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The Young Turks Explained

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posted on Dec, 17 2011 @ 07:44 PM
I love this show. It's crazy as cat ****, but damn it's enertaining. So, the other day I was tripping... haha yes, continue reading.

Anyway, everything became a lot clearer almost instanteously. The host of the show, Cenk Uygur, reminds me of some fat kid in elementary school trying to show off for his buddies. He cracks jokes that aren't really funny and all his "buddy" co-anchors give him fake smiles and push him along which is really the point.

The show is ultimately from the perspective of himself, how he sees the world. He's a genuine human being and although he's caring, he's just not very bright, trapped in the game if you will.

For instance, here he comes aboard the Ron Paul bandwagon tickled to death with his new man crush. He goes out of his way to describe how the mainstream media is either not covering Ron Paul or making ridiculous points to bash him. Then, not two whole days later, he has one of his panels to discuss Ron Paul and he's as giddy as a school girl.

All hell suddenly breaks loose. They go around the room through every member of his panel and they all bash Ron Paul one by one for ridiculous reasons and you see the look of disbelief and betrayal on his face. He's like, "hey guys, what's going on here" but he cares too much about being the cool fat kid to stick up for himself or Ron Paul at this point (notice how he always seeks approval). His beliefs are shredded, propaganda is introduced, the show pushes forward.

Cenk Uygur is the only one who works there that isn't acting that I've noticed. If you pay close attention, you can watch a bit of his soul die mid-sentence more often than I'd honestly like to say. He gets almost all the way through his line and a little whine sneaks out as if he was on the verge of tears.

The female co-anchor, whoever, whatever the hell she is, is an emotionless droid. She always announces that she has this story that "YOU WILL SIMPLY NOT BELIEVE!" as if it's supposed to be a big deal. And then, when she goes through the story she doesn't give a damn about what she's talking about. No expression on her face, no emotions in her eyes.

The bearded "political master" is just there to push his propaganda on Cenk. After all, Cenk looks up to him. And once again, we have another emotionless droid. I would bet money, big money mind you, that these two people in particular have "family" ties.

One of the funnier epiphanies I had is that it's so ****ing obvious that they don't give a damn about Cenk. While you can see their contempt for him when they converse, since the show has started on Current they've had like 10 video "malfunctions" where Cenk calls for a video clip to be played and they either play nothing (which is hilarious and more often the case) or they play the wrong video. Either way Cenk gets to sit there and look stupid because it's "his" show.

With all the above in mind, this show can be a treasure trove of information that Cenk gives his own "unaltered" view on at times, but then someone else corrects him later on and he's like, "oh, okay." So pay attention to how it all goes down and extract whatever good you can get from it.

I'll keep laughing at the fat kid who doesn't know any better, but I wish him well nontheless.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by Jwest06

Well, Cenk Uygur was a Republican before switching to Democrat, so I guess now he's on Ron Paul...I stopped watching that show when he got the MSNBC slot after Keith Olbermann stopped doing his show. If you are on MSNBC for a while, you are a sell out of a liberal. If you are on it for a little while and get kicked out for being too "independent" then I guess you got the rug pulled out from under your idealistic little feet and you met your brick wall of reality. Maybe that's why he's on Ron Paul now...

...Someone tore down your view of your religion by revealing the man behind the curtain, so you start grasping at other religions desperately seeking the "real" truth that was all a lie in your last religion.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by Jwest06

I've never seen the show but that analysis was freaking beautiful. Hats off to you man, I've done what you did there with breakfast 'news' shows... its amazing what you'll notice sometimes...



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