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posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 12:13 PM
There are a lot of good threads here you can find by searching with a lot of information. The links for Xenu and others are also great. I also agree that the south park episode (easy to find online) about scientology is actually pretty spot on.

It's really just some basic psychology repackaged within a science fiction story and then SOLD as a program. Any religion that has its own "navy" and Levels of membership and a brigade of lawyers that sues dissenters who speak out against the "church" and has a separate inner "church" for celebrities is beyond ridiculous.

And as far as the celebrity thing goes, there is a reason John Travolta went on the talk show circuit (oprah, Tavis Smiley, Letterman) when the lower-orbit X-prize competition was on: He truly believes his old soul is from another planet, which is fine and everything. But why not say so? He tried to come off as an aviation enthusiast, which he might be. However, he couldn't even articulate anything about the competition when questions were posed. It was like he had read a children's article on the subject and only remembered 1/8 of it.

Oh boy...Tom Cruise who is so understanding and whose own life is so together that he personally verbally attacks an interviewer that asked him to actually EXPLAIN his broad and general statements about psychiatry. Cruise is one of those self-absorbed types who thinks that whatever goofy thing has apparently "worked" for him (look at his unstable marriage/love life, lack of patience, etc.) that he HAS to tell everyone that his way is the only way (if you can afford it and sign on the dotted line) and everyone else is a dolt. All Cruise can say is scientology this and scientology that but he can't actually explain any of it because we'd all have to pay for that first and second it makes even less sense than Battlefield Earth did.

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 02:27 PM
i honestly wasn't aware of what scientology was until that south park episode.

i couldn't believe the disclaimer they had was real so i looked it up, and low and behold, 'tis true.

from the minor information i've read on it, it sounds like a complete sham founded by a science fiction writer... which it is

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 02:47 PM
A very bad science fiction writer at that. L ron Hubbards only "Hit" book was Battlefield Earth, which was bought in mass by scientologists in order to get it on the best seller list. They actually went to bookstores and bought out entire shelves of the book.

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by theBLESSINGofVISION
Anyone have any other objective perspectives on Scientology?

I'm interested in unbiased perspectives, not media influenced perspectives.

While not exactly unbiased, this link will give you a different view. It's an old ATS member who is a Scientologist, but does not practice in the church.

There is a growing movement of Scientologists who don't want to be involved with the church, they practice in the 'FreeZone'. Outside of the purchase of some used books and his website, he doesn't spend money on Scientology.

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 03:46 PM
A few years ago I watched a Scientology Convention off of a C-band feed.
They dressed up in military outfits, like Navy captians and spoke sort of in military jargon. To me it seemed really pretentious and sad but folks need support groups and S. is a BIG one. I believe L. Ron had a connection with some kind of clandistine govt. group. Mind Control?

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 04:32 PM
I was reading on a website recently the contents of Hubbards daily memo's back in 71 to his crew. A search on operation clambake and will bring some interesting reading.

As an interesting aside, Hubbard and the scientologists rate an honorable mention in JFK assassination theories.
By the summer of 1962, Hubbard felt confident enough to urgently request a meeting with President Kennedy, to discuss "his study known as 'Scientology' which he feels vital in space race, " according to a White House memo on file at the John F. Kennedy Library in Dorchester.
"Such an office as yours receives a flood of letters from fakes, crackpots and would-be wonderworkers. This is not such a letter, " Hubbard wrote to Kennedy. He offered to counsel U.S. astronauts for $ 25 an hour, saying he could increase their IQs and stamina.
Apparently believing that Hubbard might pose a security threat to the president, a White House aide wrote a January 1963 memo saying, "Final disposition: respectfully referred to the protective research section " of the U.S. Secret Service, said Maura Porter a Kennedy Library staff member.
Kennedy later sent an indirect answer, Hubbard believed, when the Food and Drug Administration raided the "Church" of Scientology in Washington, D.C., and seized all its "E-Meters " - a device like a lie detector used by "church" counselors.

According to the same article it was 1940 and he was addressing a group of science fiction writers when he told them of his get rich quick scheme via a religion.

But heres where it gets sinister.

Scietology has a few branches. One is applied scholastics another is the WISE business directory. The WISE business directory used to list scientology businesses so that other scientologists could use those businesses day to day. In recent years though, scientology has got WISE themselves and names have stopped appearing on the directory. This is believed to be that scientology has gained a cult repuation and people are not eager to deal with it. Not all scientology businesses are WISE members.
1997 WISE business directory. Take a look at the directory and see the type of businesses listed. A proliferation of animal medical centres, chiropractors, wellness centres, technology business, dental, medical centres, accountant centres and more.

As I said scientology has got smart in a way, they are not putting the scientology name to businesses so much anymore. This is just theory only but it bears closer examination by all. Scientology is starting to get a real powerup in the world of media and technology.

For example if you checked your local ISP (earthlink did have scientology connections) your local medical centre, your local dental centre, your local chiropractic centre, you would trace it to a private company run by real people, no mention of scientology. But the possibilities exist that scientology is actually gaining market control in these areas by opening up large medical centres and dental centres and chiropractic centres and other businesses as well. Oh and "early education" centres to. Also government contracts is another area I am finding links but it is getting harder to prove as the organizations are not listing their scientology ties. Narcanon has scientology ties along with many other businesses and organizations that would surprise you.
currently, the Church is accepted as a tax-exempt religious nonprofit organization under the tax code administered by the Internal Revenue Service. By contrast, the governments of Germany and Belgium officially regard the Church of Scientology as a totalitarian cult; in France, a parliamentary report has classed Scientology as a dangerous cult; in the United Kingdom and Canada Scientology is not regarded as meeting the legal standards for being considered a bona fide religion.
Good site above to explore the links of scientology to other areas.

You will not find many websites that are anti scientology, that is simply because once scientology finds opposition they have the deep lined pockets to fight it and they do. going to the point of getting many websites removed from google, the operaion clambake was a classic example of that. I think its back on now though and getting them removed from the web archive. Scientology doesn't like opposition.
Another site of links to search of scientology affiliates
According to his son, Hubbard assumed the throne of "The Beast" when Crowley died [Corydon], thus the additional modifier of "late Aliester Crowley" is significant - the PDC was done after Crowley's death, and most likely provided the inspiration for it.

Crowley and Hubbard.
One man's story, who says he lost his kids through scientology.
Link shows all sorts of connections and scientology businesses and web industries.
US politics and scientology
Anoher links page with hours of reading
A dictionary of scientology terms
Another dictionary of terms.
Government Technology
Vice President Don Pearson - high ranking scientologist along with other management.

Don Pearson
Executive Vice President, e.Republic, Inc.
Publisher, Government Technology
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
here's where it gets interesting.

On the Government Technology site run by Don Pearson and a few other sicentologists.
Headquartered in Arlington, Va., Pearson Government Solutions serves the federal government market, delivering solutions that support public sector entities in their delivery of information, benefits, and services to their constituents. The company provides fully integrated, end-to-end service solutions in the areas of benefits processing, customer interaction management, document and content management, e-learning and training, grant management, and human capital management. Pearson Government Solutions is a business of Pearson, a $7 billion international media company. Pearson Government Solutions has more than 5,500 employees worldwide.
ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 8, 2004 – Pearson Government Solutions has been awarded a multi-year contract by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop a proactive, unified personalized customer outreach approach to communicate public health information to health professionals and the public. The contract, for $73 million over a seven-year period, enables Pearson to utilize its more than 20 years of experience delivering customer interaction services to help CDC promote health and safety to the American public.

Does Don Pearson have something to do with Pearson Government Solutions? Or is the name and area of expertise being the same just a tremendous co incidence. It seems an odd co incidence that Pearson Government Solutions e-government/Publishing/education/government/technology/Pearson all in common...
Both into e-government

Of course it may be co incidental. But thats the thing now. Scientology is no putting its name to all these big buisinesses because of the FEAR that it will be aligned with scientologies cult status.

posted on Jan, 13 2006 @ 11:47 PM

Originally posted by cassini
Are n`t Tom Cruise and John Travolta involved with these guys?

Oh no! Say it isn't so...

Not John Travolta! :shk:

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 02:54 AM

Originally posted by whaaa
A few years ago I watched a Scientology Convention off of a C-band feed.
They dressed up in military outfits, like Navy captians and spoke sort of in military jargon. To me it seemed really pretentious and sad but folks need support groups and S. is a BIG one. I believe L. Ron had a connection with some kind of clandistine govt. group. Mind Control?

No. More along the lines of some really killer business savvy. That man knew how to speak and get people to follow him; at least the uninformed populace anyway. Leymen were the ones he was after; the people that don't think, that do only what they're told to do.

However, I don't know if narcotics were involved in the idea's inception.. hehe

posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 04:00 AM
Actually you can never be clear if you have used drugs. It may have changed now Im not sure but you can never be clear if you have used recreational drugs or mind altering drugs,

But then again see what Ronny Hubbard Jr had to say. Now one should take not that Ronnie jnr has only come out and said all this bad stuff about daddy when he was trying to get his hands on daddys money after he died.
He first became involved in the Magick at the age of sixteen, when he read Aleister Crowley's book, The Book of the Law. And because of that Book of the Law, he also started his heavy drug usage trail which led to heavier and heavier use of drugs on himself and of course others in order to reach his goals - to be the most powerful being in the universe. If L. Ron Hubbard had a great deal of knowledge and very little wisdom, then Aleister Crowley did too. The difference between the two men was that Aleister Crowley had very little motivation.
"Aleister felt rather contented to just quietly be the Beast 666 instead of implementing the Magick for personal gain. This lack of drive and ambition, I think, pushed Dad onward, because to him the only reason and purpose for power was the exercising and the using of it.
"It was his goal to be the most powerful being in the universe. He came very close to achieving this goal. As you know, one is always greater than that which he creates. And if L. Ron Hubbard can create OTs, that makes L. Ron Hubbard what?
"When Aleister Crowley died in 1947 that's when Dad decided he would take over the mantle of the Beast and that is the seed and the beginning of Dianetics and Scientology." -- L.R. Hubbard Jr.

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