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Wrestle mania , bad Ballet in disguise ?

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posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 10:02 PM
The similarities are uncanny in so many ways . Wrestlers / Performers , tights no tutu / tights with tutu's , bad acting / good acting , lighting effects / lighting effects .

Bad choreography / great choreography , little if any story line / story line , love and hate / love and hate , joy and sorrow / joy and sorrow . Stomping / dancing , partner slam / partner toss , winners belt / no winners belt , interviews / no interviews . Do they all work just as hard to complete the required tasks .

Different races / different races ,

Would fans dare admit they are similar , heck no . Can this tragic division between the two ever be at peace with each other . Heck no .

Lovers scorned , turning to another to save them from evils clutches . The dance around the ring / staged they meet in mortal combat , to the spoils of war they will be raised in the air as champions . Players all of them set forth to give the peasants the entertainment that they so seek . After that long day on the trading floor or the toil from fixing that plugged toilet .

We command you to come plop your butt in that easy chair or seat your self in the auditorium with your penguin suit and tie . No wine for you till the show is done , and for you a gruff call to the kitchen wench get me another pint . Ah such is perfection when ballet meets wrestling . Hands down the best a man can get , half naked women jumping on trampolines , to being tossed to the strong embrace of your fellow performer . Ballet , ballet , BRAVO the standing ovations , high fives all around .

Chili dogs and nachos stuck to the bottom of your work boots , to passing down silky smooth carpets to where your chariot awaits , all 8 cylinders of mad dog happiness from your hemi . A moon light ride through the mud bog freaking yahoo , your in love once more from that smile she gives you . When you tell her it was from Jarrods .

You arrive at your mansion upon the hill the drive way showing glimmers of moon light from the empty beer cans strewn from one end to the other . The bathing embrace as your youngins crash you for more cash because they flunked out of beauty school . Alas it is time to rest , for there are re-runs of Gerry Sinfeld .

Sleep tight my fellow ATS patrons .

posted on Dec, 16 2011 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by watchdog8110

Mother used to sit around and watch the soap operas.
Dad preferred the rope operas.

Either way they are a fantasy acted out and they should have an awards show for best actors like the rest of television entertainment.


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