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Your federal tax dollars at work....

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 11:54 AM
Given the rough economic times our country is in, it is nice to know that the government is still willing to throw away taxpayer money on a ridiculous new federal courthouse that is not needed.

It was officially opened yesterday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The cost to us taxpayers was $47.8 million. About $250,000 was spent just on the 14 paintings in the courthouse! (Due to some silly federal law that one half of 1 percent of construction costs of federal buildings must be spent on public art). Not to mention, most of the paintings have faces of various district court judges and other federal staff incorporated into the paintings themselves. Thus, the large 14 feet by 9 feet painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware actually has a federal judges' face painted in where George Washington's face would normally be.

The actual article is below, but I am seriously outraged at the ridiculous projects our government is flushing money down the toilet on these days. There was already a federal court building in Tuscaloosa and it was perfectly fine!!

Link to article

Here is a pic of it:



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