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Could every story on the news be fake? The Truth Exposed.

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:32 PM
This guy is, at best, delusionary. He could be spreading disinformation, which is ironic considering that is what he claims to expose.

It took me about 30 minutes to disprove a couple of his points.

He says : Stewart Rhodes is Todd Keil
Reality : Total garbage.

Stewart Rhodes has a prosthetic eye on his left side. Todd Keil, yeah... two eyes. I suppose that is all Hollywood special effects. Well what about Stewart Rhodes's wife and kids?.. I suppose they are all deep cover agent/actors that have been posing as his family for at least five years that I found (Mrs Rhodes is a prolific blogger).

He says : Dr. G. Michael Lemole, Jr is Dave Weiss and not a real doctor.
Reality : Total garbage.

Dr. G. Michael Lemole, Jr and his dad Dr. G. Michael Lemole Sr are both doctors. More confusingly Lemole Sr was a clinical assistant professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania (in 1979) where Lemole, Jr got his MD. So they both have the same name and are both on the records at the University of Pennsylvania. Dave Weiss I didn't look into, but a doctors history are a matter of public record.

I might be interesting to investigate "Mr. Edward L Chiarini JR" (the video maker). Is he just a crazed conspiracist, or somebody trying to creatively spread disinformation on liberty groups? By his own admission he was in the Unites States Air Force, where he was trained as an Avionic Technician for the F-15 and F-22 raptor aircraft.

He is right about one thing though: Television is deceptive, manipulative and untrustworthy. Do yourself a favour and don't watch it.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:37 PM
I agree that some of what he talks about is a stretch, like the Trey Parker & Matt Stone connection, but I find it extremely hard to believe that in all Occupy Movement videos all over the country you find similar looking albeit different people. Its just too "coincidental" to be a coincident. I also find it a little too coincidental that all of those similar yet different people are all different from the people that look similar to them on one guy's Facebook page and most people from a particular Greenberg family.

When you watch the whole series along with the rest of the videos he has you get a definite sense that something isn't quite right. ESPECIALLY the video about Occupy Dallas and the tear gas. I can tell you first hand that those people were definitely NOT gassed.

Like I said, I don't think he is 100% correct in all of his accusations, but some are undeniable.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:44 PM
I posted one video of his about how OWS was staged guys in the mix. I watched this whole video too and he had me up until the lady gaga, Jon Benet Ramsey deal and all I could think was whoa WTF really. He does have some good points and the way BS flies in the media I wouldnt doubt it.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 07:53 PM

Originally posted by usernameconspiracy

Originally posted by pshea38

Yes, every story could be, and indeed most likely is, faked.

Please let's continue to wake up to this reality.

Faked/staged events include 9/11, 7/7, moon landings, columbine,
johnstown, fukashima, chilean trapped miners, gulf spill, tucson shootings,
underwear bomber, bali and norway bombings etc. etc.

Congrats on winning the 2011 nutjob of the year award! Every news story is most likely faked? I checked out your link. That's some far out, crazy stuff! Your list of faked events is hilarious. I needed a good laugh.

You obviously didn't check out the link enough.

It took me weeks to go through everything there, and the funny thing is that
all the major assertions are proven beyond doubt.
Your prerogative if you can't be ARSED to take the proper time to prove
these things to yourself.
You can't be fooled just like the rest of us, right?

Here's a challange, if you choose to take the time.

Howdidhedo, me wonders?
Nottoogood, methinks!

You can wash a horse in water, but you can't turn a sow's purse into a silken ARSE!
It's ALL a load of Bollocks! UC?

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:05 PM
Well after watching the whole thing my opinion has changed a little bit. It started off pretty good, and most of the claims seemed to be based on pretty solid evidence... but it just kept getting more and more absurd with less and less evidence to back up the claims. I mean, some of them were clearly different people. It's particularly hard to believe those guys talking about UFO disclosure are actors, I doubt they would fabricate the entire life of a highly ranking military official and use him to claim aliens exist, that is just ridiculous. The part about Lady Gaga was also a little bit far fetched, but I wouldn't be surprised, that women is weird as hell.
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:43 PM
whats the big deal? nothing new here....the video is full of nonsense.

If you are just now learning this information or are somehow "astonished' by it, then you have LOTS of catching up to do. Get reading!
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 08:57 PM
This subject matter seems to be popular as of late. I got this spammed to me today

It's all pro wrestling. A shticky stick really BIG shooow.

Cuz we just lil, and so we need to be entertained and distracted in order to be tamed by our masters who are in it to win the big money enslaving us with contentment and apathy. Tuz that's that way it is.

"WE SHALL MAINTAIN" the House of Orange of Holland has as their motto. What do you think it means? The very subject matter we are discussing here on this thread.

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:10 PM

Originally posted by sputniksteve
I think that anyone commenting on this video without having watched it in its entirety is doing themselves and this community a disservice by commenting on the validity and credibility of a video they haven't watched. You are dismissed just as easily as you dismiss the video, I hope you can see the hypocrisy in your actions.

I watched enough of it to see it's nonsense. Rachel Zoe? Give me a break. It would take a couple of days max to confirm that Rachel Zoe (though a symptom of what's wrong with this society) is a real person.

Of course you'd probably have to stand up and walk away from your computer for a while.

This is just another example of someone immersed in the web and youtubery and mostly divorced from reality-- just like the No Planers using photos to supposedly prove that 9/11 victims never existed.

The problem with something like this is that there is in fact bias, deception and nonsense in the mainstream media but this sort of thing is a distraction and helps discredit anyone who makes that point.
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:30 PM
I'm not sure to be honest, but it does remind me of that saying by Ben Franklin “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 09:33 PM
90% of the people he shows look nothing alike. This video is a joke for some comedy show to discredit conspiracy theorists.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:03 PM
Some of the 911 interviews of people on the ground seemed a bit weird, particularly the fellow saying he didn't know what role he was playing and the Harley T-shirt guy who seemed to be spouting propaganda, some of his comparisons were pretty off base to though.

As for Lady Gaga, anything is possible. Her Joe Calderone character is kinda creepy. One person who was actually at the awards show said Gaga was in character the whole night, including using the mens washroom and said she was quite drunk. Pretty bizarre. Can't picture her being Jon Benet though.


posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:04 PM
Embedding didn't work, my first try.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:06 PM

Originally posted by sputniksteve
I think that anyone commenting on this video without having watched it in its entirety is doing themselves and this community a disservice by commenting on the validity and credibility of a video they haven't watched. You are dismissed just as easily as you dismiss the video, I hope you can see the hypocrisy in your actions.

Having said that, I found the video over all pretty F'ing incredible. Granted I don't believe every case he brings up is correct in his assumptions but, if even 1 of these cases is true what does that say to us? If out of all of these instances 1 of them is absolutely and undeniably true, what significance can we gather from that knowledge?

I know 90 minutes is a lot to ask of someone to spend on a video that may or may not be a waste of time, but for your own sake try and make some time. For your own experience and knowledge, you should watch this video. Even if you don't believe any of it and think it is all disinfo, at least you will be using your brain and thinking for yourself. Even if it is one of the most mundane and insignificant stories that is true, the implications are astounding.

It is my opinion that more than 1 of the instances in this video are absolutely true, the evidence is right there in front of your face to watch.

Yes, but they believe in a guy on ATS that says UFOs are demons, and believe in people who think the Earth is filled with plasma and is flat. Its easy to believe in something super-foolish, but when its regular-foolish, NO NO!!

Its crazy how the world works.

I just wish at least, like you said, that they WATCH it before commentating on it with "BS".

I've seen and heard crazier things that turned out to be true. Still decoding & analyzing this whole video. Doing some research on it.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:25 PM
Not long after the second war with Iraq started, the media claimed that our military had killed the sons of Saddam. I personally thought the photos didn't look anything like either one of his sons. A few days later the same media outlet covered a candlelight vigil that was held for the victims of an apparent accidental bombing at a wedding in Iraq. What caught my attention was a man who walked in front of the camera, he turned and looked at the camera, and I can tell you with 99.9% certainty that it was Uday Hussein days after he had supposedly been killed. I can't find the footage, but I can tell you it aired on Fox News sometime between June and September of 2003. Another interesting thing to consider are the photos of his corpse. If you look at every picture of Uday Hussein you will notice that he could not grow hair under his bottom lip (except in the center). I can't grow hair there either and I can tell you that no matter how full I let my beard grow, those spots do not fill in. But look at the photo of his dead face, notice anything?

This is a REAL example of how the news outlets manipulate us with false propaganda. The video that started this thread is total BS right from the get-go. The two sets of eyes that he claims are the same person are so obviously not. Just look at the eyebrows and the position of the tear ducts.

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by ludshed
At the end the last one would have some mind blowing ramifications if true. Stuart Rhodes, head of the Oathkeepers sure looks and sounds a hell of lot like the head of DHS-protection of critical infrastructure.

Just finish watching the film. It is pure propaganda in my opinion, the real agenda of the film can be seen towards the end, when he goes after Alex Jones and the founder of Oath Keepers. I would assume whoever made this film, there agenda was to make people second guess patriots like, Stewart and Alex.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:57 PM

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:58 PM
Its not so much as fake as it is sensationalism. If you know how the mind works
Edward Bernays
Cameron Ewing

You will know the 5 senses can be shaped viruses (memetics) can be downloaded or uploaded into the public herd.
Definition of SENSATIONAL
: of or relating to sensation or the senses
: arousing or tending to arouse (as by lurid details) a quick, intense, and usually superficial interest, curiosity, or emotional reaction
: exceedingly or unexpectedly excellent or great

Cant wait to see the look on your faces when you finally realize at your cores "Who the Nazis" were...
A shocking kodak moment indeed.

posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 11:04 PM
Oh man the actors have infiltrated ATS and are taking over our message Mila Kunis here ??

on a more serious note there are a few great observations this guy makes, like the Occupy protestors...I think most of us know the Media here in the states in manipulated to great lenghts, it does not surprise me that they would use actors to fabricate storys or make them more intence or believable.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 12:08 AM
This video is horrible and so far from the truth.

I had to turn it off 30 minutes in becuase it's scary to listen to a delusional person. If you watch the section where he "connects" that Facebook guy to Seal Team 6 it's very easy to tell just how mental the gentleman is.

The way he tries to string things together in that segment is extremely jumbled, like a person with psychosis or schizophrenia in the midst of "word salad".

When he said he filmed Ryan Dunn at the Dallas occupy protest I was worried. It was so quick and disjointed that it seemed like a person with schizophrenia seeing what he wants to see.

Ryan Dunn is dead and has tattoos all over.

I'm actually worried about how many people on here believe this guy.

If the "conspiracy" movement ever wants to take hold, people have to shoot down the nuts like this guy.

ATS has damn near jumped the shark. Just wow!

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 12:39 AM
Most of it was pure bunk. But, there were a few in there that are really hard to deny. The Topless protestor who was in the United States, looked very close to the female police officer in Canada.

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