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How Many Countries Have Spoken Out About 9/11 and Corporate Slavery?

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 02:54 PM
Not many IMO, publically anyways. Consider Russia, the Russians must have known 9/11 was an inside job. Why have they not spoken out about it publically at the UN? I can only see one reason, all major governments excluding China are run by mega-corporations all owned by the banks. China I believe, is hoping that 9/11 finds itself on a road to self-destruction.

I wonder how deep down the chain of command in these mega-corporations the knowledge of the agenda goes before the information is "departmentalised". We know the banks are in command of all government operations underway at the momemt. This means, we have no idea who is "Commander in Chief", we do know however those in command are psychopathic.

Many at the base of the corporations are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They have to work to earn money yet they are working for those that seek tyranny. Yes I am talking about slavery, I am enslaved as are you. The first to be attacked and disposed of will be those whom have no employment within the mega-corporations, aka "non-contributers", alongside these non-contributers will be those that are screaming from the rooftops about the comming tyranny. The unemployed and potential freedom fighters will be rounded up fast, the heads of the corporations will not allow a hardened militia to form ranks. War criminals like Bush and Blair kmow thier days are numbered and must have known the risks they were taking when they went to war, This means that it won't be long now before marshal law is declared.

I can see what is going to happen in the United States but what is going to happen in the UK to declare marshal law is still a little unclear for me. In the USA it will take around 3 weeks to impose a corporate facist dictatorship.

I no longer believe it is in the Corporations interests to walk slowly and in small steps to stop the frog jumping out, I think the only option left for them is to turn the heat Right up and make a leap for the Government. This is what happened in 9/11 and that was to position themselves, to take final ownership of the government they will have to make 9/11 look like childs play.

I think TPTB did not consider the power of the Internet and how people communicate, a communicating public is a powerful public, TPTB have no choice but to stamp it out across the planet. China welcomes the SOPA bill with open arms.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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