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How to build a better world? Practice 'free giving'.

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:31 PM
I think there are some practical things we can all start doing in order to build the sort of world we actually want to live in and give to our children...

Some of the things we can start doing ourselves.


people can start planting a garden so they can grow their own fruit, vege and nuts/beans/even some corn/grain - this way you can be more self sufficient, eat healthier organic food, and not be so reliant on the govt to give you what's good for you....or their version of it...

you will also get a lot of enjoyment from being in the garden and watching things grow and a lot of satisfaction from producing your own food.

i think every house should HAVE to have a food garden, and every unit block should also have to have a communal food garden....

also i think every school should have a vegie garden to teach kids about plants and how food grows and what healthy food is etc...

i think it'd also be a good idea for everyone to own some chooks for eggs - i wudn't say eat the chooks - eating the eggs is enough really... but i guess i can't tell others what to do. at least this sort of chicken wud be healthier and happier than the lives of caged chickens, if you must have your chicken...

also if you've got to kill it yourself then i guess people would eat less meat and not gutz themselves on fast food meat that's had a terrible life, is unhealthy to eat etc... and eating TOO MUCH meat is actually bad for you. ppl eat more meat than they shud and not enuf vegies. we shud eat MOSTLY vegies and only a LITTLE meat... i.e. remember the healthy food pyramid????

got off track there... oh yeah. insist on buying cruelty free meat and eggs. if you can't get it cruelty free, don't eat it. eat something you know IS cruelty free. e.g. free range chooks and eggs, not caged. don't eat pig meat from piggeries where they leave animals in horrible conditions etc....

oh yeah. solar power, wind power. everyone shud do this - schools shud do this. people shud start looking into free energy devices and demanding their govts do something about this.

buy organic products - bathroom, hair, food products - make the effort to search out organic and dont buy anything else with toxic chemicals.

same for buildling materials for houses - dont buy toxic paints. look up the organic, safe version. tell your friends about these issues.

open a business selling organic healthy food; products; e.g. organic hairdressing salon with organic dyes that are less harmful etc.

open a business selling safe organic natural building materials and products. tell your friends.

if you're an inventor or a scientist - research free energy devices and suppressed technology - maybe you can contribute somehow

dont have more than two kids - so we can limit the global population and leave room on this earth for plants and animals. so we dont have to cut down the rainforests etc. we want animals alive for our kids to marvel at. imagine a lonely planet with no animals - we'd all die too....

take an interest in who really runs the world, and dont believe the bilge that you see on tv.


ppl could set up communities where they just give each other what they need - freely - so long as everyone is contributing, in whatever way they can - have a system of exchange but also practise freely giving, if you dont need something, or have too much of something, just GIVE the excess away to others who dont have enuf. if EVERYONE did this - i really believe, EVERYONE would be looked after. don't have any apples? I have lots - have some of mine. Don't have a chicken? i have plenty - have one of mine. Imagine if everyone did this???

Wouldn't teh world be a better place? everyone has something they have too much of that others might want or they can give away - even if it's just ideas or advice, or help doing something i.e. spare time they can give to others to help out. Look at how everyone helped each other in the queensland floods - they didn't ask for anything in return, they just wanted to help people.

this example showed me, that we can organise our society differently.

no one has to steal or go hungry if everyone who has too much just GIVES IT AWAY. here - i have too many dresses - or i bought too many clothes - i don't need em all - here are some i'm just gonna give away to whoever wants them - free. Because i know that other people will do the same - so that when i need something - someone will just be giving it away, and i can just go and get some.

wouldn't that work???

why not?

do you really need money, if everyone just gives away their excess, or their skills and talent freely - because they know others will do the same thing - and therefore all will be looked after - cuz everyone can get whatever they need.

i think we need to do away with greed and power over others....

course it's all been tried before in the 60s, but honestly, i think something like that really is the answer.

any other suggestions...
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by rapunzel222

You might find this very interesting. It describes something called the "Pleiadian Equal Value System," which is very close to what you just described.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:10 PM
Right on good post.

Has already been shown by big retail(and for those who have little choice not to shop there) that if you buy cruelty free, stores will bring more of that type of product to consumers.

Extra, won't be used or near expiration but still good canned, etc., food always make a great emergency donation food kit to those in need.

Options for heat sources... donate blankets, unused heaters, excess firewood, etc.

Trade and barter would benefit too(even though not free), for example set up a room or garage/yard sale type area and invite people.
Community action in that manner, every lil thing you do can help!

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by petrus4

oh, okay - well, even if it's been said before, it's a good idea i think...

i dunno why we have to make the world so complicated - like on gods must be crazy - how we in the west have over complicated our lives to a ridiculous extent with red tape, beauracracy, tax returns, business statements, etc.

that we have to send our kids to years in jail just to learn how to survive in this over complicated world we created.

er, real smart.....

the dolphins are cacking themselves right now.

einstein did say that the hardest thing to learn was tax law. and he should know.

har har har.

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