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Who or what is God?

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 08:59 PM

Originally posted by tkwasny

Originally posted by Sailor Sam
reply to post by WWu777

God does not exist.
End of story.

You have recognized your cup cannot hold all the waters contained in all the oceans on Earth, so you refuse to admit there is any water and you have shattered your cup.

That was a brilliant reply. Starred.

posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 09:00 PM
4. What proof have we of the existence of God?

"The axiom which you apply in all your scientific researches, 'There is no effect without a cause.' Search out the cause of whatever is not the work of man, and reason will furnish the answer to your question."

To assure ourselves of the existence of God, we have only to look abroad on the works of creation. The universe exists, therefore it has a cause. To doubt the existence of God is to doubt that every effect has a cause, and to assume that something can have been made by nothing.
5. What is to be inferred from the intuition of the existence of God which may be said to be the common property of the human mind?

"That God exists; for whence could the human mind derive this intuition if it had no real basis? The inference to be drawn from the fact of this intuition is a corollary of the axiom 'There is no effect without a cause.'"

6. May not our seemingly intuitive sense of the existence of God be the result of education and of acquired ideas?

"If such were the case, how should this intuitive sense be possessed by your savages?"

If the intuition of the existence of a Supreme Being were only the result of education, it would not be universal, and would only exist, like all other acquired knowledge, in the minds of those who had received the special education to which it would be due. More.....

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