but in the matrix you see you can write your own reality.

If there is Cherenkov radiation, then perhaps there is something else we just haven't noticed because of course we have not yet tamed those time particles (which of course might exist, but only as t values within p atom packets, as values programmed in as part of the Matrix or similar simulation)

Atoms and the void my dear friends, atoms and the void.

But the possibility exists that if we write a simulator in our computers we can write our own laws of physics.

Now we never thought of that but then hey, there is a first for everything.

So we go back to Socrates and his paradox, how do we get an idea of a thing, when we don't know what the thing might be like to start with? Aristotle :by reference.

So we have other physical laws we know about. How creative might we be to create a new one?

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 06:16 PM
Here's a thread I believe should be tied to this one, an analysis of the interview she gave:

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Go gamers, get your game on, go baby, billion, dollar ~babies.

So you are in a game hit t shift NOW! YOu slide or jUmp bAcK in time. Avoid the Chthonic monsters of doom, their jaws slam shut in their time, but in your time, you have yet to face them. Long, clear road ahead and in a hurry to save the princess? T shift KAZAAAMMM! zooming down the road seagull, faceplant Fabio style.

So what constitutes t shift? That is what might be nice to consider.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 07:06 PM

Originally posted by Rocketman7
reply to post by Rocketman7

Go gamers, get your game on, go baby, billion, dollar ~babies.

So you are in a game hit t shift NOW! YOu slide or jUmp bAcK in time. Avoid the Chthonic monsters of doom, their jaws slam shut in their time, but in your time, you have yet to face them. Long, clear road ahead and in a hurry to save the princess? T shift KAZAAAMMM! zooming down the road seagull, faceplant Fabio style.

So what constitutes t shift? That is what might be nice to consider.

Execute sato raki cotta noW! And that gives you independent time movement within the Matrix time movement since you have just t shifted in reverse, to avoid the Chthonic monsters of doom. Otherwise, you would go backwards in time in slow motion too, if you just reversed time, and did not do a backwards time jump.

So if you wanted to be more creative then you could t shift, cause the reality (game simulation) to go backwards in time, and then execute an action, hold on, you are stuck in time, you cannot execute said cotta if your atoms are t shifted and going slow like everything else and moving backwards like a video tape in reverse.

So to t shift then, if you make the independent atoms of your person jump out of the time stream, you will bump into yourself immediately as soon as you go back a nano second.
And? Yes according to the laws of physics, things of that nature usually explode.

You jump out of the time stream but have not yet t shifted, (totally impossible without actually inventing a new law of physics) and you move away from where you were standing a nano second ago and you make sure you know what transpired in that spot within the last second or so and you do your secret sato raki cotta move.

Now you watch independently as the Chthonic monsters walk backwards into the brush in slow motion, and placing your hand on the hilt of your samurai sword, you approach them, they are helpless, since even their brains are in reverse motion, they could not know you exist.

"This is for Rokan! And for the terrors you have brought on his people!" and you proceed to do the sushi dance with your Samurai sword on their hideous hides.

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

So you see green shifted time particles are much trickier than we thought.

You would need to x shift laterally, and perhaps y shift vertically depending on ground topography, escape the time stream, (activate your t field) and THEN hit t shift.

So turn around for a second now and watch as the body which you separated from in the time-line junction or world-line split, when you escaped that time-line by executing another process, a child process, which controls the atoms of your body object alone, and disassociates it from the main game clock. So you are now on a separate thread, suck it up, you are going into yes, hyperspace.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Before we get too far here in time analysis lets go back in time with our minds, to the revenge of Rokan in a previous post above.

As he does the sushi dance on the Chthonic monsters, with his Samurai sword, their wounds mysteriously heal as they are at present slinking backwards in time, back into the under brush. Where they were before they heard him on the path coming originally. So anything he does while time is reversing is immediately reversed?

Or, do his actions change the time-line, as he goes forward (this is an easy one) and the Chthonic monsters go backwards?

I will tell you in a minute.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Ok my fellow time bandits, Michio and Brian, (not mentioning any names, just hoping green shifted t particles don't hit your desk for fear you will get spaghetti on them) the answer to that previous post puzzle is quite simple from a programming perspective. Where is the data being stored?

If you are going back in time the entire scene as a for instance, then the data is streaming into the game in reverse out of a stored file or ram memory.

The character with the sword, he has activated a child process and is on another thread, a different game clock.

But if he cuts the Chthonic monster, it is unaffected because the stored data that is being retrieved in reverse order, does not contain cut marks.

If you were to create now a current time-line, to store that data, then the scene would be going in reverse, you would be going forward, and still you could not affect that time-line. You could only create a new one, but the new one would have you as a type of ghostly figure, unable to affect his environment.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

So then when last we left our Samurai, he was a ghostly figure, in a world reversing slowly in time, with his head down, unable to revenge Rokan. But he is still standing on firm ground because although time is reversing, the ground is not changing much in that span of time. So the ground is still the same as are the physical properties of the space completely, and if he takes a seagull flying backwards into the back of the head, it will go through his head slowly. And painfully, very painfully actually, exploding as atoms try to inhabit the same space-time.

But only his atoms exploding, the scene of course is unaffected since the stored data p atom packets being retrieved, do not contain examples of E=mc2 fully realized in real time.

Since there is space between atoms, could it be possible that the sea gull will fly backwards through the Samurai's head and their atoms not inhabit the same space-time?

Well the atom nucleus is the only part with mass, and it is small, so what would happen is the other forces would be affected by the proximity of the sea gull atoms.

So then the molecules would of course have problems such as broken covalent bonds.
(Bleeding from the eyes and nose and mouth. nasty bit a business that)

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

...seagull flying slowly backwards through the head of our poor disappointed Samurai...

Now even though a nucleus is very small, there remains a possibility that a sea gull nucleus, will inhabit the same space-time coordinates of a Samurai nucleus. So then what could we predict will happen?

That depends on our definition of real-time and in this case 'the now' will suffice. So as the program is executed in steps the first nucleus is placed on the screen, which is the scene data in reverse, but for expediency this data is combined in ram memory prior then the complete data existing in the now, is transfered to the screen. By screen I mean set. As film set, not set theory. Since it is 3D and a screen is usually portraying 2D data.
Inside our aquarium, so as to not confuse anyone regarding the coordinates of the simultaneous placing of two p atom packets in one absolute location at the same point in time.

What will happen is the data will be overwritten in ram memory, only the data that came second will be said to exist in real time because the program is executed in absolute steps of whole number amounts since there is no half execution of a function, the function will execute or it will not execute or it will crash the program and the entire program will cease to run and the screen will go blank if the function is interrupted and does not return a value, which is what functions do.
A function is a sub process that the main program asks to do a task. And it might ask it to do it on a separate thread, which would equate though to being in a separate reality.
Either way the main program asks the function a question, what is the value of x given these parameters which are variables that now contain values, and the function calculates the total and returns the amount while the main program either waits, or carries on and keeps checking back for a result.

In any case, the screen itself being a mechanical device only has one pathway into it for data and the data lines up in a row. When the entire matrix of data is shifted from ram memory to screen in a block it overwrites the previous data.
The scene changes as it does that.

And the data that was combined in ram memory which constitutes that single block of image data, has limits as to how great a value can be placed there. And if you add the two atomic values then they exceed the limit and if limits are checked for, (laws of physics automatically provide limits before an omega point then a change of phase occurs) then the program will either simply make the pixel white, if that is the limit value or provide a mechanism to reduce the excess proportionally. (divine intervention needed there)

Without divine intervention, the combination of two nuclei will turn white and realize the limit which in the case of nuclei is E=mc2.

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 08:55 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

...sea gull flying backwards as time reverses...

However in this case we are dealing with a highly skilled highly trained Samurai avenger, and he has eyes in the back of his head. He senses the vibrations of a backwards flying seagull behind him and the hairs, stand up on his neck.
Instantly he spins and cleaves the backwards flying bird in two lengthwise and watches as his sword travels through the body and it is unaffected, still flying backwards now towards his face, and the last thing he wants, under ANY circumstances, is to take a backwards flying seagull in the face, so he ducks.

Is he in danger of insects entering his sh ka boom!

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

Two seven niner we have a t shift in sector seven, quandrant 4 of the Titan galaxy Milky Way, spiral arm, looks to be on a planet please investigate... "Roger that"

So we investigate the scene. Let's retrace his steps.

Let's go back in time.

Lets jump back to a coordinate time approximately when the combined atomic values in the one absolute space and time maxed out at E=mc2. So now then who is to say, that the values in the p atom packet, should be added and not overwritten? (1) And who is to say if the atoms should be added and reach or exceed an omega point? (2) and who is to say that no mechanism exists in the real universe where there exists a law that two nuclei cannot occupy the same space. But what if they do in the real universe? They would combine or cancel out or some combination of the two according to wave theory.

One thing is abundantly clear though, what is important is what occurs in the absolute now.

So in the absolute now, at what point is the value realized? At what point is it measured or accepted as a result? It occurs in the absolute now, (cause) and then gives rise to reaction (effect) and there must then be a checking of values which determines if the value has reached the Omega point.

So then is that moment of checking physical? Yes, it is merely a result. But is it checked by a third party?
It would have to be. Even if the third party was the law itself.
It must be tested against the law of physics in one moment, in time.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

So even though our Samurai avoided the seagull with his swiftness and abilities, a mere insect was crawling backwards and touched his shoe. The ant atom, occupied the same space-time as an atom in the Samurai silk slipper, and combined according to wave theory which pushed it over the Omega point, its combined mass created a deep gravity well, and? Did it exceed the Schwarzschild radius by proportion, of diameter vs mass and fall back in time, to become a (wait for it) black hole? Or, did it implode, and then explode like a miniature supernova?

It may according to Bose Einstein condensate experiments.

So at one extreme the result is zero or less than zero? In a computer program you needn't go into negative result unless you plan on using that amount. You might just want to know well did it cross zero into negative territory where zero is the Omega point? So then we will portray that area as? black.
Is there a hole there?
The values have canceled out according to wave theory. But have they gone into a negative result, below the level of detection, into the Dirac Sea/Quantum Foam/ past the flat-line of absolute zero?
Yes maybe you should have put on your Persinger Helmets before you read this post. lol

If it implodes past the flat-line disappears then explodes - reappears, then something exists below zero.

The flat-line is absolute now.
(bing, publish or perish...)

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

... as the ant crawled backwards in time and made contact with the Samurai shoe going forward in time...

as the two (one from each) nuclei combined by pure chance in one place and time, they imploded and then exploded, and he felt a pin prick in his foot. Then another and searing pain as the ant, crawled backwards through his foot.
He could feel his foot getting wet as the covalent bonds were disrupted.
Atoms in the air were hitting his face.


Should this cause him concern?

From the moment he began going backwards, air molecules began appearing in his entire body.
Instantly, he got the bends and his head, exploded.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

So then what if his shields were up? You cannot shield from air molecules that on that time-line occupy that space since when that occurred, the Samurai was not there in that space physically preventing the air molecules from occupying that space.

And so as you retrieve the data from the time stream, in each instance the p atom packets contain no Samurai data, unless you were God or a programmer and knowing the details of Samurai signature, and intervene, and say if you do see a Samurai atom, then my friends, we must make way, since he has used the sign of the tree squid.

So the function when it applies wave theory, to combine or cancel or combination thereof, gives way to the Samurai.
And only the Samurai's atoms may occupy that spot. And it is only confined to the Samurai this exclusion principle, but it completely exempts every single atom that constitutes his person since each atom carries with it, the sign of the tree squid in its p atom packets.
Except his clothes of course.
Which systematically and instantaneously on contact with the air, combust or explode in places and disappear in others.
Not good. For our already disappointed Samurai.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

When our Samurai, shifted laterally, and a bit vertically, ( he is so fast, that his shadow, can scarcely keep up with him. sub text old school) then left the time-stream, past the now, and time began to move backwards, but not for him, he spawned a child process. He made the sign of the tree squid, and the OS ignited the fires of shotokon, and gave priority to his atoms but could not grant such protection to his clothes, which do not carry his birth signature and if it did all clothes would be immortal. And that, is taboo.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by Rocketman7

It was raining. The pavement dark and slick the dead of night lit barely by the street lights partially blocked by the semi-trailers as lightning crashed and there, was Ahnold. Naked Olympian, gladiator of the future, less than embarrassed of his prominence, protected by a spherical field that glowed blue where air molecules met.

The sphere itself, originating in a point, growing as a sphere and displacing the atoms, it has imploded into our time frame, he has appeared, in that sphere, now protected but only for a brief moment, he rolls, exiting the sphere, as the sphere quickly shrinks back out of sight. Bosenova

Somehow they have created a time ball, that has shrunk so small that it has gone below the flat-line of absolute zero has entered negative time, disappeared in their time, and appeared in our time, then rebounded back into their time. While in this time for a brief moment at the top of the cycle, Ahnold rolls into our time, and stands up.

His signature is recognized by the Matrix or is that even necessary?

He is not wearing any clothes, so the clothes are not an issue he will now put on clothes which are in this time frame.
Critical part here the scene is not going backwards at all and he is not opposed to the normal arrow of time.

Yet he must have been in order to arrive from the future must he not?

His time-travel would have to be instantaneous. Yet he will occupy the same space as air atoms which exist already as soon as he appears.

So prior to his appearing, miraculously through a child process, a bubble is inserted, which displaces the air atoms and road atoms as it grows. Ahnold enters vacuum inside bubble and would die, except he is made of space-age materials. Titanium skeleton, synthetic skin, and high impact plastics.

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