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Web of Trust (WOT) Wins in Court, Favors freedom of speech

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 08:21 PM
I've been using WOT add-on for over a year now, and I've always found it extremely useful when trying to figure out if I can trust a website or not. The ratings are decided by WOT users, all WOT users have the ability to rate or comment on a website. Not long ago some American businesses in Florida got bad ratings on WOT and decided they would sue WOT. Absolutely typical. I'm glad to see these idiots lost the case.

The world’s leading safe surfing tool Web of Trust (WOT) has won the lawsuit filed against it in the United States. WOT was accused of defamation, violating rights, conspiracy and manipulating algorithms. The court of justice in Florida granted the motion to dismiss with prejudice.

The case was brought up by ten companies, which are all associated to a person named Mr. Ayman El-Difrawi. The companies demanded WOT to remove ratings and comments for their numerous websites. WOT’s advocacy was based on the article 230 of the Communications Decency Act, legislated in 1996 for similar cases. The article protects Internet service providers clearing them from liabilities related to content created by third parties.

During the eventful case, the plaintiff changed their claims several times. The last change happened only a day before the oral hearing, when the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed some defendants and half of the claims. Finally, after a year, the court ordered the case to be dismissed with prejudice, which means the plaintiff cannot file this same case against WOT again based on the same set of facts.


posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:20 PM
Score one for the good guys. This is a constant issue with so called 'experts' and alleged tech-savvy people being called on to prosecute when they do not understand the technology adequately enough to do so in the first place. The Church of Scientology fiasco comes to mind.. (lol!)

Be interesting to see what transpires with SOPA tomorrow ... freedom of speech and 'control' of the internet are not happy bedfellows. If any such clampdown were attempted the net would just be wrested away from under the government tyrants anyway by those that do know and do have the understanding to blackhole or nullroute entire nations if necessary..

Nice post, I've used WOT also for some time and newbies can be easily fooled by redirects and other hacks - Google should really be on top of the search result injection issue but ... thats another issue.




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