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French lawmakers face ire of Turkey in vote on punishing denial of genocide of Armenians

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posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 04:39 PM
There are two threads in one. One part about is about the French law but the OP is also a believer of the legitimity of the use of the term genocide regarding these events.

I hate the law. It prevents research on this subject in France de facto.
You can ban opinions and thoughts but they don't go away for so little.
Only with education and knowledge, you can fight ignorance. Sweeping uncomfortable topics under the carpet can backfire.

I don't have any formed and definitive opinion on if this qualifies objectively as a genocide or not.

I am just a lazy coward doing nothing of relevance. I watch the freak show as I have discovered George Carlin described it.

For years, several proeminents historians were criticised for denying the reality of the Armenian genocide because they were Jewish and accused of being politically biased. This was when Turkey was Israel's most important ally in the region.
Amongst them, the distinguished scholars Bernard Lewis and Guenter Lewy.

I am not saying they were lying. Don't distort or exploit my comments.
They may be right and still be embolden to defend their views against the majority because of their personal bias, a majority view based on bias or on accepted cultural conformity. Scholars don't have any magic antidote against subjectivity.

The issue is very political and ideological. The interpretation of what really happened seems to depend a bit on international politics. Like most of taught history. This is my strong opinion.

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 09:54 AM
French President Sarkozy, a supporter of this legislation, has promised to submit a new bill with revised language. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told reporters that Ankara would consider lifting economic sanctions and the reinstatement of political and military cooperation with France.

Hear is what Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated in recently in March...

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who branded the legislation “discriminatory and racist ...
read article here

What many are not aware of is what is currently happening in Turkish schools for a number of years now ....

Children Exposed to Racist Propaganda Movie - 18 February 2009, Wednesday

A "documentary" on the events of 1915 prepared by the Turkish army incites protest by NGOs and individuals. The nation-wide showing of the propaganda material in schools will instil hatred in a whole generation they warn.

The General Staff of the Turkish Army has prepared a six-part “documentary”, which was sent to all primary schools through the province authorities of the Ministry of Education. The DVDs are to be shown to children “at a convenient time”, and schools are to report back on the effects of the film by 2 March, so a letter sent to schools by the Ministry in January.

One of Turkey's most controversial issues
The film is named after a well-loved folk song, “Sarı Gelin” (Blonde Bride), a song whose melody is known in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia, yet, so the vehement critics, the film has nothing to do with promoting intercultural understanding.

The full title of this “documentary” is “Sarı Gelin: The Inside Story of the Armenian Problem”, and it was sent out to primary schools in June 2008.

It deals with the events of 1915, when, so many Armenian's and also an increasing number of Turks say, millions of Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Empire were forcibly sent into exile across to Syria. Definitions of the event range from a genocide (i.e. a deliberate plan to eradicate an ethnic group) to claims that the government was at the least negligent in letting so many people starve, die of exhaustion or be killed by gangs. The Turkish official discourse has long been to deny any wrongdoing, and rather blame nationalist Armenian gangs for causing upheaval in the Ottoman Empire and killing Turkish civilians.

A recent rapprochement between Turkish President Abdullah Gül and Armenian Serzh Sargsyan, as well as an initiative by Turkish intellectuals to apologise for the events of 1915 seemed to be indications of a lessening of polarisation. However, critics of this “documentary” say that it reiterates the Turkish nationalist stance.
"A generation fed on hatred"

The education trade union Eğitim-Sen has demanded that schools immediately stop showing this film. Trade union leader Zübeyde Kılıç told bianet that their report on the film would be published within a week, and that they may go to court in order to prevent further screenings at schools. According to Kılıç, the film would teach 12 million children, aged 6-14, to hate Armenian's and anyone who is different. It would “create a generation fed on hatred.”

She added, “These children are at an age when they accept information without interpreting it, when they accept what they are told as the truth, and when things are stored in their memory. It will be impossible for a child watching this film not to feel hatred for Armenian's.”

“As for the Armenian children (i.e. citizens of Turkey who will also be exposed to this film), they may be marginalised or discriminated against afterwards. This worry may lead to them hiding their identities.” Kılıç has called on an education which would teach the events of 1915, as well as other controversial parts of Turkey’s history, in a way that would heal wounds. “But this film encourages conflict.”

"Human rights violation"
The foundation added, “This documentary is using a language of hostility and discrimination to sow seeds of hatred in a society where hostility towards Armenian's exists already. The ‘justified reasons’ for this hostile attitude towards people who are ‘not one of us’ is built on manipulative and selective ‘arguments’ put forward in the film. The young pupils watching this film will accept those claims as the truth.”

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 09:54 AM
Continued from above post... Children Exposed to Racist Propaganda Movie

The History Foundation further said, “All these children and their families are citizens with equal rights in this country. It should be expected from the Ministry of Education that it would respect such sensitivities in its practices. A safe environment, and societal peace, can only be created when education practices are in tune with such an understanding of citizenship. Damaged children’s brains can only stand in the way of societal peace.” Full Article

It was Prime Minister Erdoğan stated that the French legislation was discriminatory and racist really holds not weight considering Turkey denies freedom of speech, and is seen to be indoctrinating their most young and fragile.

Court Did not Stop Racist Documentation "Sarı Gelin" The case filed by the International Hrant Dink Foundation against the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education related to the screening of the controversial "Sarı Gelin" documentary at Turkish schools was dismissed by the Administrative Court. Read further ....

There is a long history with how the Turk's treated Armenian people. An old Armenian church (AD 1579) in Surat (India) was destroyed by the Mogul governor at the instigation of the Turkish merchants who came to Surat, after their pilgrimage to Mecca, for the purpose of buying goods.

There is a law in Turkey (Art 301 ), that has only been voted in 2004, which says that anyone "who offends the Turkish identity, Republic or the Turkish Parliament, will be punished by imprisonment between 6 months and three years ".

Seems to me Turkey has some serious problems when it comes to self-criticism.

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