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Ron Paul SECOND in New Hampshire AGAIN @ 21% . Solidifies his TOP TIER STATUS.

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 02:38 AM

Mitt Romney continues to lead the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Preference Primary with 35%. Jumping into second place is Ron Paul with 21%. Newt Gingrich is now in third place with 16% and Jon Huntsman is in fourth place with 13%.

Romney leads for the first time among Tea Party supporters with 44% (see Tom Thomson's endorsement), followed by Paul at 19% and Gingrich at 17%. Among those likely voters saying they are not Tea Party supporters or that they are undecided about the Tea Party, Romney leads with 31%, followed by Paul at 22%, Huntsman at 18%, and Gingrich at 16%.

What I find VERY interesting is how Ron's support in New Hampshire almost DOUBLED between Nov and Dec. (please reference the chart in the link). It just shows he has supporters that started to solidify their support when they found out how well he was doing in Iowa. This unelectable mumbo jumbo is wearing off, the media can't write him off forever. People are just WAITING to support this guy and as soon as they find out about him winning Iowa, I am predicting a major surge across the board and donations coming in like crazy.

This is the age of Ron Paul, this is the age of REVOLUTION.
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