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Just a rant, nothing to see here. Move along.

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 01:37 AM
I heard about it. I lurked for a short while. I asked some questions and got some answers. I learned some things and refined my opinions on others. I realized the truth of the matter and got caught up applying my new found knowlege to the reality of the aquaponic matter matrix. It had a foundation in the concept of a luminefurious aether and an expantion into the desert of the beloved community.

This parietal lobe acted as an interferance zone in that it was the mysterious amplifyer & manipulator of the thought patterns which run through our hippocampus. Tools do not reflect the maker. The maker is that which reflects its intentions within its tools. The internet is not alive, the internet is a tool of humankind. Humans build tools that can better inflict their will upon reality. If we need a hammer we don't design it to look like the human fist but we design it to reflect our intention.

Therefore a hammer is designed to improve the humans ability to inflict our will upon reality. The internet is a tool just like the hammer is. The question therefore is what "Intention" was the internet designed to reflect?

A plausible response is that the internet is designed to reflect the interferance zone which is the pineal seat of human consciousness effecting thought and behavior patterns throughout the whole. Humans have always functioned best within the loosely connected band of interconnected tribes. The tribal or small town life has historically been the ideal. It has nothing to do with the size of the population and everything to do with its
interconnectivity and mutual desire for beneficial alliances. An unfortunate side effect of this perfect circle of protection is that without realizing it humans have allowed themselves to evolve to the point where we have learned to use all of the other tools to create a nervous system, ambient energy field of memories, concept patterns and ideal idiograms which combine to become that which is human.

At this point that which is human desires to reflect itself upon itself and in a matter of miniscule evolution we grow to include ourselves. As an interconnected module of thought bubbles I find myself grateful to ATS. I have learned to act as a pinging locater/idea generator/message transfer/integrating amplifer redirecting and refining the unplausible into the greater think tank which is the honey bees discussing an idea, reality simulation manipulator, that which carries the concept out then tosses it into the 'what-if' and 'nay-say' and 'did you forget
about' chamber where it tumbles around like teflon in a tie-die factory; i then take whatever is spit out by the thinking machine dump it back into the system through the interference zone where the pineal processes it across to the spiritual evergy field of memories and pattern concepts... the idea is then processed in some manner no one quite understands at which point it explodes into an everywhere pattern jumping amongs neurons and transfering itself to the furthest reaches of grey matter cells which are now found to be scattered throughout the entire body itself. It even seems as if there are individuals out there acting as the masses of bacteria which thrive around in reflection of the large fluctuations within the field.

Therefore a plausible experiment seems to be useing real life decisions to influence the overall energy pattern but this would have to be a group energy direct action influence in order to actually gain an effect upon the whole. However if the collective were large enough and willing enough it could gain influence over energy pattern of the whole which reflected the one. A consistant overall platform of influence must be maintained keeping the
combined power of group belief and concentration amping up into an over-reaching call. A simple idea. Backed up by facts. Supported by real life. Decision precipitates change precipitates action. And here we are again at decision cusp of evolution.

Do we continue with what has been the greatest success of human adaptation. We created the tools to create a masterpiece. The success of that masterpiece inspired the universal desire to meld with it in an effort to expand the tribal mentality into a universal whole. It has been such a phenomenal success that we
must now expand this idea to include our governmental, social and economic structure.

We return to a tribal government structure. Where everyone has a voice. This is not mob mentality because that concept only functions in a real life scenario. Everyone has equal access to all the facts available... both pro and con.

We do away with sales tax and income tax. The only tax we keep is property(land) tax both for civilians and for
businesses. Most importantly it is the State who collects any taxes within its borders. The state agrees to donate a % of their collected taxes to the Federal government. This is what the Federal Government gets to live off of. That is what the States get to live off of.

Every citizen may propose a bill and if that bill gets a majority of the vote it passes and is sent on to the
appropriate civil servants so that they may try to enact it within the federal & or state budgets.

The United Nations list of basic human rights and banned weapons will be respected. Transparency
will be maintained at all times.

It is time for our governments to act as the tool which reflects us to ourselves as we again desire to merge with it.
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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 01:57 AM
Hope you enjoyed your rant and got it all off your chest - I'm going to "Move Along" as you suggest as I don't know where you're coming from or where you're going on this but enjoy the ride and good luck.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 02:03 AM
Well, that rant is kind of like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't think anyone quite gets the plot, but it's still worth watching the show.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by Kicking2bears

Dude you been staring at the sun too much. If you are going to bang on your drum do it like this guy...

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by Kicking2bears

Based on the effort you put into the Opening Post, I'm going to assume that you are serious. There are other options available, however. Whcih brings me to my point.

You discuss idea transfer and tools. If you would read the responses to your post, I think you would agree that we are not getting serious ideas transferred to the ATS community. The tool that is trying to do this is not the correct tool for the job. In short, in order to communicate, you'll have to learn to communicate. At least learn to communicate in a way we can understand.

You might consider rewriting your post, or contacting members to see if they will offer suggestions.

We don't want to lose your ideas, but we also need to understand them.

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