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Medjugorje nun with Extraterrestrial contact

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 02:55 AM
Stefania Caterina's website
The following text is a translation from Italian (not a very good one) that appeared online after the Italian ecclesiastical sites such as Radio Maria published a pdf review of her writings (strongly negative). However, that only made her famous, because no one has ever heard about her before, and the popularity of Radio Maria and other sources was quite big among the believers in Medjugorje, so Sr Stefania became quite well known as well. By now we know she is no more a regular nun, and gives interviews for the Italian TVs (available on youtube in Italian). She has a book BEYOND THE GREAT BARRIER - PDF version (available on her website) where she reviews the Bible history together with the supposed extraterrestrial contacts. Quite interesting to be silenced anymore! Moreover, Sr Caterina has been in direct contact with the Medjugorje seers for years, though they seem not to directly have any connection to her private visions/revelations. At least we must know all of that, before making any judgment.

"The great Archangels and all the angels are sent in every point of the Universe to collect the faithful and support them in the tests. Your brothers the faithful will visit over time established by God and will help you. The Church of the earth will be called to give her great contribution, according to the plans of God "(St. Raphael Archangel, 28/7/2007).

This contribution involves the evangelization of the "other humanity, as well as that on Earth, who live on different planets", and the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire".

With regard to the "other humanity" scattered in the universe, there are those who are faithful to God, and those who are rebels. The rebellious humanity, precisely because do not like us, is linked to Satan with a Covenant, have a greater development and a more developed civilization, and Satan grants their powers and achievements used to destroy the faithful humanity, to achieve the "overwhelming superiority of the latter on all levels"; seek to establish contacts with the Earth "using telepathy, occultism, and with the help of powerful medium" and can sometimes visit our planet, but always under the strict supervision of the faithful of Alpha Centauri, so they are not so explicit.

Among the faithful humanity stands out clearly that of Alfa Centauri, which has kept many gifts of the original state of integrity. "However, some suffer the consequences of original sin for justice, because we belong to humanity that a majority has betrayed and was guilty before God "

The humanity of Alpha Centauri "has the highest degree of evolution in the universe", both spiritual and technological. On this planet, there is only one temple from which flows a source that gives water and the life. Among the best known, there is Aris - priest and king of my people, because with us these two aspects can not be divided. On our planet even priests have a bride, Who accompanies them in the life and mission. This is indispensable for us.

It is the brightest star in the constellation Centaurus, and is the fourth brightest star of the night sky.

Ashtar Sheran, the commander of interplanetary powerful fleet, is a scientist, engineer and designer, as well as his wife Kalna, while many women are among the crews of ships. "We share with the planets, which are ready to receive them, even our scientific and technological knowledge, for their own good, but not to satisfy the curiosity of anyone".

"Even now, our spaceships are in orbit around the Earth, on the orders of God, to prevent the humanity of the Earth from self destruction. We have so far prevented many disasters and wars on your planet. Our scientific discoveries go far beyond your reach".

Though strictly non-violent and therefore vegetarians, Alpha Centauri exercises an interplanetary mission police, "simply put out of use the weapons of others".

"God sends us in the universe to make those missions that the angels can not perform, since they don't have a body".

"one of the most important tasks of the Alpha Centauri is to command the vast interplanetary fleet. It is composed of the most powerful spacecraft and crews chosen, made available through the planets faithful to God". The flagship of the interplanetary fleet is so great that she can obscure the Earth with her shadow. These ships are "real cities". When the time is ripe, the extraterrestrials will arrive openly and visible to all. It is in the plans of God this to happen. Then the great interplanetary fleet will be placed above the Earth, and will be visible from every corner of the planet ".

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 04:06 AM
reply to post by Gliese581

A few things are very wrong with this picture:

A) They are selling the e-book
B) The Aliens are Christian (?)

C) The "our god is better than your god" argument.

This content may seem appealing to well-wishers who hope for some kind of dues-ex-machina resolve to modern problems, but let's be real: if they have not intervened before (at least publicly), we should not assume that extraterrestrials will intervene in our affairs now.

We could argue that our potential for destruction today far surpasses previous wars, and that could be a cause for concern for extraterrestrials; especially those who have special interests in our planet (i.e. oil, gold, habitability for population expansion).

I hope there is some alien intervention, but humanity was doomed from its genesis; even if aliens do intervene our nature and culture would remain unchanged. If anything our propaganda machines (msm) and government would call them terrorists and wage war against them.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:24 AM
"they" are not they but a banned nun who may find it difficult to make her living. I would not judge her for selling her own book. WHo doesn't do so? As far as I know, she still lives together with her ex-sisters, but that can change very quickly, depending on the superiors.

Some of the best known ET-UFO related people sell their stuff. Let me not quote them.

What I would ask more in the case of Stefania Caterina, is why she is attacked by her superiors (obviously the bishop, I don't know whether the local bishop of Medjugorje or another one). Seems the UFO story frightens very much some circles in the church. While others, such as Fr Funes, speak of possibility of life elsewhere. Let not assume that all inside catholic church is smooth and commanded as an army. I am a catholic who strongly believes in ET and am very angry that not so much has changed since Galileo. Thanks God some say the things as they are:

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