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posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 01:58 PM
Didn't know where else to put this so here goes. I also posted in BTS for hopefully more coverage and feedback.

I'm looking to replace my Poulan 16" saw with something more powerful and slightly larger (bar). I've been reading and shopping so I've heard the arguments for a stronger saw with a smaller bar, Poulan is Craftsman, newer consumer Huskies suck, etc.. I am frustrated with this process so I turn to the board for insight.

Needs: I am surrounded by trees that I either trim or fell as needed, in addition to storing firewood for campfires in the backyard. Nothing heavy duty, maybe two-three times a month for a few hours. Trees average in hardness as well as diameter. A recent white birch I felled is a split trunk about 30" in diameter. I need to remove the final 4' of that trunk.

I hope that helps describe my needs and usage. What does everyone else use? I realize that mechanical ability and maintenance are just as important. I don't want to spend a fortune and I don't want to save a fortune now only to spend it again next year.

Please help....



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