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Who needs doctrine and dogma? The important thing is to be good person.

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 12:20 AM

Originally posted by sHuRuLuNi
reply to post by colbe

Really colbe, in all earnestness now: Do you really believe God, the Almighty is talking to this woman? Really now?

It amazes me how naive people are today.

Just check this colbe: I have many root servers / domains / websites.

If I were to make a website tonight, claiming to receive messages from God, would you believe me? And if not, why not and why do you believe her then?

I love your question ShuRuLu,

I do believe for a lot of reasons. I accept that God speaks through prophets. He doesn't change, He always has, yes?

I was converted (reverted) by a message from Heaven, given by
Our Lord's mother here in the states (Conyers, Ga). I've shared, I felt the presence of God the Holy Spirit in me for the first time in my life that day in Conyers.

All of the prophecy I've read less two messengers in the last 13 years
lines up with Scripture and with Tradition, the writings of the Fathers
and holy saints from long ago said the same as the current prophets
are hearing now. And the Protestant messages from Heaven, ditto,
just not as explicit.

The messages are wonderful, no one speaks like that down here. They
show God, the Holy Trinity love us more than They love Themselves. The same for Our Lord's mother. And reading the prophetic, you see the humility of God, imagine. And I truly mean this, if the God revealed in prophecy doesn't exist, I don't want live.

Some of the secular prophesied has already happened.

blessings to you,


posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by charles1952

I'm being general in my comment and not addressing what Colbe is posting but comments by others about it.
I really don't see anything especially interesting in it, I guess is my point, nor do I find this sort of "prophecy" in anyway out of the ordinary. It just depends on where you are at, as in what sort of people you are around and what sort of things they are experiencing.
In my particular case, close to thirty years ago, I was in a room full of devotees to spiritual experience, meaning I was surrounded by experiencers and I became a sort of experiencer myself but did not let it have a free reign with me since I was not there specifically for that purpose, to have that sort of experience. I was mainly there because I was invited by my friend and I guess she got what she wanted. I thought it was a bit odd that this spirit came to me first, which I resisted, and it seemed to have after failing with me, found an accepting person in my friend who went right down that road or whatever, that this thing wanted to do with her. I did not hang out too much after that because it was clear enough to me that there was something seriously wrong with what was happening.
Now I can explain it, for anyone interested. I was explaining earlier the geographical context, which is the sort of facility it was. The personality aspect was that there was a specific person who was officiating in the venue, if that is the right way to explain what this thing was. What it was called was a Charismatic Renewal Prayer Meeting and the one in charge was a local doctor who was not an old person, which you may imagine from the title but was rather young and was at the time working the ER at the local hospital. He had an equally young wife who was enthusiastic about this sort of religious experience and there seemed to be this nice way about how it worked in a practical way as in how the meeting would progress in the time allowed for that week's allotted time slot, where he was all serious and would do the introductory thing and give a bit of a prepared sort of lecture and then give people opportunity to speak, then leading prayers and songs and then at an apparently appropriate time, the wife would go into this prophetic mode where she was taken by the spirit and give some lesson as if it was coming straight from the spirit of God as this divine message. Now there was no spoken rule about who could or could not be inspired and sing or speak in tongues or prophesy, and I guess it was sort of open to whoever the spirit chose to work through, or at least you would think that was implied by having a prayer meeting of this sort in the first place.
The thing was that when my friend started her prophesying it sort of upstaged the doctor's wife and I was watching this and it looked to me like there was a real resentment against her from this person who was previous to this like the star of the show. I just got a bad feeling about the whole thing and it sort of affirmed to me that I had made the right decision and right now thinking about it I feel I would have had a lot of resentment from some people for demonstrating something which they may have felt I had no right to, not having a high earthly status to be presuming to now all of a sudden seeming to have any sort of status whatsoever even if and maybe especially if, it was of a spiritual nature. This may seem rather cynical of me but it is maybe something about me personally that strikes people as somehow I need to be sort of pushed off into a corner or something for not being of the ideal type or something, meaning the stereotypical "good" Christian or something and could be something as simple as the clothes I wear or the lack of high quality hair styling, but in my own particular church it is all about being a "professional", meaning if you are not like a doctor or something of that level, then you are basically just scum.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by jmdewey60

Dear jmdewey60,

I basically agree with you and I'm glad to share experiences. My own interest does not lean toward those prophetic meetings. I, too, am uncomfortable there. There is room for many types of people and each type is susceptible to their own kind of trap. I think you've pointed out just one of the traps of the Charismatic movement.

I am not saying it's a bad movement, but it is not good for me.

With respect,

posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 11:11 PM
what ive learned long ago is that most people think there good. loving friends and family dont count. do you give money to panhandlers, do you discriminate or sterotype people based on half truths. what are your believes on people who are different , whos culture is different? what about criminals, do you love the child molester or rapist? most people are intolerent, judgemental, and dislike things that are different than what they are acustom to. No ones all good and loving especially the christian who cant wait to inform you that your going to burning in hell. if thats not mean and insensitive i dont know what is.

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