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World War III- Main Figures

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 01:50 AM
World War III is being planned and western politics will put on a show better than any Hollywood performance. The same Illuminati (Vatican, Anglican, Russian East Orthodox churches) and their infiltrators in the governments and their production company who brought you the wars of Operation of Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq are bringing you World War III featuring performances by an actor playing the AntiChrist.

Illuminati used Bin Laden to run around the world like a Red Flag in a Bull Fighting Matching bring the western nations Charging after him with a trail of destruction and invasion. The AntiChrist actor will be used to make western nations revolt against democracy for spiritual welfare only the churches can provide from the Satan and demons. This is why AntiChrist and superstitous movies are being made and propagated.

World War III will be used to send people into a fake war to reduce the population of the world and destory countries so that a new Christian system will be set up. The Illuminati counts success by how many people they get killed whether their own or the enemy as long as bodies are constantly hitting the floor. Illuminati are programmed in bloodlust using ceremonial murder and sexual perversion among many other methods to crosswire their preferences. If you can not understand the nature of the Illuminati its because they twist themselves to be as far from nature as possible.

World War III will feature an Arab Israel war that will hope to get all the nations in the world involved. It will be like a controlled demolition with basless hate used as the charges being setup everywhere. Once all the charges of oppositions are setup up, intense hate trances will be triggered causing clashes within nations and between nations.

Illuminati will try to place their AntiChrist actor in Israeli politics, which is the last real democracy left they are currently fighting a secret war and infiltration to over take. However, the Illuminati wont succeed in Israel like in America and every where else. Many people will perish in World War III the Illuminati has extreme amonts of power, but they will loose the third world war in Israel to the people who are living there, even when it looks like all is lost.

From Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Israel, will freedom come for all peoples of the world who will know one last time what the terriable Illuminati Church oppression is like when they give them a taste of the Dark-Ages.

The Plan to kill westerners is to brainwash them into looking like Satan followers and to brainwash Christians that they are Satanists and to wage war and kill them. This is the population control program here. Really its the Illuminati Churches that are intending to kill off both sides and leave a small number of superstitious christians to manipulate as their slaves.

The Rwanda Genocide was the testing grounds for genocide in the western countries. So reading up on this will give you the information on the prototype. I suggest a book called ``Shake Hands with the Devil`` by General Romeo Dallaire who was the top man involved in the UN Peace Keeping Operation during the genocide. Heill teach you how to be a hero helping people survive if Illuminati gets the chance to start setting off the triggers of baseless hate in your country.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 02:54 AM
The infiltrators of our governments are not from the west but are from the East(Zionist)and its going to be a Jewish World Order which has already been admitted to.Why do you think that Zionists have destroyed Christianity?

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

I don't think ww3 will be a religious war. Population reduction, sure, but there are more efficient ways to reduce the population without resorting to war, such as unleashing a global pandemic. Nuclear war = nuclear fallout; nuking a region makes it absolutely worthless and uninhabitable, and damages much more than the initial target.

It seems you are making connections where there are none. The Rwandan genocide occurred due to class inequality in a post-colonial state. The colonists (Belgians if i remember correctly) favored the Tutsi's because they had more European features; they put the Tutsi's in charge because of this, and so the Hutu's were outraged and oppressed, so they revolted, rather violently. It had absolutely nothing to do with the Illuminati, to suggest otherwise is absolute nonsense.


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