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The Most Important Conspiracy Theorists Of Our Time. Found To Be Real!!(VIDEO!)

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by ProudBird

My real suspicions are that Beter originally had some insider information that may have been true - particularly regarding the gold at Ft. Knox and a few international gold transactions that left the US bereft of it's precious metal reserves. He was in a position to know this.
Where he went from there is anyone's guess. Was he used as a disinformation source by the CIA or perhaps the Russians? Did he just begin making up incredible stories for the excitement factor? I'm inclined to think the former though not for any particular reason I can point out.
Also, some of what he said about the Rockefellers has a ring of truth to it and I remember how strange that time period was and how the stories about each Rockefeller death kept changing in the media.
Of the things I have an impossible time believing are:
Bases on the Moon and Mars
"Synthetics" or replacement people
Space shuttle stories
His account of the Falklands war
Jonestown massacre

I spent much of 2 months reading over all his material. Interestingly, he doesn't seem to contradict himself anywhere. What I wouldn't give to know which bits of truth he revealed and what wasn't. The whole subject turned very frustrating for me as it was impossible to verify or deny the vast majority of his assertions.
One thing is for sure - he was the grandfather of conspiracy theorists. Whether that paints the rest of us with an unkind brush or not remains to be seen.
Until proven one way or another I try my best to keep an open mind so I will claim my ignorance for all it's worth and see what shakes out in the end.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:09 PM
Hello all. I would like to continue my thread with something that I know many are curious about, and is considered taboo even for the conspiracy crowd, and that is "clones". Our pal Beter has talked about cloning of high officials for a very long time, and we all know that if you said cloning of people in political office is happening, you can prepare for a straight jacket, and some meds.

There is no secret about this man, that not everything he said has been fact over the years. He is not a prophet, and spoke of what he was seeing in his time, and not what he thought 30 yrs down the road would be. I personally respect his accuracy on many things for his time, without things like the internet, and fellow whistle-blowers.

I would like to dissect Audio Letter No. 45 Topic #2 - THE SECRET INTELLIGENCE WAR OF “DOUBLES.

For example, earlier this month on April 11, Vice-President Walter Mondale reportedly left Washington on a trip to Iceland, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands; but, my friends, the man and woman on Air Force II were not Mondale and his wife but actually “doubles.” The real Walter and Joan Mondale had been spirited away. The following day Jimmy, Rosalyn, and Amy Carter, the real ones, left the White House for a 10-day Easter vacation in Georgia. The first 8 days were to be spent offshore in seclusion at Sapelo Island. Carter was looking more haggard by the day, racked by leukemia and multiple cancers. His visible loss of weight lately had prompted cover stories about his alleged success at dieting. He was fast losing the ability to work at all, and news stories said he was going to Georgia to seek solitude. And so for a week and a half surrounding Easter, the President and Vice-President of the United States were out of public view. A few low-key reports appeared in the papers about the alleged activities of Mondale on his trip. Otherwise all was quiet here in Washington. The real purpose of the trip by Mondale’s Bolshevik “double” was to try to obtain oil for Israel, but in this the Mondale “double” failed because very recently Russia’s Marshal Dmitry Ustinov—the man now in charge in the Kremlin—had visited Norway personally, and Norway has now come to terms with Russia.

This caught my eye

Carter was looking more haggard by the day, racked by leukemia and multiple cancers.

Now well know that if the POTUS had a serious illness it would probably not be mentioned to the public. But if we were to try to find out with various pieces of info and make an analysis, then there is a large chance that he was indeed sick, as cancer ran in his family.

Carter's two sisters, his brother, and his father died of pancreatic cancer. His mother had pancreatic, bone, and breast cancer when she died at age 85. McKusick speculates whether an environmental agent, such as an agricultural chemical or aflatoxin, could be responsible.

So lets say I came on ATS and went to the medical forum, and asked "what are my chances of having cancer if my mother, father, and 3 siblings had it?" Overwhelmingly Im sure someone would have urged my to go the hospital immediately. So, I checked to see if at what point did Carter have any ailment that would have been mentioned around this time.

To my surprise it widely known that he had to leave several of his duties including a party at the White House for what........ Yes he had a horrible case of hemorrhoids!

"In 1977, on the Shah [of Iran]'s state visit to Washington, the Shah and the President stood for their commemorative photograph, wiping their eyes from the tear gas being used to keep the anti-Shah demonstrators at bay" [4a].
hemorrhoids In 1978, Carter had to leave a Christmas party for White House staffers "to receive emergency treatment" for a painful hemorrhoid that left him "almost completely incapacitated from participating in any kind of public events" [1a].

For the first and only time during his Presidency, Carter cancelled all his scheduled events for the next day. He was given an injection of Demerol and slept at least part of that day. It was difficult for Carter to walk [1a].

The problem was successfully concealed from the public -- for a time. On Christmas Eve, however, President Anwar Sadat of Egypt "announced to the world that his good friend Jimmy had hemorrhoids and made a public appeal for all Egyptians... to pray on this holy day that I would be cured. ... The day after Christmas, for the first time in weeks, all the pain and discomfort went away. I was tempted to make a public announcement thanking people of all faiths for their prayers, but decided that we'd had enough publicity about my ailment. In any case, I've never received a better Christmas gift or felt more grateful for personal benefits that resulted from a nation at prayer" [1a].


posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

I appreciate this level of inquiry but the concept of "clones" seems to discount the actual logic:

Hello all. I would like to continue my thread with something that I know many are curious about, and is considered taboo even for the conspiracy crowd, and that is "clones".

A "clone", of course is "plausible"....BUT not the time element required for any "clone" to develop (unless you decide to involve some sort of "time travel" aspect??).

It's a fun thing to contemplate, but it falls apart with a bit of logic......not to mention the "inserting" of the personality, etc, etc, etc.....

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:16 PM

Carter mentions that he was "first afflicted" with hemorrhoids as a young submarine officer, "but this time it was much worse than ever before" [1a]. It therefore appears this was a recurrent problem for him.

So now lets look to see if we can find someone who could do radical surgery.... Ummm Yes. We can.

Here is a bit about Dr. Robert J. White.


What is this talk about clones and doubles? Is there anything to it?

In 1977, I saved an article from a magazine whose name I no longer remember. The notations at the bottom of the pages say “SCI/DI May, 1977”. It was the size of the old Science Digest magazines. On page 76 was the article entitled “A New Ethical Question: Head Transplants?”

The article tells of Dr. Robert J. White and colleagues of the Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital doing successful head transplants on monkeys, removing the head from one monkey and sewing it onto another monkey’s body. White was known as the first man to remove a brain and keep it alive outside the body, the first to succeed in transplanting and storing the brains of experimental subjects. He was professor and co-chairman of neurosurgery at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and director of the Department of neurosurgery.

This was twenty years ago. What has been accomplished since then, and what has been done in secret, that they dare not tell us about? The evidence will astound you!

Wisconsin Report newspaper, August 30, in 1979, had a front page editorial article that said: “Many of our readers/subscribers are sending interesting news items and clippings. For example, ‘Dr. Christian Bernard of So. Africa says: “No to Head Transplant”.’ This was the local news last week. It was first reported in Patriot News in June of 1977. This transplant has already been successful in the U. S. for monkeys, gorillas, horses, cows and mules. It has been successful for HUMANS in Russia for over 1 year already.

“The next item was ‘Clones are being developed in Siberia.’ There is a compound in Siberia in which human fetuses from a test tube are being transplanted into the wombs of cows and gorillas. The gestation period is 9 months. They now have full grown adult Clones, that look like HUMANS. It only takes from 2 to 3 years for a Clone to become full grown (like a steer or gorilla). In five years, they will have an entire Army, Navy and Marine Corps of Clones.”

The book The Biological Time Bomb, by Gordon Rattray Taylor, copyright 1968, on page 28, says: “Lord Rothschild, for long a Cambridge physiologist and an international authority on the structure and action of spermatozoa, left his bench and became a businessman, working for one of the largest chemical concerns in the world. In this dual role, he is, one may assume, unlikely to speak wildly or sensationally. Yet in 1967 he told the scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel that he regarded cloning people as a near possibility. The problem he foresees is whether everyone should be allowed to clone themselves if they wish, and he expects to see a Commission for Genetical Control established to vet applications.”

There in 1967 you have a Rothschild expert, one of the most powerful men in the world, announcing that cloning was a near possibility and that a Commission would be established to oversee the consequences.

In the book In His Image: The Cloning of Man, in 1978, author David Rorvik tells the story of the first known cloning of a human. The book tells of a Rand Corporation report that Russia was experimenting with creating biocybernetic guidance systems for implantation in air-to-air missiles. It tells of the Burden Neurological Institute in Bristol, England, working with hooking brains via electrodes directly to computers, allowing thoughts to control the computers. It tells about using electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB) to cause subjects to see and hear things that did not exist, to have false memories implanted, to create great sexual desire, hatred, fear, etc. Cal Tech biologist Dr. Robert L. Sinsheimer said in 1968 that it would be possible to clone a human being in ten years. Dr. Kimball Atwood, professor of microbiology at the University of Illinois, said about the same time that with a crash program, human cloning could be achieved almost immediately. The book has many quotes from prominent doctors and scientists at the time that said human cloning would soon occur, but because of public resistance, the scientists stopped talking about cloning when they started doing it. Rorvik aided in the cloning of a human, who was two years old at the time the book was written.

Motherboard Meets Dr. Robert White - Monkey Head Transpla...


posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:33 PM

Dr. Robert J. White, famous neurosurgeron and ethicist, dies at 84

Geneva Township -- Dr. Robert J. White, who died today at age 84, liked to call himself "Humble Bob."

It was a typical joke. The renowned neurosurgeon and bioethicist covered his office walls with a big photo of himself and all sorts of honors, from frequent-flier awards to an honorary sergeant's badge from security at MetroHealth Medical Center.

White died at home in Geneva Township after struggling with diabetes and prostate cancer.

The outspoken doctor gained fame with scalpels, pens and microphones. He founded Metro's neurosurgery department. He achieved firsts such as isolating and transplanting mammal brains. He founded Pope John Paul II's Committee on Bioethics, belonged to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and stumped for what he considered the right to life at all ages.

He examined Vladimir Lenin's preserved brain, consulted with Boris Yelstin's doctors and joined the medical team treating John Paul II's critical injuries from gunshots. He debated champions of animal rights and withstood many protestors. He posed for GQ, wrote for Reader's Digest and many other periodicals, edited scholarly journals and published more than 700 papers. He was medical consultant for the movie "The X-Files: I Want to Believe."

White said he read three books a day, mostly about history and religion. He smoked a pipe and usually skipped meals until supper. He performed more than 10,000 surgeries, some up to 18 hours long. He raised 10 children. He slept about five hours per night.

Sam Miller, leader of Forest City Enterprises, said of White in 1988, "He could have gone into private practice and made an untold fortune. He traded wealth for goodness."

On Thursday, Bishop Anthony Pilla, former head of the Cleveland Catholic diocese, called White "a brilliant mind, a world-respected surgeon and researcher, a person with a much-needed, keen sense of moral values and their impact on science and medicine." He said White helped shift devout people of many faiths from opposing extraordinary medicine to supporting it as pro-life.

White went to Mass daily at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church and prayed before surgery. He told Scene magazine, "I believe the brain tissue is the physical repository for the human soul." In one of many articles for The Plain Dealer, he wrote "A medical career will always offer the ultimate in human satisfaction by combining the scientific with the ministry."

Here is a book written by David Rorvik called "In His Image The Cloning of Man".
I am going to add a link, and as I am sure you all know that cloning has its secrets, and only a little has been told in public.

Even before Rorvik's book came out, the scientific community was calling it a "hoax." In an article published in the journal Science on March 24, 1978 (about a week before Rorvik's book was published), writer Barbara Culliton said, "the scientific community has said what it thinks about Rorvik's claim. Simply put, no one believes it" (1316). Rorvik, however, expected that this would be the case. In the afterword of his book, Rorvik states: "I entertain absolutely no expectation that anyone, scientist or layman, will accept this book as proof of the events described herein. … I hope, however, that many readers will be persuaded of the possibility, even the probability, of what I have described" (Rorvik, In His… 208). He then goes on to say that there will still be many people who doubt his story for either personal beliefs or because, if true, it would create a public panic which would turn people against more experimentation in genetic engineering (Rorvik, In His… 208). Culliton, in her article for Science, gives many other reasons why the scientific community did not believe Rorvik's story. One reason was that the scientist involved would not want to remain anonymous. He would want to publish his research as soon as he found out that it worked, something a normal scientist would do.

And if your interested here is the books introduction, I am still looking for the full PDF. If I get it, I will be sure to add it here

Of course this is as I said not for everyone. People have to understand that there has been a carefully laid out road for us to search, and I am bringing what I find along the way. For those still here with me, thanks for taking the trip with me!!

Peace, NRE.

Of course there is more to come.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

I am in TOTAL agreement here:

Of the things I have an impossible time believing are:
Bases on the Moon and Mars
"Synthetics" or replacement people
Space shuttle stories
His account of the Falklands war
Jonestown massacre

This indicates more research, I also agree......but these sorts of "claims" indicate, well.....they are troubling as to the mental state or....even the sanity of the claimant.

This MUST be taken into consideration......

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 06:52 PM
I wanted to add a bit about others that have spoken out about these possibilities.

Electrical Engineer Curtiss R. Schafer Monday October 16, 1956.

A familiar horror of science fiction is the slave whose thoughts and actions are governed by an electronic gadget grafted into his brain. There might besome truth in this fiction, says Electrical Engineer Curtiss R. Schafer, who designs and develops electronic instruments for the Norden-Ketay Corp. of New York City. Electronics, he believes, could save a lot of work for the indoctrinators and thought-controllers of the future. At last week's National Electronics Conference at Chicago, Schafer discussed recent improvements in scientific knowledge and control of the brain. After all, he pointed out, the brain is a digital computer whose functioning can be profoundly affected by electrical influences. Theelectroencephalograph (brainwave detector) shows electrical signals that ebb and flow in the brain. Perhaps these signals can be simulated, controllingthe brain's sensations and thoughts.Injected Signals. "The logical extension of electroencephalographic research," said Schafer, "may result in the formation of another hybrid science, biocontrol. The biophysicist has measured and recorded the electrical activity of the central nervous system, and shown that neural [nerve] currentscontrol many of our mental and muscular activities. The electronic-control scientist has taught us that minute electrical signals, properly amplified,may be used for the control of airplanes, guided missiles and machine tools."It is quite logical to believe that these two sciences will merge. Biocontrol may be denned as the control of physical movements, mental processes,emotional reactions and apparent sensory perceptions . . by means of bioelectrical signals which are transmitted and injected into the central nervoussystem of the subject."Elementary forms of biocontrol have already been demonstrated . . . Direct current of the required waveform and intensity passed through [a man's]head . . . changes his sense of balance, and he leans to one side . . . Other experimenters have shown that rats and dogs may be made to feel hungry justafter eating, or afraid when they had nothing to fear, simply by injecting the appropriate neural currents into the central nervous system of theanimal."Cheapest Machine. "The ultimate achievement of biocontrol," says Engineer Schafer, "may be the control of man himself . . . Enslavement could beimposed upon the vanquished as a condition of peace, or through the threat of hydrogen bombing. Biocontrol could make this enslavement completeand final, for the controlled subjects would never be permitted to think as individuals. A few months after birth, a surgeon would equip each child witha socket mounted under the scalp and electrodes reaching selected areas of brain tissue. A year or two later, a miniature radio receiver and antenna would be plugged into the socket. From that time on, the child's sensory perceptions and muscular activity could be either modified or completely controlled by bioelectric signals radiated from state-controlled transmitters. The regular treatment for schizophrenia uses the same surgical techniques .. . The electrodes cause no discomfort, no damage to brain tissue and no interference with the functioning of the brain except when energized."The once-human being, thus controlled, would be the cheapest of machines to create and operate. The cost of building even a simple robot, like the Westinghouse mechanical man, is probably ten times that of bearing and raising a child to the age of 16."


posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 07:01 PM

Excerpt from As Man becomes Machine, The Evolution of the Cyborg
by David Rorvik, 1973

Thought the 'battle for men's minds' is being waged on several fronts,attention here is focused on the approach that promises the most dramaticresults: electronic stimulation of the brain. ESB, as it is called, provides ameans of 'mapping' the mind, of locating within the brain the specific sites atwhich various categories of emotion, feeling, action and thought originate. Morethan this, ESB provides a means of exerting some control over thosefeelings and actions. It can even help reactivate parts of the brain that haveceased functioning because of disease or trauma, induce immense pleasure,override 'intractable' pain and, for a finite period, enable one to releiveone's past, even the most remote, 'unremembered' past.

Recent rapid development in ESB technique follows-upon what was rather a slowstart. Direct electrical stimulation of the brain, in fact, dates back nearlytwo centuries to the experiments of Volta, Galvani, du Bois-Reymond and others,who discovered that the brain is more susceptible to electronics than to obscurechemical forces ('animal spirits', they were called) that were in vogue up tothat time. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, battlefield brain surgeonsused crude electronic probes that would curl the hair of today's neurologists inan attempt to locate damaged brain tissue. They would simply stick wires intothe brain, apply the electrical voltage and wait for some response, a twitchhere, a kick there, an erection, excessive salivation, etc.; if noresponse was forthcoming, the surgeon would assume brain damage in the areaunder stimulation. Then he would generally take scalpel in hand and excise theaffected tissue - usually to rather horrible effect.

This medical 'technology' lay mercifully dormant for decades after the war -until Dr Walter R. Hess, a brilliant Swiss neuro-physiologist, devised themodern technique of electrode implantation in 1932, demonstrating in the processthat nearly all of man's functions and emotions can be influenced by electricalstimulation of specific cerebral areas. 'For the first time,' observes Dr Jos�M. R. Delgado, one of the foremost practioners of ESB research, 'it was revealed that psychological'

I have to say, that the more that I look into this the scarier is gets. This is not as far fetched as once thought, especially when we see that we were much farther then we claimed.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

That is some amazing stuff you found there Bud

Of course the best mundane explanation for percieved clones or replacement people who be that they had hired doubles years ago. But yet the science may have been possible back then - I emphatically believe that such is possible now although the growth time for such an organism is very difficult to speed up in terms of mental or physical development. They have been working on this stuff for at least 50 -60 years or longer.
It would be just too ironic if this were true and deep in the DUMBS they have been breeding supersoldiers who are all linked through central controls. It would be just like the Star Wars clone army.

I'm starting to think that Beter was an honest and smart guy who had some dangerous inside information and went public with it, so the intelligence agencies started to play him rather than attack him by building his credibility and then feeding him nonsense that would lose everyone but building him up to it slowly. HIs audio letters read more like story boards done by committee than personal insights into current events.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 10:28 PM
I ran across Peter David Beter some years ago when I was collecting information on important and influential conspiracy theorists (for future reference in case info started disappearing). I then put his name out there for others to be able to find him when I wrote my article listing top conspiracy theorists. I placed him at #34 in my top 40.

A lot of people didn't like my top 40 because they said I was misleading people and this and that. I don't care. I say right at the top of the article that I was trying to be objective, that most would not agree, and that I was basing my article not on who I thought was "real", but who I thought actually had the most impact on the general genre, based on my years of research. If my opinion equates to "shill" in someone's head, then that is on them, at least I was out there trying to provide easily accessible information and some names, books, and videos for people to check into on their own instead of trying to shape opinions and act like I discovered material that has been rehashed over and over and claimed by this guy and that guy for decades.

In any event... Have you visted the website, OP? They have a listing for Peter D. Beter in the 1968 WV Governor's race for the Republican primary.

The reason I ask is because they claim he had 1,844 "uncertified votes". If that is the case, they must have gotten that information from somewhere. Perhaps you could request where they obtained that information from and have some concrete evidence of this man's existence?

As for me, I don't place a whole lot of stock in the guy, since he did make some outrageous claims, but then again outrageous is not necessarily incorrect.

On a side note, everytime I hear about the audio tapes of Peter Beter and the vinyl records of Myron Fagan I see that scene from the movie Cold Turkey, playing in my head, where a bunch of old guys who were obviously supposed to be John Birchers were sitting around at a meeting listening to conspiracy records.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 10:29 PM
Hello there NRE
i am immensely emjoying your speculative meanderings....
The claims are much the same as guys like Benjamin Fulford....(the recent earthquakes in Wash DC and Clorado were underground nukes set off to destroy DUMBS created by US Nazi leadership trying to induce a similar nuclear war scenario as the Washington Bolsheviks ...Fulford.
Or the Fukishima quake was nuclear triggered by a bomb placed in the sea bed by a drilling ship before the disaster which was an attempt to hold Japan up for ransom.....Fulford....)
The equally heavy claims made by Bill Cooper too sounded far removed from reality, however, that being said, maybe the world is a very deep dark place for those in the higher echelons ,,,,,,,,,it sure looks like it.....
Personally i have a tough time telling who is playing for what team........

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 11:09 PM
I will say this. Since I began searching into Beters work, it has lead me to places, people, projects, and possibilities, that I would have never even thought of searching myself.

This to me has been a course in conspiracy 101. Research, prepare, and finally make your own conclusions... of course conspiracy 102, is that not every one is going to agree.

Im ok with that. I was hoping to be able to give 100% concrete evidence of a man that was not burned and then going off on a rant, but that is exactly what this is. The difference for me, is that 30+ years later, I can find evidence of crazy every where, this just so happens to be the kind of crazy that I enjoy, and sometimes the most unbelievable is that way for a reason.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 02:34 AM
Even if the "cloning" thing is to much, I wanted to add the Today/Brain Transplant.

Of course there are certain restrictions for this, but it boggles me to think that this is something that has been thoroughly searched. It clearly states that this could be done, but I wonder if the restrictions for this have been lifted, or close to it.

How to perform a human brain transplant in 11 easy(ish) steps

Professor White says the procedures for such an operation would be as follows:

1 - The two 'patients' would be transferred to a specially designed operating room, equipped with apparatus for total body, human brain transplantation.
2 - Two teams of specially trained surgeons, nurses, scientists and technicians are on hand. This is because the two patients will be operated on simultaneously.
3 - Both patients will have to have a series of devices to monitor their brain and body activities during the operation. This will include brainwave, heart and blood monitoring. The most important measurement will be that of the brain.
4 - The operation in both patients is directed at the neck. The incision encompasses the entire neck with surgical division of all the tissues of the neck, including skin and muscles. A stage is reached in the operation where only the arteries, veins and spine remain.
5 - Bony vertebral elements of the spine at both the front and back are removed over several segments, exposing the spinal canal with its spinal cord and coverings. Metal plates are affixed to the remaining spine with screws above and below the area of absent bone. These will be used to fasten the spine together at the time of transplant.
6 - The surgery on the blood vessels is the most dangerous part of the operation. This is because to be transplanted, the brain can only be without its blood supply for an extremely short time. Therefore 'Loop' catheters are filled with a substance to prevent blood clotting, and are introduced into each blood vessel in the patient, to enable vascular transfer to be carried out.
7- Since the blood vessel transfer is the most concerning part of the procedure a specially designed piece of equipment has been made available. This mechanically supports the brain circulation, or can cool the brain very rapidly to temperatures in the region of 12ºC. This protects the brain for periods of over one hour if the blood circulation is completely cut off.
8 - The loop catheters are now arranged so that the blood circulation is passed from the donor body to the recipients head. The donor body now supplies the circulation to the recipient head. The spinal cords are divided and the recipient brain and head are transplanted to its new body. Its body is now used as a transfusion source.
9 -Both spines are fused together with the metal plates. The loop catheters carrying the blood supply are individually removed as the blood vessels are sewn together. If necessary the brain can be supported by the special instrument to provide it circulation or to cool it during these essential procedures.
10 - Now all the tissues of the neck wound are sewn together including the skin, and the brain transplanted patient is moved into a specially equipped intensive care unit. Great concern will remain in the area of tissue rejection, infection and circulatory support. Appropriate medications will be required. Also this patient will require permanent respiratory support and artificial feeding.
11 - When consciousness is regained we would expect that the patient's brain would function normally. They should be able to hear, see, taste, smell and think, and their memories should be totally intact. They can be instrumented for speech.

Now I am adding this because if "doubles" were in play there may be some truth to this. My concern as well as others is thinking that a clone would be born as a fetus, grown and then have to learn to be like the "original". According to this it is not necessary.

With such specific details, you have to wonder, if they have tried this before, even if unsuccessful. Regardless if true or not, this is pretty awesome!! Sometimes we truly underestimate how far we have come, and where we are headed (pun intended!).

Peace, NRE.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by smurfy

Thanks Smurfy, I found that paragraph from your link:

Through all of these events and more, the declining power and resolve of the four brothers was becoming more and more apparent, but all of these setbacks paled into insignificance beside America's disastrous defeat in space last September. In the Battle of the Harvest Moon, the secret American moon base in Copernicus Crater was knocked out. Armed with powerful Beam Weapons able to strike any spot on earth, the Copernicus base had been the Rockefellers' ace in the hole in the war to come--but now it was gone. This decisive Space Battle still has not been admitted publicly by the government, but is the real reason for the many desperate anti-Russian moves now under way by America.

This clears things up a bit despite how outrageous it sounds.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 07:11 AM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

Having gone under spinal surgery I can tell you that there is no way to reattach a spinal cord at any point in order to do a brain transplant. They wouldn't even do a biopsy of the mass they found in mine as any messing around could cause severe myelopathy and nerve damage. Whether or not knowledge and memories can be downloaded from one brain to another is an interesting possibility. I still think body doubles are far more likely candidates for some of Beter's stories about Carter or Reagan.

PS - I love the new avatar NRE
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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

Whether this type of surgery is reserved for the "elite", you gotta admit, knowing that this is even remotely possible is fascinating. I never knew that there was a successful "head transplant" even if it was just a monkey. The doctor said that it could smell and would even try to bite.

I never thought that they would make this mainstream, the cloning alone is so called illegal. The super rich and what they get away with as far as money, power, etc,. It really wouldn't surprise me what they can do.

I am fully aware that there is a certain amount of "open-mindedness" that is required when going through the audio letters. As I venture through the audio/transcripts and try to tie them into what we know today, I find it weird that most things go back into his time, and this is the first time I ever heard of it.

Come on... successful monkey head transplant that was weird even to write it. When I think about all the possibilities and where this continues to lead me, there is an understanding that I have that I for one have no idea what people on this planet are capable of.

Every time I read something outrageous I figure well Ill do a search, and wont find anything... and then .. monkey ... head... transplant
I have barely scratched the surface, and I know that there will be many that will shot it down, but thats ok, even if you learn one thing, IMHO thats important.

Us, conspiracy theorists are always looking for that "OMG story" I am never let down when I have to search this info.

And thank you, and all that have participated, it is greatly appreciated. I am sure (even though not everyone will admit) we all learned a little something new

Peace, NRE.

BTW, thanks for the avatar compliment ATA

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 07:09 PM
Due to fatigue I wrote this in the other Beter thread. I will now add it here

I wanted to stop by and add a PDF called "Moongate" Suppressed Findings of the U.S Space Program.
Just something to look into for those that are interested.

Documented Evidence:
Moongate exposes the greatest cover-up ever perpetrated upon the American
people. The author compiled evidence from unclassified sources including
official government publications, NASA photographs and movies, news
articles, and books by authorities in various fields. Moongate is written for
the layman and scientist alike, with mathematical calculations included in the
appendices. It contains many color photographs and footnoted references.
Incredible Findings:
• NASA's True Link to Military Space Operations
• Secret Weapons Developed Under the Cover of the Civilian
Space Program
• Suppressed Gravity Research Discoveries
• The Real U.S.-Russian Space Race
• Secret Discoveries that Put Apollo Astronauts on the Moon
• The Moon's True Nature and History
• The Great Energy Cover-Up
About the Author:
William L. Brian II is an engineer who has worked in a writing and editing
capacity in private industry. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Nuclear
Engineering from Oregon State University in 1970 and 1972, plus an M.B.A.
from Portland State University in 1976. Although not considered an expert in
the space sciences, he has the mathematical and conceptual skills to verify the cover-up from a scientific standpoint. This book was published in 1982.

Photos included in the PDF.

And just in case I will add the contents.

LIST OF PHOTOGRAPHS.......................................................13
MOON PROBES .......................................... 29
FUEL REQUIREMENTS.............................. 51
MOON ........................................................... 61
TO THE SPACE PROGRAM ....................... 83
THE LUNAR ATMOSPHERE ..................... 89
EARTH FINDINGS......................................129
SPACE PROGRAM......................................145
CHAPTER 12 MALDEK AND THE MOON......................169
LEVITATING BEAMS................................177
SPACE PROGRAM ............................... 189
FOOTNOTES.................................................................. 221
BIBLIOGRAPHY ...........................................................227

Peace, NRE.

posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 02:43 PM
Dear NRE,

just wondered why suddenly you stopped posting in this thread. Did you complete looking through the audio files and connecting the dots and found no more interesting stuff in it?.

Read both threads on Peter Beter the last few days ... and was very impressed, less with the facts and fictions around the father of conspiracy theory but with the way you've researched, presented and moderated them.


posted on Oct, 17 2012 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by consolution

Actually, over the past week or so I am setting up a research team to dissect this further, I am glad that you enjoyed the threads, it took a long time for me to do, and was hands down my best work yet, and has brought me a great appreciation for research.

Thank you. NRE.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 02:06 PM

here is a link to the 'audio letters' .
what? already have a link?
this one has a SEARCH panel on it and may make your researching a bit easier.

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