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Goodbye Corporate Bank

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 12:29 PM
Along with many other members here, I also use this forum as an outlet to express my frustrations. When I married, I was a member of the local credit union and my wife used Wells Farce-o. So we added each other to our accounts (mistake #1
) and maintained our individual direct deposits into the respective accounts. My account primarily paid the bills, and her account was primarily used for groceries.

Since I have been a WF customer, I have been subjected to drastically different banking practices, as opposed to what I was accustom to. For over 3 years now, I have dealt with overdraft issues on a nearly monthly basis. One of the most notable experience was similar to:

used their debit cards for multiple small purchases, and were then charged hundreds in overdraft fees because the order the purchases were cleared by the bank depended on the amounts.

Overdraft Lawsuit

However, I was never compensated for these charges. I have the records that prove that WF is still doing this intentionally.

But the straw that broke the camels back was, imo the most underhanded, sleezy, grease ball thing an institution could do to a customer. My wife's check is deposited weekly, on the same day of the week. Last week, we wrote a check on Tuesday evening for $10 (to the humane society I might add), when there was insufficient funds. But her check was to be deposited the next morning. The next morning I check the account, and saw that the deposit was "pending" and the check had not been deposited. Later that afternoon, I checked again. The deposit was Still "pending" but the check had been deposited, along with a $35 overdraft fee

Then, this week, same situation but the check was written to a personal friend. However, this time, the $35 fee was assessed, but the amount was not covered. This does not make since. The "overdraft fee" is assessed for "overdrafting" the account, right? But the account was never overdraft because you didnt cover the check. Imo, complete and udder BS! Furthermore (and this is really what got me), I called the friend who tried to cash the check I had written, because I knew they still needed money from me. Not only did the walk away from the bank that day without the $25 I wrote them, they were charged $12 themselves for attempting to deposit a check against an account with "insufficient funds".

It gets better. This morning, my wife was irate. So she called WF to attempt to express her contempt. I would expect a response along the lines of "well, you wrote bad checks. Im sorry but there is nothing I can do, etc." Instead, the pissant with whom my wife spoke proceeded to tell her "WF simply feels we should pay all these fees, because that's how they make money" and "Its not our fault you dont know how to manage an account" and (insert kicker here >>) "these overdrafts occurred as a result of the way we process deposits, but We Are Not Responsible For Ensuring That You Are Aware Of The Changes".

Needless to say, I just closed our WF account. I've never felt better! I suggest you do the same!


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