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Dear CNN

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by FreedomKnight
The day after the latest debate I wanted to blast fox's biased coverage, so I went to their 'contact' page. While i was able to send quite a few different correspondents a piece of my mind, I noticed that Judge Napolitanos 'Freedom Watch' was not there. Another example of their 'fairly un-balanced' coverage.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 01:34 PM

Oh geez...with all the "bully" reporters...maybe Ron Paul should have Palin as his running mate.

You they can avoid all those tought "gotcha" questions.

Seriously??? It's not even a "gotcha question"! It's something form his past that been hashed and rehashed to DEATH. There's nothing else on him that's dirty so they keep picking at the same old wound.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by beezzer

It's one thing if he never answered the question, but in Ron Paul's defense he answered the same question the day before to CNN and answered Gloria Booger's inquiry about the allegation again. I don't blame RP for becoming annoyed and walking's simply annoying. Haven't you been agitated by someone asking a question you already answered and then they ask you the same question differently? I personally have and it bugs the HELL out of me. You get to the point of either throwing your hands in the air and walking away or EXPLODING.

Dr. Paul is gaining strong support from black Americans and quite frankly the MSM, TPTB, and the other GOP candidates are doing whatever they can to derail Ron Paul and they're having a VERY hard time.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by FreedomKnight
He could have answered the questions 50 times in 50 ways with 50 different people.

None of it matters if he didn't answer the 51st time. Because that is ALL that anyone will report.

Perception is a bitch.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by beezzer

True. But we can agree it's annoying.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by FreedomKnight
reply to post by beezzer

True. But we can agree it's annoying.

Oh hell, brother. You're preaching to the choir there

But politics doesn't rely on facts. Hell, if politics relied on facts and backgrounds Obama would still be a state senator!

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 05:33 PM
The dinosaur media is dying. Its true that the majority of people still get their information from this propaganda matrix but their audience is dropping fast.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 05:36 PM
FreedomKnight, kindly gimme their email i wanna write em an email too (:

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 06:00 PM
Wake up CNN doesn't give a @$#@$ about your comments being sent to there sandboxed comment box.. WAKE UP Its the ceos of the company that count.... thats the organizations achilles heel.. Come on Atsers your better then this..

Merry xmas!


Dick Parsons CEO
212-484-8000 vcard 08-27-11
Richard Parsons Chairman and CEO
212-484-8000 vcard 10-13-11
Cynthia Buck Owner
785-626-9098 vcard 10-20-

Coult not get Jeffrey Bawkes email.. comment boxes dont get anything done..

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 06:04 PM
I hope they enjoy getting poop packages in their mail box. do you know that i poop twice a day?
I have a lot of poop to share with them.
and i will kindly exlain to them that i will never watch their news again and tell everyone else to stop watching it.
also i will curse a lot.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by PinkiePie

well you can send them virtual poop at least now.. lmao

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 08:54 PM
Her name is Gloria B-O-R G-E-R , not Borgen!

Line 2....Ron Paulites for proper spelling.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 09:18 PM
Let see. I guess because some snobby little bi@#h of a reporter didn't feel he answered her question, she has a right to pester him over and over and over again. The man has answered this question for the last several YEARS.

Oh.. here is CNN from 2008

Here's another one from the LAST election.. from CNN

More explanation

So.. they finally give the man some media coverage and this is ALL they can come up with.

Let's see the other candidates.

Mitt Romney has got his lips glued to Israels ass. As far as he is concerned, to hell with America, so long as he can get those Israeli dollars. Oh.. that and everything else out of his mouth is Anti-Abortion Anti-Abortion Anti-Abortion...

Michelle Bachman... I hope I don't even have to go here. Her ignorance is astounding.

Newt Gingrich.. here's a guy who found Catholicism from his girlfriend. The one who he was cheating on his wife with. Basically has labeled all Muslims terrorists. Racist much?

Rick Perry is openly Anti-Gay. Do we have any backlash against him? Is CNN jumping up his rear end asking him several questions over and over and over? He wants to drug test welfare recipients. I guess that could be spun as racist couldn't it?

I would also like to direct readers to the following ATS posting:

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 11:10 PM
i don't blame paul for walking out. he's ignored and when they do interview him, they never ask him relevant questions.

he just sits there. they even ignore him when he's the sole guest.

paul is an obviously intelligent person with a wealth of inside knowledge and all they do is ask him stupid, irritating questions that have absolutely no relevance with anything.

like how he likes iowa.

if i were paul, and he gets elected, i'd revoke every press pass and give the secret service shot to kill orders on wolf blitzer and anyone working for cnn.

i would blackball all of them. and ban them from the white house. i wouldn't even release a daily press briefing.
no more scoops, white house "sources", state dinners, no more walking in and out of the white house, black tie affairs and first name basis.

posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 02:11 AM
The media, and obviously some members of this forum will do whatever they can to distract us from the real issues.

To everyone crying over the newsletter take a look at the multiple videos a member posted several replies before mine.

We've been through this before. Oh and i really don't see Paul walking away from the interview as a big deal. The man puts up with so much BS day in and day out i really don't blame him. And no, that is not some lame excuse a RP supporter is making for him, it's the truth. If you were in a similar position i bet you'd do the same thing, after cursing the "reporter" out.

I'm so sick of people that are so afraid of change, and so scared of the unknown that they'll do whatever it takes to keep things the same. The country is a mess, and you're destroying yourself.

Let's try to stick to the REAL issues, not this childish propaganda.

Or, keep being scared and succumb to the media's lies.

It's working on some of you i see.

posted on Dec, 27 2011 @ 10:18 AM
the issue between Ron Paul and the media is simple. Ron Paul knows what he is talking about and the Media knows this to and so, the Media is ORDERED by its handlers to derail Paul's message. Thats it. Example:

1. Ron Paul knows that the economic problems in the U.S. (and world for that matter) is because of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is a private stockholder company that should not be in charge of the economy. The Fed Reserve Act of 1913 is unconstitutional. Paul wants to disband the Fed and the Media knows he is right as does anyone who understands the nature of the Fed and its illegal hold on our economy. JFK also understood this and began to print money through the U.S. Treasury which should be in control of the U.S. economy.

2. Ron Paul understands the nature of the military industrial complex which is not some conspiracy theory but a fact of U.S. history. Case in point...Eisenhower warned of the Military industrial complex on his way out the door and Kennedy also spoke about it though he did not name it. Paul understands that war is money. He knows that we get into war for profit and in so doing, we put private companies (halliburtan ahead of the interests of common U.S. citizens. This is pure facism. Paul understands that the U.S. needs to stop going to war simply to servee the military industrial complex. The Media understands this to and so they attack Paul.......

These are the reason the Media is NOT ALLOWED to support Paul in any way. Everything such as racism etc is a smokescreen to confuse the issue. Sadly it works quite effectively on U.S. citizens because they have been dumped down through sex and sports (two marxis planks used to distract a citizenery from Government activities aka...also known as "bread and circus"...........

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by Elsha

Thanks, Elsha. I believe you have clearly described the current state of the msm and who controls it. What's wrong with your picture is this. Judge Napolitano has been openly campaigning for RP, and even though fox 'business' is less visible than fox 'news', what he's been saying is powerful stuff. How is he (the judge) getting this by them? It doesn't add up.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by dillweed

If he's allowed on tv...he's part of it. The Powers That Be have no issues dropping truth here and fact...they are doing it more and more now.......

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by Elsha
Yeah, you're right. For a minute there I thought we might have a chance. They have to appear as though they don't control everything, but the key word is 'appear'. Let's hope 'judge' reaches as many as possible while he's 'allowed'.

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