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French lawmakers face ire of Turkey in vote on punishing denial of genocide of Armenians

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

Thank you for sharing this with us. I am Armenian also. It just shows the propaganda behind things when history books are full of the Jewish genocide, and don't peep a word about the Armenian's. Again thank you for posting.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by jeenyus2008

It was my pleasure to post this, the Armenian genocide does not get the attention that it deserves. It saddens me that certain parties go to such extreme lengths to belittle it and act as if it wasn't worthy of being compared to the Jewish Holocaust. The Holocaust business is big money, they don't want the Armenians cashing in on the pie.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 11:35 AM
I think this very post proves why France is wrong

There is debate here, with people putting logical arguments forward from both sides, however in France now one side of the argument would be at risk of being imprisoned

The only time governments should be involved in curtailing free speech is when there is a deliberate personal attack on a person, group or ethnicity that is likely to stir hatred and possibly promote violence, for example some one screaming for the blood of all Jews or black people should be told and if needed forced to shut up.

Government is thinking it rules us, when it should remember it serves us, a strong reminder is due I think

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by 23432

Other side of the story.

and heres the other..

"The Turks who deny the Armenian Genocide claim that it never happened, that the Armenians deserved it anyway, and that the available evidence touted by the Armenians is propaganda or forgery."

from the evidence of this thread , i am inclined to agree

"Robert Fisk: Living proof of the Armenian genocide
The US wants to deny that Turkey's slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 was genocide. But the evidence is there, in a hilltop orphanage near Beirut"

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 06:16 PM
Freedom of speech and thought. You can't just ban ideas because they offend people. If the world worked that way nearly every idea would be illegal.........

Thought crimes = Bad news
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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 07:59 PM
what happened to the bones? Just google images Armenian genocide...that's a lot of bones. Incredible that they still deny this, and what a shame. I know a few Armenians who lost their entire families. Turkey has some bad karma...I know a few Cypriots too.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by scary
what happened to the bones? Just google images Armenian genocide...that's a lot of bones. Incredible that they still deny this, and what a shame. I know a few Armenians who lost their entire families. Turkey has some bad karma...I know a few Cypriots too.

There are no mass graves , no remains , no official documents with order to kill any Armenian .

Get to know some Turks and ask them what they think has happened .

You may reach a more balanced view of things which relates to Turks - Armenians and Genocides , how about a more recent Genocide but this time it was other way around :

What Has Happened in Hocali?

On the night of the 25th of February connecting to the 26th, after closing the entry and exit of the Hocali town with the support of 366th Regiment in the region, Armenian Armed Forces murdered 613 people according to the official figures without distinguishing civilians, women, children and elderly people. 83 of them were children, 106 of them were women and more than 7 of them were elderly people. Normally, even in the most intense wars, this group was held outside the war, but Armenians brutally tortured and murdered even the elderly, women and children. From this massacre a total of 487 seriously injured people were survived. 1275 people taken as hostages and 150 people were lost. Examination on the bodies proved that most of the bodies were burnt, eyes were cut out, body parts including the ears, noses and heads were cut off. Even the pregnant women and children faced the same violence.

Hocali Genocide in the Western Press

- Krua l’Eveneman Magazine (Paris), February 25, 1992: The Armenians attacked Hocali. The whole world was witness to the bodies savagely murdered. Azeri are talking about the death of thousands.

- Sunday Times Newspaper (London), March 1, 1992: Armenian soldiers destroyed thousands of families.

- Financial Times Newspaper (London), March 9, 1992: Armenians shoot the army heading to Ağdam. Azeri counted approximately 1200 bodies. Lebanese cameraman confirmed that the wealthy Armenian Dashnak lobby sends weapons and troops to Karabakh.

- Times Newspaper (London), March 4, 1992: A lot of people have taken terrible conditions, an innocent girl’s head was left only.

- Izvestiya Newspaper (Moscow) March 4, 1992: The camera showed children whose ears were cut off. A woman’s face was cut in half. Men’s scalps were skinned.

- Le Monde Newspaper (Paris) March 14, 1992: The press on the Ağdam has seen women and children whose scalps were skinned among the murders in Hocali. They saw three people whose nails were removed.This is not an Azeri propaganda, this is a fact.

- İzvestiya Newspaper (Moscow) March 13, 1992: Major Leonid Kravets: “I was approximately one hundred corpses on the hill. One boy was headless. Everywhere was full of women, children and elderly who was tortured and murdered.”

- Valer Actuel Magazine (Paris) March 14, 1992: In this “autonomous region” Armenian Armed Forces had new technology and helicopters manufactured in the Near East. ASALA had military camps and weapon storages in Syria and Lebanon. Armenians attacked more than one hundred Muslim towns and murdered Azerbaijanis in Karabakh.

- R. Patrik, British Journalist (had been in the scene of crime): “The brutality in Hocali cannot be justified in the public!!!”

- Golos Ukraini: V Stacko: War has no face. There are only lots of masks, bloody tears, death, unhappiness, destruction. Why did they murder babies in Hocali, or the mothers? When the God wants to punish the people, he gets people’s mind.

- Nie Newspaper, Violetta Parvanova (Bulgaria): “Hocali is the tragedy of mankind.”

- March 3, 1992, BBC Morning News, 7.37 broadcast announced the situation as follows: “Our journalist mentioned he has seen more than 100 Azeri men, women and children, including the babies. They are murdered by close range head shot.”

- March 16, 1992, Newsweek, the article presented by Pascal Privat and Steve Le Vine: “Last week, Azerbaijan was again like a basement of a morgue; dozens of corpses brought to temporary morgue established in the back of a mosque, and mourning refugees. They were the Azeri residents of the Hocali town of Upper Karabakh, which is occupied by Armenian troops on February 25 and 26. Most of them were shot from close range while they were trying to escape, others had shattered faces, and some of them had skinned scalps and faces…”

- Human Rights Watch: Hocali massacre is characterized as the most comprehensive civilian slaughter since the occupation of Karabakh.

- American Journalist Thomas Goltz: “My photographer friend was so affected; I had to push him over the objects in order for him to take pictures. Bodies, graves; yes, they all required a stomach. But we had to tell the world what happened.

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 08:48 PM
I know Turks too. Unlike the dead Armenians, they think nothing happened..and they just all died...from nothing.

I dunno, sort of like these people.

lots of dead Armenians in piles

Indeed, international nonchalance over the Armenian genocide emboldened Hitler. In his August 1939, he asked rhetorically, “Who after all is today speaking of the destruction of the Armenians?” in a chilling harbinger to Holocaust of his own making. “The world believes only in success,” he added, justifying his potential invasion of Poland and all the horrors that calamitous event would unleash.

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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 08:56 PM
More imaginary non dead Armenians.

I wonder. If the Turks had not slaughtered the Armenians, if, in turn the Armenians after countless years of being told they weren't dead...just got mad and then didn't get even. People do stuff like that...that is why we can't have nice things, like world peace. Look at the Jewish revenge of their genocide. Nice. It just keeps going round. Turks in Cyprus...that is why they weren't permitted in the EU...that....and none of the Western countries wanted MORE Muslims than they are already dealing with.

more dead Armenians who don't know they weren't genocided

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by scary
I know Turks too. Unlike the dead Armenians, they think nothing happened..and they just all died...from nothing.

I dunno, sort of like these people.

lots of dead Armenians in piles

Indeed, international nonchalance over the Armenian genocide emboldened Hitler. In his August 1939, he asked rhetorically, “Who after all is today speaking of the destruction of the Armenians?” in a chilling harbinger to Holocaust of his own making. “The world believes only in success,” he added, justifying his potential invasion of Poland and all the horrors that calamitous event would unleash.

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You are showing me pictures of starved Armenians . Probably about upto 100 of them .

This pictures proves that people died from starvation , Armenians also died too . I guess you are not counting the non Armenian deaths .

Hitler quote is also bogus too .

Lots of human beings died due to starvation , disease , cold .

No bones , No mass graves , No documents ordering the killings of Armenians .

I don't know about you but if someone is screaming murder ; I would like to see the body , I would like to see the weapon and if possible I would like to prove intent .

This is a politically motivated movement which is part of the infamous " Keep Turk out of Europe "policy in action .

If there was a real crime , there would be a real trial in the Court of Law .

Instead , you have about 60 out of 557 French MP's passing a law which turns Voltaire's vision into Dante's Hell .

This law is afront to all that French stands for ; namely , Liberty , Justice & Equality .

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by scary

Just out of curiosity , do you know how many non Armenians also died in same conditions within the same geographical areas ?

Turks and Armenians lived together for about 900 years and had no problems . In fact Armenians were called " The Most Trusted Nation " within the Ottoman Empire .

You are telling me that one day these Turks decided to kill off all the Armenians .

Then you are telling me that they have coordinated this effort to kill off the Armenians without any kind of official communication i.e telegrams or letters .

Then you are telling me that they have succesfully killled about 1.5 milllion people and gotten rid off the evidence of doing it .


I am sceptical and I wait for real evidence to be submitted to a Court of Law by the accuser .

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 10:02 PM
I'm sorry for you, really. Even Hitler spoke of the genocide, it probably gave him some ideas of his own...since no one cared about the Armenians, I am sure he thought he could get away with it too. The people who took the photos were very clear about what they were photographing. Armin T. Wegner could not have been more clear. The American ambassador knew about it too.

Henry Morgenthau Sr., the neutral American ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, sent a cable to the U.S. State Department in 1915: "Deportation of and excesses against peaceful Armenians is increasing and from harrowing reports of eye witnesses [sic] it appears that a campaign of race extermination is in progress under a pretext of reprisal against rebellion."

Morgenthau's successor as Ambassador to Turkey, Abram Elkus, cabled the U.S. State Department in 1916 that the Young Turks were continuing an ". . . unchecked policy of extermination through starvation, exhaustion, and brutality of treatment hardly surpassed even in Turkish history."

Even a Turkish government admitted it was genocide.

Only one Turkish government, that of Damad Ferit Pasha, has ever recognized the Armenian genocide. In fact, that Turkish government held war crimes trials and condemned to death the major leaders responsible.

The Turkish court concluded that the leaders of the Young Turk government were guilty of murder. "This fact has been proven and verified." It maintained that the genocidal scheme was carried out with as much secrecy as possible. That a public facade was maintained of "relocating" the Armenians. That they carried out the killing by a secret network. That the decision to eradicate the Armenians was not a hasty decision, but "the result of extensive and profound deliberations." Ismail Enver Pasha, Ahmed Cemal Pasha, Mehmed Talât Bey, and a host of others were convicted by the Turkish court and condemned to death for "the extermination and destruction of the Armenians."

Even the Jews got on board.

Israel officially condemned the Armenian Genocide as Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin proclaimed on the floor of the Knesset (the Israeli legislature), on April 27, 1994, in answer to the claims of the Turkish Ambassador, that "It was not war. It was most certainly massacre and genocide, something the world must remember."

But you're right, many of them did starve to death, just like the American Indians did during their forced removal.

The genocidal intent of the CUP measures was also evidenced by the mass killings that accompanied the deportations. Earlier, Armenian soldiers in the Ottoman forces had been disarmed and either worked to death in labor battalions or outright executed in small batches. With the elimination of the able-bodied men from the Armenian population, the deportations proceeded with little resistance. The convoys were frequently attacked by bands of killers specifically organized for the purpose of slaughtering the Armenians. As its instrument of extermination, the government had authorized the formation of gangs of butchers—mostly convicts released from prison expressly enlisted in the units of the so-called Special Organization, Teshkilâti Mahsusa. This secret outfit was headed by the most ferocious partisans of the CUP who took it upon themselves to carry out the orders of the central government with the covert instructions of their party leaders. A sizable portion of the deportees, including women and children, were indisciminately killed in massacres along the deportation routes. The cruelty characterizing the killing process was heightened by the fact that it was frequently carried out by the sword in terrifying episodes of bloodshed. Furthermore, for the survivors, their witnessing of the murder of friends and relatives with the mass of innocent persons was the source of serious trauma. Many younger women and some orphaned children were also abducted and placed in bondage in Turkish and Muslim homes resulting in another type of trauma characterized by the shock of losing both family and one's sense of identity. These women and children were frequently forbidden to grieve, were employed as unpaid laborers, and were required to assimilate the language and religion of their captors.

The government had made no provisions for the feeding of the deported population. Starvation took an enormous toll much as exhaustion felled the elderly, the weaker and the infirm. Deportees were denied food and water in a deliberate effort to hasten death. The survivors who reached northern Syria were collected at a number of concentration camps whence they were sent further south to die under the scorching sun of the desert. Through methodically organized deportation, systematic massacre, deliberate starvation and dehydration, and continuous brutalization, the Ottoman government reduced its Armenian population to a frightened mass

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 10:06 PM
armenian genocide

fact sheet

Armin T. Wegner photos of genocide

I find it incredible that anyone would even attempt to deny something that even Hitler spoke about, let alone the U.S. government, and the Turkish government.

I suppose that my friends are merely imagining their missing families. I've spent a good deal of time in the South of France. I know exactly why the Turks were not welcome into the EU.

posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by 23432

they died of starvation on a death march , is a little difference

as for evidence of bones , graves etc , did you even watch or read the links provided?

As sad as it is Turkey is seen as reponsible for the armenian deaths by most countries/people most countries around the world , time for it to step up to the plate like so many others have done and admit responsibility for the horrors of the past , rather than maintain the brainwashing that seems to go on in turkey,re this incident and how it is taught
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[December 26, 1916]
Report by an Eye-Witness, Lieutenant Sayied Ahmed Moukhtar Baas.


In April 1915 I was quartered at Erzeroum. An order came from Constantinople that Armenians inhabiting the frontier towns and village be deported to the interior. It was said then that this was only a precautional measure. I saw at that time large convoys of Armenians go through Erzeroum. They were mostly old men, women and children. Some of the able-bodied men had been recruited in the Turkish Army and many had fled to Russia. The massacres had not begun yet. In May 1915 I was transferred to Trebizond. In July an order came to deport to the interior all the Armenians in the Vilayet of Trebizond. Being a member of the Court Martial I knew that deportations meant massacres.

The Armenian Bishop of Trebizond was ordered to proceed under escort to Erzeroum to answer for charges trumped up against him. But instead of Erzeroum he was taken to Baipurt and from there to Gumush-Khana. The Governor of the latter place was then Colonel Abdul-Kadar Aintabli of the General Staff. He is famous for his atrocities against the Armenians. He had the Bishop murdered at night. The Bishop of Erzeroum was also murdered at Gumush-Khana.

Besides the deportation order referred to above an Imperial "Iradeh" was issued ordering that all deserters when caught, should be shot without trial. The secret order read "Armenians" in lieu of "deserters". The Sultan's "Iradeh" was accompanied by a "fatwa" from Sheikh-ul-Islam stating that the Armenians had shed Moslem blood and their killing was lawful. Then the deportations started. The children were kept back at first. The Government opened up a school for the grown up children and the American Consul of Trebizond instituted an asylum for the infants. When the first batches of Armenians arrived at Gumush-Khana all able-bodied men were sorted out with the excuse that they were going to be given work. The women and children were sent ahead under escort with the assurance by the Turkish authorities that their final destination was Mosul and that no harm will befall them. The men kept behind, were taken out of town in batches of 15 and 20, lined up on the edge of ditches prepared beforehand, shot and thrown into the ditches. Hundreds of men were shot every day in a similar manner. The women and children were attacked on their way by the ("Shotas") the armed bands organised by the Turkish Government who attacked them and seized a certain number. After plundering and committing the most dastardly outrages on the women and children they massacred them in cold blood. These attacks were a daily occurrence until every woman and child had been got rid of. The military escorts had strict orders not to interfere with the "Shotas".

The children that the Government had taken in charge were also deported and massacred.

The infants in the care of the American Consul of Trebizond were taken away with the pretext that they were going to be sent to Sivas where an asylum had been prepared for them. They were taken out to sea in little boats. At some distance out they were stabbed to death, put in sacks and thrown into the sea. A few days later some of their little bodies were washed up on the shore at Trebizond.

In July 1915 I was ordered to accompany a convoy of deported Armenians. It was the last batch from Trebizond. There were in the convoy 120 men, 700 children and about 400 women. From Trebizond I took them to Gumish-Khana. Here the 120 men were taken away, and, as I was informed later, they were all killed. At Gumish-Khana I was ordered to take the women and children to Erzinjian. On the way I saw thousands of bodies of Armenians unburied. Several bands of "Shotas" met us on the way and wanted me to hand over to them women and children. But I persistently refused. I did leave on the way about 300 children with Moslem families who were willing to take care of them and educate them. The "Mutessarrif" of Erzinjian ordered me to proceed with the convoy to Kamack. At the latter place the authorities refused to take charge of the women and children. I fell ill and wanted to go back, but I was told that as long as the Armenians in my charge were alive I would be sent from one place to the other. However I managed to include my batch with the deported Armenians that had come from Erzeroum. In charge of the latter was a colleague of mine Mohamed Effendi from the Gendarmerie. He told me afterwards that after leaving Kamach they came to a valley where the Euphrates ran. A band of Shotas sprang out and stopped the convoy. They ordered the escort to keep away and then shot every one of the Armenians and threw them in the river.

At Trebizond the Moslems were warned that if they sheltered Armenians they would be liable to the death penalty.

Government officials at Trebizond picked up some of the prettiest Armenian women of the best families. After committing the worst outrages on them they had them killed.

Cases of rape of women and girls even publicly are very numerous. They were systematically murdered after the outrage.

The Armenians deported from Erzeroum started with their cattle and whatever possessions they could carry. When they reached Erzinjian they became suspicious seeing that all the Armenians had already been deported. The Vali of Erzeroum allayed their fears and assured them most solemnly that no harm would befall them. He told them that the first convoy should leave for Kamach, the others remaining at Erzeroum until they received word from their friends informing of their safe arrival to destination. And so it happened. Word came that the first batch had arrived safely at Kamach, which was true enough. But the men were kept at Kamach and shot, and the women were massacred by the Shotas after leaving that town.

The Turkish officials in charge of the deportation and extermination of the Armenians were: At Erzeroum, Bihas Eddin Shaker Bey; At Trebizond; Naiil Bey, Tewfik Bey Monastirly, Colonel of Gendarmerie, The Commissioner of Police; At Kamach; The member of Parliament for Erzinjian. The Shotas headquarters were also at Kamach. Their chief was the Kurd Murzabey who boasted that he alone had killed 70,000 Armenians. Afterwards he was thought to be dangerous by the Turks and thrown into prison charged with having hit a gendarme. He was eventually executed in secret.
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posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 05:28 AM
Here is a counter reaction from Turkey, accusing France of their own Genocide:

Turkey Now Accuses Slams France of Genocide

Turkey has accused France of committing genocide during its colonial occupation of Algeria.

The comments Friday by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan are the latest response to French legislators passing a bill making it a crime to deny that the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks nearly a century ago constitute genocide.

Erdogan says massacres were carried out by French colonialists in Algeria and that Algerians were burned in ovens.

The French bill still needs Senate approval. But after it passed the lower house, Erdogan halted bilateral political and economic contacts, suspended military cooperation and ordered his country's ambassador home for consultations.

It's always back and forth with these hypocrites.

posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 05:50 AM
reply to post by 23432

The evidence of a genocide does not lie solely with bones and remains. There are an innumerable number of testimonies from non Turk and non Armenian sources that cleary outline what was happening. If you are suggesting this is some massive anti - Turkish conspiracy then i'm afraid you are incorrect. Even neutral countries like Sweden witnessed such events (

Laws were passed, like the Temporary Law of Expropriation and Confiscation - that substantiated the Ottoman initiatives against the Armenians.

That there is no paper trail as such (regards specifically to genocide, as Ottoman documentation clearly outlines discriminatory acts undertaken as sampled above) seems entirely reasoned logic on the part of the Ottoman Empire - after all, why implicate yourself in a genocide?

posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by PoeteMaudit

Fair points, though evidence in this instance isn't just anecdotal (on many, many nations - pro, anti and neutral) but also based on laws passed by the Ottoman Empire regarding the taking of goods, possession and wealth, forced deportation etc. Hardly condusive to improving relations?

I am simply interested in ensuring the denial of ignorance, hence my comments on this website. It seems to me that in the absence of complete certainty (which is a rare enough element in any given situation), the reasonable conclusion is that killings, rape and cleansing took place, targeted at a group of people based on their ethnicity and religion.

A fact of history is still a fact. Theres a philosophical minefield here, but suffice to say there is a chasm of difference between a 'challenge' and a 'denial', as i'm sure we both know. I have not encouraged the unquestioning acceptance of the event that took place (please see my earlier posts) rather, that a deliberation over final casualities, for example, is not what this law threatens. This law threatens any who physically deny the genocide or trivialise it.

Granted that this issue becomes a moral one at points - remember that this isnt mind control on the French Gov.t's part - you can still think what you want - the law will prevent the perpetuation of extreme views on what has occured (I repeat again, questioning small details over the whens and how manys is still quite acceptable - questioning whether anything ever happened, or suggesting only 15,000 died is clearly not acceptable).

posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 12:18 PM
Here is another update in this drama fest between these two nations, instead of doing what's right and respecting the dead by finding common ground to stand on, they continue to bicker.

Turkey accuses Sarkozy of breaking promise on genocide bill

AFP - Turkey's deputy prime minister on Sunday accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy of breaking a promise that the parliament would not pass a bill criminalising the denial of genocide in Armenia.

French lawmakers voted on Thursday to jail and fine anyone in France who denies that the 1915 killings of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire amounted to genocide, prompting Turkey to suspend political and military cooperation with Paris.

Sarkozy had given assurances to Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the bill would fail, according to deputy prime minister Ali Babacan.

"I myself heard that during the meetings we had together. What happened last week then? Where is the promise?" he asked.

"(Keeping) a promise is very important in politics. If this promise is being made by a statesman, then this binds the state and the country," Babacan said.

France recognised the 1915 killings in of Armenians as genocide in 2001.

On Thursday the National Assembly approved a first step towards a law that would impose a jail term and a 45,000 euro ($60,000) fine on anyone in France who denies this.

The bill will now go to France's upper house, the Senate, and could become law next year.

Man, you really gotta watch what you say in Europe or you might find yourself in some serious trouble.

posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 01:59 PM
Let's recall the not so secretive talks between Barrack Obama - Sarkozy with the flammable comments: "I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar" which illustrated sarkozy's frustration to see no positive evolution in the gaza-band (withdrawal of troops/ peace talks).

The way i see it, penalizing the deniers of armenian genocide in Turkey is the first big chess move about occupied territories in the region, first Turkey then, yes you guessed it, the gaza band / israel.With Turkey sarkozy took an easy path as it's almost impossible to deny it happenned (as far as i know) , with gaza-israel it's more..tricky.

If it's not for that reason i say it's totally foolish to have a new foe such as Turkey.

posted on Dec, 25 2011 @ 03:20 PM

Turkey withdraws French ambassador after Armenian genocide vote

Turkey has recalled it ambassador from Paris in protest at a French bill making the denial of the Armenian genocide a criminal offence. France's lower house of parliament approved the bill, which makes it a crime to deny the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Armenians at the hands of Turkish Ottoman forces amounted to a genocide during World War I.

The National Assembly, was sparsely attended for a debate held a few days before the Christmas holiday, but around 50 lawmakers from all parties backed the bill and only a half dozen voted against.

The draft law will now be considered by the Senate and parliamentary committees, and may be enacted early next year, despite reported concerns from the foreign ministry about damage to France's ties with Turkey.

The law would impose a 45,000 euro fine and a year in prison for anyone in France who denies the genocide.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc strongly criticised the vote saying it was a "betrayal of history".

"I condemn the French parliament, which passed this bill meaning betrayal of history and historical truth," Arinc said on his Twitter account. "The French parliament... dimmed out history and truth by approving the bill."

Arinc accused the French lawmakers backing the bill of "bringing back the Inquisition", and he said the legislation was "evil-minded".

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip is expected to announce further measures in response to the vote on Friday.

France works with Turkey on dealing with the Iranian nuclear stand-off and the crisis in Syria, and French firms want to tap its large market, so the effects of a breakdown in relations could be major.

Meanwhile, Armenia's foreign minister thanked Paris for the vote saying France had "once again proved its commitment to universal human values".

This media circus is getting out of control. Turkey, just admit it, you committed genocide to the Armenians, the first step is admitting it, then you can proceed to make amends, if that's even possible.

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