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The FDNY lied.

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 07:17 PM
For anyone unaware of the corruption that goes into all governments, great and small, please read on. Anyone with open eyes will have figured this out long ago.

The FDNY lied. Without their complicity, 911 could never have been accomplished.

I know, I know. How dare I. How dare I accuse of lying, the heroes of 911, yeah, yeah.

Well, it's not just me; Leslie Raphael says so too, and he names names.

Before you go whining about "no planer" or "tv-fakery", or HOAX, note that Raphael proves corruption and complicity without resorting to either explanation. He exposes good, old-fashioned fraud with good, old-fashioned detective work. In his own words:

Congratulations ! You are reading the one 9/11 website with a hope in hell of getting us somewhere : one with some actual hard documentary (literally) evidence behind it — the picture above, for a start — and one that names names. You won't find the Illuminati in this one ; you won't find the claim that no planes ever hit the Trade Center, because I don't believe that ; you won't find your time wasted with "proofs" of demolitions carried out by folk who are never identified, even by speculation.

Step 1 : anyone interested in 9/11, no matter what your views on who did it, should already have a DVD copy of the film "9/11," directed by Jules and Gédéon Naudet and James Hanlon. If you think you're an expert on 9/11, but you don't have that film, you're not. Everyone who cares about what happened that day, and wants to find out the truth, should have a copy, and should have some familiarity with the film. If you're not prepared to spend a few dollars or pounds, or give up some of your time and make a bit of effort, stop reading now and go elsewhere, to put it politely. There is a version of the film posted on YouTube, but that is a different edit [and see Postscript 2 below] : this article is based on the DVD cut, and tells you exactly where to find all the stills and sequences under discussion. You could just take my word that what is shown here is in the DVD, and I have not faked or misrepresented anything, but having the original is better, and would help you follow my arguments. This is not an easy read, and I will not pretend otherwise : 9/11 is not an easy subject.


The 18 firemen interviewed in the Naudet DVD :

Battalion One :
1. Chief William Blaich (Commander);
2. Chief Joseph Pfeifer;
3. Ed Fahey, aide to Pfeifer.

Ladder Company One, Duane Street :
4. Captain Ron Schmutzler;
5. Lieutenant Gary Lajiness;
6. Lieutenant Bill Walsh;
7. Nick Borrillo;
8. Jamal Braithwaite;
9. John McConnachie;
10. Chris Mullin;
11. John O'Neill;
12. Steve Olsen;
13. Steve Rogers.
[also included James Hanlon, the interviewer, not shown, and probationary Tony Benetatos]
Engine Company Seven, Duane Street :
14. Captain Dennis Tardio;
15. Joe Casaliggi;
16. Tom Spinard;
17. Damian Van Cleaf;
18. Pat Zoda.

It would obviously be very strange if the Flight 11 shot was fake, but the rest of the Naudet film, showing how events unfolded from then on, was a perfectly authentic documentary. That, to put it mildly, is not the case. The film is absolutely littered with scenes almost as bizarre as Flight 11. Some are not too difficult to figure out, some have a significance that escapes me, but all of them raise serious questions about the truthfulness of the film and the people in it. My article concentrates on the plane shot because it is by far the most important example of fraud, but many, many others can be pointed out, only some of which are included here. When the film was shown on British TV in September 2002, many reviewers commented on how dishonest and tasteless it was to have a subplot about the brothers thinking the other one was dead, or everyone thinking Benetatos was — as if an event like 9/11 needed to be embellished. It never seemed to occur to them the reason for these things was that the entire film was fake : not in the sense that its images had been tampered with (although some may have been — see Appendix 4), but that its whole premise was a lie — that these people found themselves caught up in things they never dreamed could happen. That claim is made so often in the film it should sound false to any sensible person, but most write it off as just poor scriptwriting — stating the obvious. This, however, is not a case of a failure of creativity or vocabulary. It is a case of "protesting too much" — of overdoing alleged innocence, when it shouldn't even be in question. We never saw it coming ... Not in a million years did I think those buildings would collapse ... If only we'd known ... Who'd have thought it ? ... We were so young and naive back then ... Time and again, the same message : they didn't know. I say the following examples point towards a very different message : yes they did.


If you are serious about 911, you will already have the DVD; use Leslie Raphael's piece as a study guide. It definitely changes the landscape.

The FDNY lied.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 07:20 PM
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