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A Sensative Subject

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:42 PM
In wake of 9/11, which propogated the war on terrorism, and the subsequent intelligence agencies labeling the terrorist as ' Islamic Extremist, ' has come under fire from the Obama Administration and the State Dept.

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of the recent changes being made by this Administration in regards to how Law Enforcement officials will define a terrorist, and the challenges that we face in obtaining information on suspects by the rules of engagement being altered. In a thread I have recently started there is more info describing how this change transitioned the law in using Religious Intolerance as a definitive tool in implementing this approach to Religious Law outweighing Sovereign US Law and Free Speech.

Please read the link below for info...

Resolution adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council 16/18

The reason I am posting this thread is because it has become a very sensative subject, and in light of the new policy and it's zero tolerance initiative, how will we be able highlight issues that happen in America and elsewhere without rooting out the cause. And what will be done to those who oppose and ridicule America in the name of their religion, and give credence to terrorist using religious doctrine here in the US.

The example I am going to provide further details such a case, but it is not the only one. Okay anyways to the story. Let's begin.

In July of 2008 US forces captured an Al-Qaeda operative by the name of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist also known as "Lady al-Qaida."


Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist also known as "Lady al-Qaida," is serving an 86-year prison sentence after being convicted of attempting to assault and murder American officers in Afghanistan. Prosecutors say she grabbed an Army officer's M-4 rifle and fired it at another officer and other members of a U.S. interview team at an Afghan police compound in July 2008. She was originally detained by Afghan officials who found in her possession notes about a "mass casualty attack" in the United States, along with a list of New York landmarks.

Now that this is out of the way, here is the example of a religious leader promoting the above prisoner and using the religious context to validate her cause.

On December 8, Northeastern University Muslim Chaplain, Abdullah Faaruuq, attended a fundraiser where remarks were made about "Lady al-Qaida." And here are some of his words...also on the above source is a 40 or so second audio recording.


"What a brave woman she is," Faaruuq said at the fundraiser. "What a brave woman she continues to be, and how much her bravery and her faith and her belief warrants our support at this time." Had his mother been in Siddiqui's shoes, "she would have took (sic) her West Indian machete and cut her way through those kafirs [unbelievers]."

So my question is is what will be done about this, and how will the new policy issued to law enforcement curb this advancement of hate..It's no longer Islam as the problem, but after veiwing these articles it is very hypocritical. Because surely he is using Islam to inspire listeners and quite possibly his students at Northeastern to advance a supremacist ideal.

I am completely for dropping the extreme views labeling Islam and Muslims, but what vanguards are in place to stop activities such as this, or is this the agenda. Boy I sure hope not.

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