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Did Aliens Implant & "Turn" The Nazis... And Then The CIA !?!

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 02:56 AM

Originally posted by LucidDreamer85
reply to post by Getsmart

somehow related to the ark/ arch of the covenant ?

Ark of the Covenant is supposedly some type of device that can be used to "capture" and kill Satan.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by someotherguy

Ark of the Covenant is supposedly some type of device that can be used to "capture" and kill Satan.

Hi Lucid Dreamer and Someotherguy,

If this is indeed the case, that explains why they "disappeared" the Ark of the Covenant, since the Luciferians are running most of the Secret Societies and the Secret Service. I would like to know how the Ark is supposed to work, since we are one day going to have to find some way to defend ourselves against those beasts as a Species, or die along with the rest marking the very end of Humanity?

Below at minute 6:00 you will see how there is a clear Hierarchy of Secrecy to prevent anyone but the very top layer of accomplices from knowing that behind it all there is an ALIEN SPECIES.

Minute 6:00 - Who is above LEVEL 33 ?


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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 06:30 PM
Is this movie trying to tell us something? IDK

The sci-fi movie Hollywood would not dare to make

A Finnish sci-fi film [Iron Sky] about Nazis who have been living on the dark side of the moon since the end of the Second World War has turned out to be the unlikely hot ticket of this year's Berlin Film Festival.

posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 01:03 PM
The Nazis Found Atlantis With All Its Evil Technological Booty

Showing how the technology behind the modern vimanas like the TR-3B Astra was rediscovered.

posted on Feb, 22 2012 @ 10:41 PM
Hi Someotherguy,

Thanks for posting those videos which bring back into the public mind what researchers can find when examining vestiges of that regime:

- Nazi archaeology and its technological applications

- Nazi exploration of occult knowledge with technological applications

- Nazi project of replacing all of humanity with a Master Race

- Nazi regime gone stealth in the CIA, NASA, NEOCONS and many other places

- Nazi twins, cloning and eugenics research IDENTICAL to Alien Grey UFO abduction agenda

- Nazis wearing military uniforms adorned with Swastikas have been sighted with Alien Greys on UFOs

- Nazi Antarctica Hollow Earth Base, Moon Base, Mars Base are all rumored to be factual

- Nazi Corporate Empire started by Martin Bormann in 1943 now extends to Transnational Corporations

- Nazi Alliance with Occult Secret Societies and the Secret Service including the CIA, the BND, MI/6 & Mossad

- Nazi historic Alliance with Aristocracy and the Royal Bloodlines who are guardians of the Alien Agenda

- Nazi Alliance with the leaders of Illuminati and Zionist Satanists before WII, during WWII and today

This points to the likelihood that the Nazis have been advancing an Agenda which runs counter to the intrinsic interests of the Human Race and that they have therefore probably been since their very start at minimum ALLIES OF ALIENS and quite possibly IMPLANTED ALIEN AGENTS or maybe even Aliens using Cloned host bodies as AVATARS.

This also illustrates the strong likelihood that at least a sizable faction of members of the CIA and like intelligence organizations have been IMPLANTED and could even be Cloned Avatar Hosts for INFILTRATED ALIEN AGENTS subverting our National Interests and overthrowing governments for an Alien Agenda!


posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 06:03 PM
Nazi - The Secret History Of Extraterrestrials

C2C posted Dec. 18, 2011

The interview gets going around 8 minutes in...

posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:15 AM
reply to post by LucidDreamer85

Yo Lucid Dreamer !

Ya musta seen the vintage revival movie by that name starring a silent film star in the role of Indiana Jones?

Actually, there is a deeply enmeshed link between the Nazis and ancient occult mythologies, be they from Greek or Biblical sources or of Nordic origin. The Nazis were also probably hooked in with at least one species of Aliens, and we may one day learn which ones it was and exactly what their agenda was.

Here is an account of a sighting by another ATS member today in his nineties, who remembers this event which took place aboard an American bomber during WWII in the Pacific near Japan:

I was stationed on a “Yorktown” class carrier throughout much of the War. I was assigned as a radio operator on B-25’s and flew on many successful missions. At this time, many of us had witnessed strange lights at night, both in the sky, and in the sea. We would whisper about these things, but it was a subject the military did not want us to pay much heed to. It was discovered very early on, any pilot or operator who officially reported on such things was risking their rank, and reputation. We knew of the German’s producing advanced craft, in some cases surpassing our own US craft at the time. But, the Japanese were not as advanced. We began speculating that the things we had seen, as well as the objects reported by other squadrons must be some new German technology that they had given to the Japanese. One case that remains the most poignant in my mind from that period involved what some call “cigar shaped UFO’s.”

"We had been flying for hours. Our task was a routine bombing run, and our payload had already been dropped. Without warning, we noticed a greenish blue glow, coming from the rear of our aircraft. We initially thought it had to be some strange atmospheric phenomenon, because all of our gauges were showing normal function, fuel levels, ruling out some issue with our aircraft. The glow persisted in color and intensity for roughly twenty minutes before we suddenly saw a gigantic black “cigar shaped” craft with what appeared to be some sort of blue/green propulsion system, and no visible windows or doors. This object proceeded to pass us faster than any known craft of the time, and once a great distance in front of us, proceeded to make a ninety degree nose-dive, straight into the ocean! We had no clue what this thing could have been, some rocket powered stealth blimp of some sort? We were all a little shaken up, but as we passed over the general area where the craft descended into the water, we saw no wreckage, or signs that anything for that matter had occurred. We agreed that we would keep this one to ourselves, for if this truly was some top secret US craft, we didn’t want to risk asking questions. We had all deduced that it couldn’t have been a malevolent foreign craft, because it did us no harm despite having all the time in the world and clearly being far more advanced than the B-25 we were in."

WWII Veteran and Aeropspace Consultant Parting Testimonial

This happens to coincide at least in part with the Abductee testimony of a person taken aboard a similar craft and IMPLANTED by the Aliens...

Regression session, Filiberto Cardenas - Event date: 3 January 1979 - UFO CE III

1. Subject was taken to one of three pyramid bases. Two pyramid bases are under ocean, one on land. Subject was taken to base between Berin and Santiago of the coast of Chile. Other underwater base is in the Atlantic in an unspecified location. The base was entered through an underwater tunnel. The aliens stated that they had been there 36 months at that time.

2. Aliens told the subject that there were six (6) other individuals whom the aliens had contacted.

3. Subject stated that the aliens voiced that they were eventually going to make themselves known to the world.

4. Aliens stated that they control the Chinese, and they have provided the Chinese with a device that can "paralyze cities and towns completely."

5. Aliens stated that the device will cause a change that "is going to be something for which the world cannot wait." The Chinese are to provoke certain unspecified changes, and that in those changes, "people who are negative will disappear."

6. Subject remembers seeing (future) scenes of people running disoriented along roads, and that there is a disaster coming.

7. Details of underwater tunnel described as walls of " firmed water," not rock. The ship evidently generated a force field which repelled the water around it.

8. Devices were supposedly installed in subject's head by aliens. Subsequent x-rays revealed nothing.

The Krill Papers


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posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:27 AM

1. The location of an Alien base under water coincides with a large proportion of UFO sightings in which craft are witnessed entering or exiting large bodies of water. Although many theories about about the origins of pyramids and their possible ties to Alien visitation, this has not yet be very well clarified. Furthermore how is it ascertained that there are three pyramid bases in those locations when only one was visited? And why did the Aliens declare the duration of their presence, is it as a deception?

2. Given the number of abduction reports it seems to be very unlikely that only six people would have been contacted. Either none, with this story being entirely fabricated, or many more than that are both more likely, but who knows?

3. This is a second hand report of a declaration of intent. At least here we can notice that they use their voice and not telepathy, unless they emitted their voice directly in the abductee's mind?

4. There is indeed a very strong control system on China and it might be plausible that Aliens control the Chinese, since they apparently also control most Western Elites. They allegedly provided the Chinese with a device that can "paralyze cities and towns completely" which might be what we today call an EMP weapon?

5. If the device will cause a change that "is going to be something for which the world cannot wait" this seems to correspond to today's ecological concerns for sustainability and the strong global push towards a drastic reduction in the population? What remains to be seen is who will decide which people are "negative" and how they will be "disappeared"?

6. Images of people trying to survive a forthcoming chaos don't really make that future certain, it only shows that such images were presented to the subject.

7. That these Aliens are able to create force fields in water would make sense, because without technological means to move water who would want to build an underwater base? It would be awfully wet and unfit for anything but marine lifeforms.

8. Given that devices were supposedly installed in subject's head by aliens we can assume that this is one among a large number of abductee testimonials that implants are indeed used by Aliens. This lends credence to the distinct possibility that operatives of the Nazi Regime and agents of the CIA would probably also have been implanted also.


posted on Feb, 25 2012 @ 06:55 AM

Originally posted by someotherguy

Nazi - The Secret History Of Extraterrestrials C2C posted Dec. 18, 2011

The interview gets going around 8 minutes in...

Hi Someotherguy,

You are correct that right after minute 10 he starts in about how the Nazi alliance (and subsequent related CIA alliance) was with the Reptiloid Draconians who are Evil Aliens who run a Cruel Space Empire.

He also refers to competing humanoids from Pleiades, Lyra and Andromades who brought their Heavenly War that is ongoing in Outer Space to Earth during WWII. If this is the case it is most reassuring that we are not alone against the Ghastly Reptoids for whom we are little more than LUNCH.

After minute 15:00 the interview with Len Kasten, author of The Secret History of Extraterrestrials, progresses with an account of UFOs which came up directly out of the water to attack the fairly consequent American Naval expedition sent to Antarctica to wipe out the Nazi submarine base located there. US Destroyer "Murdock" was sunk leading Admiral Byrd's forces to retreat. This lead to Antarctica being declared an International Zone OFF LIIMTS to all nations on Earth. And since, apart from the recent Russian drilling expedition which recently disappeared at Lake Vostok, this large continent and its possible access corridor to the INNER EARTH has been pretty much been left alone.


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