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Lie Detecter Confirms Key Roswell Crash Witness Told The Truth.

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posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 06:02 PM

Originally posted by BagBing

The U.S. Air Force, on the existence of alien remains at Roswell

The research indicated absolutely no evidence of any kind that a spaceship crashed near Roswell or that any alien occupants were recovered therefrom, in some secret military operation or otherwise. … All the records … indicated that the focus of the concern was not on aliens, hostile or otherwise.

The Software Says: Truth


Somewhat contradictory, I'd say!

i would agree with this, but where does that quote come from? is it from a later source or someone who was actually there.

now, the other thing i noticed about the OPs post is that blog doesnt have any questions about alien craft, bodies or anything leading to extraterrestrials. all it mentions are quotes about the material. that could mean a new material that they were unfamiliar with.

i would assume, a guy such as the author would go out of his way(as we all would) to use the software to get to the crux of the issue. are they aliens?? maybe he did but didnt get any answers that matched his beliefs. it just strikes me as off.
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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 01:24 PM

I remain to be convinced that such an analysis of limited amounts of text can really have a high level of success in indicating that the person BELIEVED they were telling the truth.

Agreed. I have been playing with this tool and have been inputting some rather lengthy witness testimony and getting some really interesting results. One thing I realized is that you are limited to analyzing only what text is inputted...obviously. So a block of text from someone may contain no deceitful pattern but this doesn't mean that the next block of text from the same person won't contain deception. Then what part of the text contains the deception? For instance, someone may be telling the truth about the flying saucer they saw but hiding that they were cheating on their spouse. So you really need a lot of text from someone to really analyze how truthful they are about something.

Even if a person BELIEVED they were telling the truth, it perhaps goes without saying that this software does not indicate whether that belief represented the REALITY of events - rather than a belief based on bias, mistakes, misperceptions, misrecollections or delusions

If a person believes they are telling the truth then they are telling the truth...but what they believe may not reflect reality. Absolutely. That has to be dealt with another way. Where this tool comes into play is by identifying those that don't lie well. The Alien and UFO world seems to attract plenty of deceitful people.

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