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A Thought On Time

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 06:13 AM
We all say it: "Man, this week has gone by soooo fast!"

Doesn't it seem like everyone has been saying something about how quickly time is moving recently? I still don't know where the summer went. CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!

Time is flying, and everyone around me seems to agree.

What if time really is speeding up? There's really no way for us to know. Time is completely relative and it's a figment of our imagination. A fly, a cat, and a human all perceive time differently. We sometimes feel it fly and sometimes it crawls. Regardless of how we feel, the second hand clicks at the same interval. Should we trust our feelings over our measurements? It seems like we shouldn't, but when discussing time the game is different. We have NO WAY of truly measuring time because it is completely relative in its nature. In other words, that second could be quicker and we wouldn't know, because it would still technically be a second. We will always have twenty-four hours in a day regardless of whether it feels fast or not. I have a feeling this all fits in somewhere when discussing quantum physics.

My point is, time seems to be speeding up for everyone. Our planet, solar system, galaxy, hell maybe even our universe, could surely be passing/entering a plane in which time goes by that much faster. We've all heard it or said it, "Time goes by quicker the older you get." What if it isn't just a feeling and time literally is speeding up as "time" goes on?

Expanding on this thought led me to look at life expectancies throughout human history. In Classical Rome, the average life expectancy at birth was 28 years old. That number seems ridiculous, but that's because such a huge amount of babies died. Still, at age 15 life expectancy rose to 52 years old.

Sure, you say, they didn't have the medicines we have now, and I agree. But they also didn't have the disgusting processed food we eat today. I believe that most health problems stem from diet and considering the terrible food we eat today, compared to the natural food from ancient times, that life expectancy number takes on a new meaning. I don't mean to nonchalantly dismiss our modern medicines, but how many of us actually have to go through problems/procedures that we would die without? How many of those stem from poor diet?

Now consider for just one second that we are indeed entering some kind of speed zone in terms of time, which maybe even culminates in something massive in 2012. It all fits perfectly, right?

It's a stretch, but it's thought, and I felt like sharing it with this great community.

Life expectancy source (hope you all accept wikipedia):Life Expectancy Variation Over Time
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by Proctor11

I think that time only subjectively "speeds up", because part of this phenomenon is that you have "seen it, been there, done it" - when you drive a road the first time, you will experience it in a completely different way to when you drive it daily on your way to work.

Older people have done things that younger people still have to do for the first time in their lives - fill out tax papers, have another colonoscopy, hey - it's another year around, that was fast!

Time is, as you wrote, completely inmeasurable from the outside, because there is no outside - everyone lives on the same tick of presence.

Did you know that nearly every creature lives for about the same amount of heartbeats? It's true, the elephant lives for, the hamster for 750.000.000 (Source)
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 11:20 AM
I agree, it just seems to be speeding up. I think that this is actually part of our aging process (mentally).

When we're children, playing outside, doing oh so many things, the days just seem to go on and on forever. Then as we assume our position in society, whether school, or jobs, suddenly, we "lose" that time (for ourselves), and suddenly all the things we use to have all day to do, now get compressed into a much shorter window, and seems to fly by!

That's the way it seems to work for me anyway !

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by ctdannyd

it is the opposite which prove sorry that u r meaning to use that justification of time change for smthg else not itself fact truth

time is heavy so seem as an eternity from what u must push before being, that is why when we are young or old it depends on our free conditions, some children are really aware and sees that cannot move before a certain time there time is heavy since aware of having to accept conditions for a time
as what growing up individuals could live subjectively their jobs repetitions as an eternity hell from what they must accept so many pressures on their true fact of being
that is how old people also seem to expect their death endlessly every day looking to the clock hoping the end of it all

speed time sense is true free senses, when the end movements is such close to its reasons, noone get that sense of living true, how it proves that life is all evil, only freedom is to b real while it becomes then more free truly so a concept of being real realization to justify its constant existence as the way of being but more truly free as if truth put it out of it so never related really to what it realize for objective truth being always its freedom base

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 03:11 PM
I suppose it is possible that time could be speeding up. I mean, they say the speed of time is effected by both gravity and speed, according to relativity. So, either the Earth has sped up in its cycles or the effects of gravity have lessened.

Of course, I don't really believe in the actual object of time, just the concept. I would have to give Eckhart Tolle's message here when he says that time flies by because we are so stuck in our heads. We, as humans, hardly ever live in the present moment any more. We either are thinking about the future or the past, and the present moment vanishes before our eyes.

You see this all the time while driving. Sometimes you will drive from point A to point B and you will not even remember driving because you were so lost in thought, but thankfully, the automatic part of your brain still takes over for you.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 03:21 PM
Maybe the brain processes slow which makes it seem like time is speeding.

Just a thought.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by WarJohn

how ur time is slow while u mean time speed, it shows how u go too far in substracting urselves from objective facts means

what u mean is more to me about the present truth being through separation between subject freedom and objects life

so u r witnessing like speed of happenings life that u r force to admit having nothing to do with urself life

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by Proctor11

This pretty much sums it up for me!

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 07:50 PM
Time is a constant but the measurement of it isn't so you can speed up or slow down your perception of Time but you cannot affect Time itself, unless you think you can outthink God/Source Herself?


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