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Reality of the Vote, Sleeping Giant????

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:05 AM
i really didn't know where to post so move it as need be.

oh this is some sort of a intro and belief mix. i am a father and hard worker. personally i have seen the issues of the economy first hand.. concidering i am in a layoff right now and only means of support is my unemployment and my better half is employed. as this year i am un able to buy gifts for my son. i am able to keep him warm,fed,loved,and healthy. and have the support of my family to assist unlike many others out there.

here is the thing i sit and watch political crap so little and the one thing that i see is a trend. one jack leg wants to bet 10,000 dollars or something and i am suffering to pay the bills. another assisted in getting paid Bank to influence the house or whatever. what do i actually see. they don't understand how bad we are hurting right now.

i do see a 78 year old man who is defending my constitution and explaining the money issues and wants to bring my friends,family,friends of friends ,family of friends home from over seas. i hear he wants to focus on our home front not another countries. worry about us and not them.

as many other people i am not political, i do not follow this stuff non stop. here is where people need to understand something. my opinion was not formed on what people provided here but simply going to youtube and searching iowa debate. and link after link hand over fist i see RON Paul this and that.

i normally do not vote on the online polls (except one) and i don't take any those phone surveys ect.

So Case in point....i having no other influence from this site and doing nothing but a debate search and watching random interview videos of different political talking heads i am 100% a ron paul voter. he is all out there for where he stands. if someone is going to fight for prosperity i believe he will.

i, like so many are looming in the shadows and so many people don't know just because we don't tag it everywhere and don't yell it and don't get involved.. WE ARE LISTENING!!! i think this is the first time i have posted on this subject. probably be the last

i think those who support someone else in this fight might have a surprise that no one expected... I AM VOTING RON PAUL... PERIOD! it will not change no matter what is argued

hope this gave some of the supporters a little insight to the sleeping giant and maybe those who aren't Ron Paul supporter maybe take a second and watch some videos. extreme change it's worth a shot nothing else has worked .

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:13 AM
Kudos on your eyes wide openness. It's the "sleeping" part of giant that is effectively carrying the water of our own destruction.

The sheeple, on both sides of the aisle, listen to their preferred news outlets and follow along. They don't even realize that both "sides" are leading us to the same place, and they won't till it's too late.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by GodofWar411

Folks like you are the reason I don't trust any of the polling numbers. I believe you really are the sleeping giant. You know what real life is like, you know what real challenges people are facing, but you only have 1 voice, and that voice is 1 vote. You aren't reflected in the online polling, or the telephone polling. FOX news doesn't know anything about you. They assume you don't exist, or you don't matter, but in reality, you will be choosing our next president!!

Thank you for posting this. I hope there are millions more just like you! Stay strong, remember those kids will love you for the good food, shelter, and attention you give them. The Christmas presents don't matter. Keep loving and living, and keep telling your story about why you will vote for Ron Paul. It is important that others like you see the light as well!

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