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ATS Computer Enthusiasts!

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:40 PM
Hey guys, Looking around to see how many folks here are computer enthusiasts like myself
I like myself a custome built computer rather than some prebuilt junk from anywhere else.
You get what you pay for, I got a good deal on my rig though.

Haf 942X
q9550 @ 3.6Ghz
4GB OCZ Reaper DDR2
Radeon 5870 Vapor-x 1GB
Asus p5q mobo

And a nice Corsair TX750 powering it all
Just lookin to talk computers with some folks with similar interests.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:43 PM
intel sandy bridge 2500k
4gb ddr3
asus mobo
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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:44 PM
If you aren't using Gentoo Linux then you aren't an enthusiast.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:49 PM
Hello AzureSky - that looks like a nice rig. I'm overdue for a new build, my AMD X2 w/4GB ram is still nice an functional, but I can't really upgrade it anymore! Well, I wouldn't mind giving a SSD a 'spin'!

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:53 PM
My next build is going to be..

An i7 2600k system, probably going to run me close to 1000 bucks for the mobo, ram, cpu, heatsink, and a solid state drive.

I want to get a 6970, or perhaps one of the new 7k series cards coming out soon :3. Save up and get one..
Then im going to take these old parts and sell that for a decent price, and build a nice home theatre PC with one of AMDs new FM1 chips that run both cpu/gfx on one chip. Good pricess..

Hard Drive prices are through the roof right now though

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by OmegaOwl
If you aren't using Gentoo Linux then you aren't an enthusiast.

Hardware enthusiast then

I haven't gotten much into linux, perhaps eventually.
Its hard to get started though for me, i dunno, learners block or something. Im interested, i just dunno.

I should start re-learning some of my college stuff, haha.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:30 PM
One can never have too many computers ....Nor enough backups....
I have three networked systems None of which are wireless for security purposes.

A. 1 Dual Core P 4 Hyper with 2 gigs, Laptop

B. 1 Quad core Pen i3 soon to become an i7 with 4 gig, DDR3 w/ 1 additional 180gb internal drive and 1 external usb drive
With Advanced Soundblaster internal w/breakout box for studio recording along with two powerred RMS Studio Monitors

C. 1. Dual Core Pen i3 cabaple of miimicking a quad but not sure of that claim. It suits my needs fine as a back up.
With additional sound and Hard drive back up. Klipsch THX Surround speakers with Subs.

D. And only computer related: A three target duplicator so that I can burn CDs and DVDS to help get some of the messages
out of the mess this world is in and where it is heading. along with Three separate networked printers. 1 Additional hard drive
in the duplicator with images created from the Quad core above.

I have trouble walking away from my systems
I am not an enthusiast: I am a micro chip addict.

My systems are all dual boot. Linus/Windows
You cannot buy a computer online to do video, write music or play games that is set up exactly as you wish without paying a high premium for it. building it yourself is the only way to go. I don't have the funds it would take to build what I would like say with all solid state drives so until Ron Paul gets elected and straightens this mess called America out, I am stuck with what I have.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 10:53 PM
I love having a lot of computers too

I have my gaming system, an old P2 that still works fine with xp on it, a laptop. And soon to be two more computers when i get a nice chunk of change in a few months to upgrade

Dual boot is fun! I have Kubuntu on my laptop right now.

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 08:05 AM
my next build might be in...2015. just want an ssd when prices come down

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